July 27, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 26

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 27
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 25

????Kira POV????
Walking down the crowded hallway during lunch together with Lana. She decided not to eat at the cafeteria cause she was trying to avoid Kyle.
Lana: is something bothering you?
(I snapped out of my thought)
Lana:you look disturbed
Kira:nothing…just thinking about…
Kira: no
(I lied)
“Am thinking about you and Kyle… Why are you avoiding him?”
Lana:I don’t want to be close to him so that he won’t think I’m trying to make him say yes to my demand…and seriously I won’t feel bad if Kyle say No to me because I know what I asked of him wasn’t an easy one..I will let him decide
(I listened to Lana…I want to tell her about who visited me last night. She is my best friend and we’ve promised not to hide things from each other)
Lana:hmm Kira I was thinking of Max Torres last night – I think Max doesn’t like Suzie just like how he said on Tv. I mean if you take a look at the pictures of him and Suzie his smiles isn’t like someone who is in love and I’m having this feeling that there is a reason why Max is with Suzie now or What do you think?
Kira:I need to tell you something Lana
(We both stopped by our lockers an dropped our books in it. I turned to face her after that)
Kira:Max came to me last night
Lana:what?! How…how…I mean what was he thinking?… Sorry…just tell me about it –
“Calm down…it me”
(He whispered in a low tone it was a familiar voice, he removed his mask revealing who he was and I gasped in shock and frowned almost immediately. It was Max)
“It me Jace”
(I slapped him across the face and pushed him off me)
Kira:what are you doing in my room?
(I said breathing heavily from the struggle)
Max:listen to me Zoe –
Kira:don’t you dare call me
(I hopped out of bed and he did the same)
Max:I’m sorry
Kira:I don’t need that word from you
Max:me explain things to you
Kira:I don’t need that either – just leave
Max:please Zoe don’t push me away
(He hugged me tightly before I could think of stepping away)
“I’m really sorry for everything i did to you”
(I tried to get out of his embrace but he held on tightly)
“Please forgive me I only had to do it for my sister -”
Kira:no Max just leave
Max:listen I’m the same Jace Hernandez – the same Jace you like
Kira:no! I don’t know who Jace is amymore –
(I pushed him away)
“You think I am a fool?”
(I asked in a low tone)
“You denied me earlier today because of Suzie”
Max:I do have my reason for that Zoe – just give me a chance to –
Kira:no…you misused the last chance I have left for any guy
Max:no don’t say that Zoe – you like me don’t you?…you said so today
Kira:I don’t like Max Torres or Jace Hernandez.. I never liked you!
(Trying to keep my voice down so as not to wake my family)
“And I will never like you not even in my next life. Just leave and be with the girl you are dating and the one you plan to marry. Stick with Suzie and leave me alone since I am below your standard”
Max: no..no don’t get me wrong
(He went on his kneels and quickly wrapped his hands around my waist)
“I don’t care about the age difference Zoe..I never cared about that and I don’t want to be far from you anymore – I want to be with you and no one else now that i have found you. I love you Zoe and I have always loved you
(Liar! All he always say was lies! He has never spoken any truth to me and now he want to be with me after agreeing to marry Suzie and after sharing sweet words and kisses in front of cameras)
” leave Max!”
(I pushed him away from me)
“You are a liar! Just leave”
(I said angrily as I wiped the tears that strayed down my cheeks)
Max:Zoe just give me a chance to explain to you
(I heard footsteps walking up the stairs that could be my mom or dad)
“Leave Max and never show yourself to me again not even -”
(Max disappeared and my door opened)
Kyle:are you okay?
(Kyle walked in followed by mom and dad and I walked back to my bed slowly)
Kira:it nothing
(The lights came in)
Alec:why did you leave your window opened?
Kira:I forgot to close it last night so when I wanted to close it I mistakenly hit my foot at the bed when I was about to climb out
Amy: you want me to massage it for you?
Kira:no it fine
Alec:I thought someone was in here with you cause we heard you scream –
Kira:scream? Oh yes that was when i hit my foot
(Kyle eyed me suspiciously)
(He went to lock the window while my mom helped me cover my body with the blanket)
Lana: you should have given him the chance to explain himself or for him to tell you the reason – wait Max told you he love you? And that he has always loved you –
Kira:yes he said that
Lana:what he said “I have always loved you” Is passing a message
Kira:what message?
