July 30, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 25

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 26
Flower Boy. Episode 42





(I said finally before walking away it was then I realized that I have been crying all this while silently thankful that Kira wasn’t here to see Max attitude toward us)

????KYLE POV????

I walked into Kira’s room slowly with a sad look on my face after returning from Max company
Kyle:we need to talk
Kira:about what Zachary?
(She asked as she was still staring out of the window)
Kyle:about…Max Torres
(She didn’t turn to face me)
“I am sorry to this but I suggest you stop thinking about him”
Kira:yes I know and I also know the reason why you said that
Kyle: you know?
(I raised an eyebrow..did she know I met with Max..cause I don’t plan on telling her that since it didn’t turn out well)
Kira: I know of your plans to meet Max
Kyle:how…how did you findtwo out about that?
Kira:I just find out…and..there is absolutely no need to explain things to me since I was present when everything had happened
Kyle:what are you saying?
(She then turned to face me)
Kira:kyle you of all people should know that someone like Lana can’t take on an appearance of a Red haired Witchin
(What the fuck! What was I thinking?!…am sure this is getting somewhere)
“I totally forgot about that!..but Lana took on your appearance today”
Kira:that wasn’t Lanatrombone
Kyle:then who was that?
“It was Kira”
(I turned towards the bed where the voice came from and I saw Lana sitting up on Kira’s bed. She removed the blanket and hopped out of bed… Well I didn’t notice someone was sleeping on the bed. How did this happened I said goodbye to Luis and Lana a while ago before heading home)
Lana:now tell me what show did I miss Kyle?
Kyle:hold up..am damn confused! How did you get in here?.. and how did Kira get to know of our plans?
Lana:well you see when you varnished from Book House kira already suspected that you will surely meet up with Max Torres – so we both planned that if perhaps you ask for me and Luis help to go with you then Kira will be there too…though not physically but invisible. And when you asked me to change to kira I wanted to tell to remind you that it impossible for a brown haired shape shifter to shift to a powerful redhead like Kira but instead of telling you I saw that as a chance to let Kira talk to Max instead of me. Remember when I said I wanted to use to the toilet after our discussion?
Lana:well I didn’t go to the toilet I went to the Book House to tell Kira about our plans
Kyle: but you came back to us
Lana: that wasn’t me.. it was Kira – she took on my appearance using a shape shifting spell
Kyle:you girls played me and I didn’t suspect anything
Kira:you suspected me while I was telling Max what happened at Matty’s house
Kyle:yes…I found it strange for Lana to act exactly like you and I was thinking of giving her best female actress of the year for that…but she is damn smart at what she did with you! Changing plans!
Kira:yes and I’m grateful for what she did – and Kyle am sorry for ruining your plans of making Max confess his feelings
Kyle:why didn’t you work according to plans?
Kira:cause I knew what Max was doing
Kira:even if he feels anything for me he won’t confess it cause of Suzie. He won’t admit his feelings to her face since they are meant to be together anytime soon
Lana:how do you know?
Kira:I read an article this morning -Suzie admitted to a group of reporters that she and Max Torres are dating
Lana:did Max agree to that?
Kira:yes he made an announcement that they are getting married anytime soon – so do you see the reason why he denied knowing us?
Kyle:Suzie doesn’t believe him
Kira:she will believe him kyle
Kira:Max has the powers to make them forget what happened today by casting a forgetful spell if he knows how to do it properly.. They won’t believe a single word if what we said
Lana: you’re right he can do that since he is a male witch
Kira:Max knew that he was wrong that was why he didn’t fight back. He understood every words we said and he knows how badly he hurts us because of what he did but all the same he couldn’t apologize because of Suzie
Lana:why is everything about Suzie?
Kira:she is his fiancé
Kyle:what are you going to do? We can’t just let him get away with –
Kira: nothing Kyle – we just have to let him go
