July 27, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 34

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 34


I was checking my mail when I saw an invitation from the boss inviting me to resume work the following day.

I’m still confused about the boss. I guess he must be confused about his feelings too. Why would anyone want the ‘ugly me’ around him considering the fact that I frustrate him almost every time.

I wish I can get into his heart and know exactly what feeling he had for the ‘ugly me’ and the ones he had for the pretty me.


Following Day.

I alighted from the cab that drove me to the office and I walked in straight to the office after signing in the time book.

I couldn’t find the boss on sit. I began to work but I still didn’t find him around.

Where could he be? The boss I know does not play with work for any reason.

I should have put a call across to him but the mood we are to each other presently does not afford me the privilege to call him plus he may be thinking I care about him , I don’t.

He’s a stubborn nut head.

The door flings open after several hours ,when we were even almost at the edge of closing and my heart beats that he was the one.

I looked to the door nervously only to find one of the receptionist standing at the entrance with a sober look.

“Is anything wrong?”

“We received a call now that the boss had an accident and he had being rushed to the hospital,he’s being there since morning” She said and sadness clouds me.

I exhaled and stood sluggishly. “What’s the plan now ? We should go check him up at the hospital?” I said with the thought and hope that it would be a minor injury.

“It’s more serious than that. His brother said no one should bother to show up. He is undergoing a surgery in the next two hours ” She said almost crying.

“What!” It’s this serious?” My heart start to beat like I would faint anytime soon.

I rushed to my table and picked my purse. I pushed the lady standing at the entrance to a side and walk down swiftly , I took the nearest cab and chattered it to the hospital.

On getting there ,I asked quickly about him ,and while I was being directed from one ward to another , I saw his brother coming out of the room with a swollen eyes.


“Rachael, he’s inside ” He said and cleaned the tears at the corner of his eye.

I entered the ward and there I saw the boss with his leg all bandaged.

A side of his face was plastered too that he could only use an eye to see.

His two legs were hanged on some medical gadgets and he is was breathing slowly like someone that would give up anytime soon.

My legs start to shake in fear , my heart was beating faster like it would pop out, I was scared of what might ended up happening to him.

I do not ever want anything to happen to him.

I rushed to where he is and knelt beside him and began to cry so hard. He couldn’t even turn a side of his eye to look at me.

It hurts so much seeing the boss like this. It was like my world was shattering. I kind of feel like I can’t do without him.

Even though I loathe him but I want him to stay alive ,I want him around me.

The doctor entered and saw me sobbing seriously beside him.

“Let’s just hope he survived this dear ” The doctor said and ordered for the nurses to enter.

He was placed on a stretcher and then pushed to the theater room where the operation for his legs would take place.

“Sir ,what are they about to do to his leg?” I asked.

“Re arrange the bones. If it is successful , fine. If it isn’t ,we will have to cut it ”

“What! “I screamed

“Is there anyway I could help?”

“He lost a kidney though , Are you willing to donate yours?”


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