Lana:have you met Max Torres anywhere before?
Lana:those words sounded like he has loved you for a long time now
Kira:Lana I don’t think so…I have not met him before
Lana:like I said you should have given him a chance
Kira: it easy for you to say that Lana you don’t know how I feel because –
(I heard a loud noise down the hallway – everything changed so suddenly students running helter skelter)
Lana:what the hell is going on?
“Kira! Lana!”
(We turned and saw Kyle)
Kyle:we need to get out of school
Kira:what?! Why?! What is happening?!
Kyle:someone broke into the school
Kyle:I have no time to explain we have to run
(We pushed our way through the tight hallway)
Kira:wait – we can’t just leave like that what about the other students?
Kyle:they will be fine
Kira:no! Some of them can’t disappear – we have to help them
Kyle:no Kira that person what you
Lana:how do you know?
Kyle:I saw him when he came in while I was on top of the building… I got closer a bit while in the midst of the students running before I disappeared to find you after I read his mind
Kira:who is he?
Kyle:I don’t know his identity but I sensed that he is someone greater and powerful that we are
Kira:what do we do?
Kyle:let’s escape before he finds You I already sent a signal to the security department and I sent a text to mom and dad
Kira:fine we will leave before he finds me but let save others first
Kyle:everyone run as fast as you can! A stranger broke in to our school and he’s likely to be very dangerous! If you can disappear out of school save someone who can’t!
Kira:if you can’t everyone move to the challenge wood!it safer there!
(Elliott and Leslie came to us)
Kyle:the both of you should lead everyone to the wood
Elliott: okay What about you guys?
Kira:we will be fine don’t worry just save the rest
(Everywhere was rough as Elliott and Leslie barked out orders helping students who are not strong enough leading them to the exit down the corridor at the right of the hallway..that stranger must be really powerful and in no time the school was already silent We managed to get the students out of the school while some disappeared)
Luis:what the hell is going on?
Lana:where have you been?
Luis:security department…I called them but no one
Showed up
Kyle: he must have tampered with the system
Kira:or maybe he did something to the men
“Somebody help!!”
(We all heard someone scream)
Kyle:we’ve saved everyone Kira go home! I will face him!
Luis:Lana go with Kira…Kyle and I will take care of him
Kira:no I’m not going anywhere without you two
Lana:yes let’s face him together
Kyle:no leave!
(He pushed me)
“Somebody please help me!”
(The voice was a familiar one and it was closer too)
“Please save Me Kyle”
(Zanetta appeared in front of us holding on to her neck like an invisible force was choking her)
(He tried to get closer to her but he couldn’t move)
Luis:what going on here?
Zanetta:don’t..come..closer..none of you should come….near me..or he will kill all of us
Kyle:calm down Zanetta..just tell us where he is
Zanetta: can’t you see him?
(We all looked around but didn’t see anyone)
“He is.. right here..beside me..holding my neck..”
(She pointed to her neck but we saw no one)
Kyle: who the hell are you?!
Show yourself you coward!
(A laughter echoed down the hallway and fear gripped me
Whoever this person is must be very powerful for me and Kyle not to see him then he is someone greater)
“Show yourself!”
(Kyle screamed as he tried to take a step closer but then a visible dark line appeared on the floor in front of us)
“I do know how powerful you guys are”
(We heard someone say)
“Especially the red one but any of you should trying crossing that line and your friend here dies”
Zanetta: I don’t wanna die –
(She begged tearfully)
“Then tell your friends not to dare me”
Zanetta: Kira… Please tell Kyle not to… cross the line
(She knows Kyle is the stubborn one among the four of us)
Kyle:show yourself to us!