Kyle:let tell the world that Ruby didn’t get an artificial lens into her eyes that you healed her
Lana:don’t be so dumb Kyle..doing that will expose the supernatural community
Kyle:oh that true..sorry I didn’t think of that
Lana:just pray that Max Torres doesn’t file a lawsuit against you for beating him up without a reason
Kyle:we a have a reason
Lana:do you have any prove that Jace Hernandez is Max Torres?
Kyle:no..no we don’t… But we can get his details from school
Lana:that doesn’t prove anything no one will believe us – so let’s jut let Max Torres go
Kyle:is that what you really want Zoe?
Kyle:will you get over him?
Kira:yes…yes..I will since I was able to let go of my feelings for Matteo then Max won’t be any different… We have just have to be careful
Kyle:yes we will be extra careful from now on
Kira:I told mom and dad everything yesterday
Lana:you did…so what did he say?
Kira: dad said Max Torres own a lot of shares in our company and Max’s dad was his very good business partner before he died…same with Max too now
Kyle:did he say he is going to ask him?
Kira:yes he insisted on questioning him but I told him not to worry about it…he shouldn’t bother about what happened at school but to focus on his business
(I moved closer to Kira and hugged her)
Kyle:i hate to see you like this
Kira:hey I will be fine Zachary
(She pat my back before releasing me)
Lana:now look who is crying?The mighty Kyle is crying!
(Kira wiped a tear I didn’t even notice away from my cheek)
Lana:now what can we do to make him stop crying?
(She asked soberly)
Kira:give him a Kiss
Lana: what?! No if I do that …that would be my first Kiss and I planned giving it to Curtis
Kyle: I won’t mind if you give it to me instead
Lana: not a Playboy like you
Kyle:I am not a Playboy
(Lana stood in front of me with her hands on her waist)
Lana:but you’ve had your first kiss?
(She hit my chest and I held it immediately)
Kyle:that hurts badly
(Feigning pain)
“Ah ah ah it so painful that my heart is bleeding”
Kira:what have you done to him Lana?
(Good! Kira played along)
Kira:You know Kyle isn’t strong in receiving blows from others it weakens him
Lana: I only did that because he lied – I’m sure he’d his first kiss with either Dahlia or Natalie or one of those girls
(That not true I only dated Natalie but we’ve never been intimate not even a kiss on the lips and only Kira knows a big boy like me haven’t had a deep kiss)
Kira:trust me Lana -he never got intimate with any of them..Natalie was his first and only girlfriend but he never kissed her but the day he made up his mind to get in with her that was when I found her kissing someone else
Lana:are you for real?
Lana:I’m sorry Kyle
(She said soberly as she crouched down to my side and tried to help me sit up)
“I’m sorry about hitting you”
Kyle:I can’t get up Lana
(I said childishly)
Lana:sorry about that…am I forgiven?
(She brought her face closer to mine and I quickly placed my lips on her lips causing Lana to gasped in shock)
(Can’t believe I did that! But am not done yet)
“I love you”
(I whispered and disappeared before she could bonce on me..but Lana didn’t move from her spot)
Kira:are you okay Lana?
(I heard Kira say after I became invisible)
(She hiccupped)
(She pats Lana’s back)
Lana:did Kyle just kiss me?
Kira:yes he did
(Kira eyed me when she saw me and I quickly placed my hand on my mouth to silence her)
Lana:pinch me Kira
Lana:my cheeks
(Lana is at it again – why is she asking Kira to wake up)
Lana:I need to wake up?
Kira:well you are not sleeping
(She pinched her)
Lana:I am not dreaming! It real Kyle kissed me!
(She threw her hands around Kira)
Kira:are you okay?
Lana:yes…I’m just happy Kyle Kissed me! And…he said… I love you! Do you know what that means to me?!
(She replied with a confused Look)
Lana:sh sh sh don’t tell Kyle…I have always liked him since we were little
Kira:but you like Curtis
Lana:no! Only wanted to use him to make Kyle jealous since he was always with too many girls at school so I thought showing off with Curtis will work but it didn’t
Kyle:well it did
(I became visible – oh! That was meant to be a secret between she and kira!what is wrong with me?!)
Lana:did..did you know Kyle was in here?
(She faked a smile)
“I have no idea he was here”
Kyle:I heard you talking from my room
Lana:I was whispering how did you manage to –
Kyle:I can hear me whisperings
