June 10, 2021

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My Master. Episode 37

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I was fuming. How I could have been so reckless so as to leave that lunatic uncle if mine unattended. He could have killed her. God, he could have ripped her away from me in a matter of a few seconds because of my damn stupidity.

“Kayden” her sweet voice soothed me as we walked towards the celebration area where everyone was gathered, waiting for us to enter for the first time as Lord and Lady Blackwood.

“Do not dwell on it, I am here. I’m alive and unharmed and it’s all thanks to you.” She said as we walked behind Cole and Emily who were in their own little love bubble. Even Dalia and Darrien seemed quite cosy just behind us.

“He could have killed you. I shouldn’t have been so reckless. I should
have had him taken to the cells or at least bound by vampire restraints.”

“It’s okay. What matters it that I’m alive and I’m here, with you.” She whispered the last part hotly into my ear, sending a spiral of pleasure down my spine.

“You gonna be screaming my name tonight you know that right?” I growled in her ear.

“Geez guys, can’t you just wait a few more minutes so you can walk down that carpet before you maul each other” Darrien said behind us.

I chuckled at him.

“You put me through torture when you fucked Dalia while I was in your closet in the afternoon” I said loudly causing Darrien to shut up almost immediately.

Lia’s head whipped back towards him and a frown was etched on het face.

“You slept with someone just hours before our wedding?” She gasped.

“Hey, it’s not like you were allowing me to touch you” he shot back.

“I was preserving myself for our wedding night you jackass.” She fired back and a wave of jealousy washed over me.

“Shut up before I lose my mind and hurt someone” I growled loudly earning chuckles from the whole squad.

“Good luck with this jealous one” Emily said as she momentarily bust out of her love bubble.

“I’m going to need it” Lia murmured under her breath but I heard her loud and clear.

The light bickers and banters continued as we progressed towards our destination. When we got there, Emily and Cole were the first ones to walk down the carpet, followed by Darrien and Dalia.

I took Lia’s hand in mine as someone announced our entry as Lord and Lady Blackwood.

As we walked, my eyes were on Lia. She was smiling happily as the crowds cheered out for us. That smile was what I now lived for. I lived to make her smile like that each and every single day and I would do exactly that.

We got to the table which had been prepared for us and we set down, facing the crowd as people danced, wined and dined in honour of us. People still needed an explanation though and I knew that very well. I had asked one of the Council leaders to explain exactly what had happened to the crowd before the celebrations got into full swing. When I saw him standing up and approaching the makeshift podium that was in front of our table, I leaned towards Lia and whispered softly in her ear,

“Come with me”

I stood up and offered her my hand. She took it and we walked out of the area just as the crowd was silenced by thr Council Elder.

Where are we going” she asked as we walked away from the crowds and headed for the stairs. +

“I needed you to myself, and I couldn’t wait any longer.” I said, my eyes fixed on the road ahead as I almost dragged her to my room.

“But the people…” she cut off her sentence with a squeal as I hauled her off her feet and carried her bridal style, vampire speeding towards my room.

“They can wait, I can’t” I said in a whisper as I settled her down onto the bed, after having locked the door.

And almost immediately my mouth fell onto hers.

****mature content below, skip if you’re not comfortable****

She tasted so sweet that it should have been a crime. I kissed her feverishly as thoughts of how I had almost lost her swirled into my mind. Dhe kissed me bsck with just as much intensity and I then realised that we were communicating through this kiss.

My lips left hers as the descended down her jawline, kissing and nipping along the way as she squirmed and moaned beneath me. My hands travelled to the back of her dress, fumbling with the absolutely beautiful dress she was wearing.

“I forgot to tell you how absolutely breathtaking you looked in this dress. It was beautiful. You are beautiful.” I whispered as she sat up and helped me in undoing the god damn dress which was simply causing me a lot of frustration at that moment.

With combined efforts we finally managed to slip the damn thing off and my breath hitched as I looked at what lay underneath.

“Where you this dressed up for Darrien?”

The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them, and the hurt etched on Lia’s words clawed at my heart.

I couldn’t help myself though. I was jealous and I couldn’t control it. She had dressed up in beautiful lingerie and a majestic dress just to wed my cousin.

“Kayden…” she began but I cut her off by lunging for her lips one more, causing her to fall on the bed.

I kissed her possessively as the primal need to show her who she belonged to took over my very being.

I ripped the provocative lingerie off her and within seconds she was naked. I kissed and nipped at her skin, beginning from her juicy lips, to her tanned neck which bore my mark, then to those slender looking shoulders that suited her so well. I continued my journey, cherishing and worshipping the woman I loved, because she fucking deserved it. A loud moan escaped her plump and now swollen lips as my lips descended upon her mounds which had clearly been begging for my attention.

I attended to them both, sucking them like a baby that had been deprieved for way too long. And it definitely had been way too long.

“I had missed this” I murmured as my kisses delved lower and lower.

And as my mouth descended upon a core, Lia let out a strangled scream like sound.

“Oh God” she moaned as I drew her clit into my mouth, alternating between sucking and licking.

Her legs began shaking and I knew she was coming.

“Scream my name as you come for me Lia” I growled and went back to her cunt.

And just like that she came, writhing and moaning as I sucked and licked her through her orgasm.

I rose from her core, fumbling with my belt. Lia lay there watching me in silence as I removed my clothes in a hurried pace. I was painfully hard and I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

And when I was finally naked, I lined my cock with her opening, earning a moan from the angel underneath me. I pushe just the tip in and she gasped.

I lowered myself to her ear, with just the tip of my cock inside her.

“I love you” I whispered and before she could reply I pushed my full length into her and she half moaned, half screamed.

I gave her time to adjust because it had been a while and she was incredibly tight. That and the fact that I had not forgotten she was pregnant.

“Move” she said in a whisper and I rose to support myself on my elbows, my eyes meeting hers.

I began moving, slowly that it was almost torture. Granted it was not our usual type of sex, but it still felt just as good.

Lia shut her eyes as she moaned my name.

“Open you eyes for me baby. Look at me. Look at me as I make love to you” I rasped as I continued my slow but now deep strokes.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, and what I saw there made my heart lurch. Underneath all the lust, I saw love. Immense love.

I growled and began moving slightly faster. I could feel her orgasm approaching and her eyes almost closed as it neared.

“Look at me as you come baby” I murmured as i fought to hold my own orgasm at bay.

And then she came, her mouth wide open in a silent scream and her eyes digging into my own.

She dragged me over the edge with her and I groaned as I came, my seed filling her.

I leaned down and bit down hard on where I’d marked her and she screamed my name as I prolonged her orgasm.

*******end of mature scene***********

“I fucking love you baby. I love you and everything that you are a Lady Blackwood I murmured in between kisses and licking the area I had bitten.

“I love you too. And I couldn’t have asked for a better husband” she said back in a whisper.

I kissed her forehead as she drifted of to sleep. I kissed her stomach and smiled as I heard tha little heartbeat that sounded a bit more distinct than last time I heard it.

“And I love you too Princess” I whispered to the bundle of joy growing in my mate’s womb.


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