(She went back to the bed and covered her face with the blanket. She is so clumsy and she Is truly a drama Queen)
Kyle:Lana –
(I walked towards the bed)
Lana:don’t open it..I don’t want to see you Zachary – you irritate me for taking away my first kiss!
Kyle:well thanks for that – you still like me don’t You?
Lana:hell no! I hate you!
Kyle:but you just said it now that you like me and you only wanted to use Curtis to make me jealous
Lana:I didn’t say that
Kyle: yes you did Lana – now tell it to my face that you like me
(She was silent)
“I like you too Lana… And I only found out about my feelings for you about a week ago after you fought with Dahlia for calling me a stupid,spoilt Playboy and that I will be a destructive Future CEO. You defended me when I didn’t know is what to say to her
Kana:well…well I..I..only did that because your are my Best friend Twin…and any girl would have don’t that for you if I wasn’t there
Kyle:but you are the only one that defended me that day and that made me love you extraordinarily
Lana:no you don’t love me you only like me because I defended you
Kyle: I like and Love you Lana:no you don’t…you once said it that you don’t like me because I am silly,clumsy and will never act like lady but a child
(Oh shit! I said that when we were 14 cause Lana behaves like a child and cries a lot at that age)
Kyle:I was only teasing you
Lana:no you said it with a serious face and you even called me a cry baby
Kyle:oh! I’m sorry about that and I’ll make things up to you for teasing you like
Lana: you don’t have to Kyle
Kyle:so do you like me?
Lana:you see…Kyle I do…like you but I didn’t tell you all this while because you always see me as a baby and not a 17years old but I can’t seem to change who I am….though I have tried acting like Kira but it didn’t work out for me so I ended up being clumsy again
Kyle: I love who Lana is..I have learned to love who you are now…remain the clumsy Lana that you are
Lana: really?
Lana:if I remove this blanket and you say otherwise –
Kyle: I won’t
(Lana removed the blanket)
“That my drama queen”
Kira:it as if you two are acting a love Korean drama
Lana:hey bes! You should tell me anytime Kyle is invisible to me
Kira:sure I will
Lana:and you…did you say you love?
Kyle:did I say that?
Lana: are you trying to tease me again Zachary?
(She was about covering her face again but I stopped her)
Kyle:I said so
Kira:so what do you say Lana?
Lana:I don’t want to say that word to him
Lana:because…cause I’m afraid that a new girl will come to school and you will leave me alone and go to her
Kyle:I’m not going to do that
Lana: I don’t believe you
Kyle:you have to Lana – I’m not going to leave you for any new girl
Lana:what about the college girls?
(I didn’t respond to that)
“I know you will leave me for those college girls”
Kira:you have to decide Kyle if you want Lana to love you then you have to promise her that you will end up marrying her
Kira:yes that why she isn’t in any relationship or madly in love with anyone – she wants to end up with her first boyfriend like mom
(Lana hopped out of bed and grabbed Her backpack)
Lana:I think I’m asking too much it fine if you don’t say yes to that Kyle because I know it not an easy decision to make
(She flashed me a forceful smile. Lana was only trying to mature and she wasn’t ready for any rejection – so what do I do? I can’t possibly promise her a life time at this age)
Lana:bye Kira
Kira:let me go with you
(They both head out of the room and I was left in my own thought)
????kira POV????
My eyes suddenly flare open when I heard a footstep in my room. Who was that? I adjusted my eyes to the darkness in the room and turned to where the footsteps sounded – by the window it was opened and I saw a manly figure there all dressed in black. I was almost reaching out for the lamp nearby when a hand grabbed me – made an attempt to scream but the figure placed his hand on my mouth and I struggled to free myself. I saw his other hand and reach out to my drawer and the lamp came on – he was dressed in black top and mask..I still struggling in his hands as he was on top of me caging me on the bed)
“Calm down..it me”
(He whispered in a low tone and removed his mask revealing who he was and I gasped in shock and frowned almost immediately)

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 26
Flower Boy. Episode 42

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