(We both exchanged glances)
“Sure I will but you’ve seen my face Kyle”
Kyle:no just a glimpse
(He said calmly trying to distract the voice)
“Hey boy don’t you dare try to cast a hex on me cause I can create an invisible barrier between us to resist it”
(How did he know Kyle was about to do that? This being can probably reap through any Magic spell either protective or offensive. so my spell is not going to work on him nothing will work on him! So what do I do?! I can’t let him take me away just like that)
“All you have to do is give me the red one and you have your petite friend here back”
Kyle:why do you want her?
“I don’t have to explain anything to you cause I don’t have much time”
Kyle:then you won’t have her
(Kyle pushed me behind him and we heard another laughter again but it stopped immediately then a thud followed. I turned to my right and saw Lana on the floor)
(We went to her but she was unconscious)
“What have you done?!”
(Kyle snarled and made am attempt to cross the line but was thrown against the wall far off. He groaned, tried to get up but was thrown on the wall on the left side. He shouldn’t try to fight cause he is invisible)
“I have dealt with more stronger people than you and I took them out of my way without a sweat”
(I sensed Kyle coming into powers…he can only do this whenever he is extremely annoyed. No! He is going to get hurt from using one of Malcolm’s greatest powers which involves going into any realm to find am invisible force. It dangerous entering into any realms cause he doesn’t know much about what each realm entails. I heard another thud and Luis was soon on the floor too the strange being was taking them out just to get me I hope they are fine. I looked at Kyle his blue eyes shone brightly as got on his feet gracefully, I watched with amazement as he gathered a bright blue flame in his right hand and fire on the other. I haven’t seen him like this before but using these two abilities will hurt him and probably Zanetta if he tires to direct it to the invisible force. He was almost directing it towards Zanetta thinking the being was behind her but he wasn’t.. I stood in the way of the flame as I felt the blue flame reaping me apart – I knew it was gonna hurt so badly but it is better than hitting Zanetta who isn’t strong like me..my powers will heal me and fight Kyle’s flame since I was connected to him)
(I heard Zanetta voice but it was too late since it already hit me. Kyle was still bent on destroying the being – he can’t stop himself because he is still learning about his powers… I gathered my healing energy with little strength in me and at the same time chanting a freezing time spell that will stop Kyle from get closer to the line)
“Time,stand still,I order you
No minute pass until I’m through doing what I need to do
Time, stand still,I order you”
(Everything stopped moving and Kyle was glued to a spot thank goodness that worked on him. I managed to crawl to where he stood)
“Like what you did”
(I heard a voice say behind me and I turned on my side. The air around was fresh a man walked closer to me, his crimson eyes was darker,he was dressed in a black outfit..black hood and long jacket covered his large form and he smelled differently and then I knew he was extremely powerful. He was a handsome looking man in his twenties but from his form he must have lived for thousands of years or maybe many Millennia. He smiled when he was close to me – what?! He has the gut to smile after what he did to Kyle and my friends – he would have killed Kyle if I didn’t stop time)
“Are you okay?”
(He tried to touch me but I slapped his hand away)
“I mean no harm”
(He said calmly and I eyed him suspiciously)
Kira:who are you?
(I managed to sit and leaned against the wall while I held on to my side)
“I am Darius”
Kira:Darius?sounds ancient
(I said drinking in his handsome features and he gave me a smirk)
“I know I am very good looking”
(Darius said)
Kira:Not you are not even close to handsome
(He chuckled)
Kira:what do you want?
(I asked with a frown)
(He looked at me with keen interest)
Darius:I am taking you to a safe place
Kira:really? You are taking me to a safe place?
(He nodded)
“So why should believe you?after bringing down my friends”
Darius:sorry about that – I didn’t plan to hurt anyone but this guy here is stubborn. Well I thought it was going to me easy for me to come in but this place is really strange but strong..so I seized a student to get you if I didn’t do that then we won’t be talking now
Kira:what do you want from me?
Kira:you are not answering my question
Darius:look I have no time to waste – I need to protect you from someone
Kira:you think I can’t protect myself?
Darius: No
Darius:Someone greater than you’re is looking for you and when he finds you no one will be able to protect you – I will tell you the rest of the story when we get out of here
Kira:I don’t want to go with you
Darius:you have no choice – I have decided to be nice to you cause you are a good girl so come with me willingly or I will be left to force you
(I don’t want to go with him!I don’t even know him! going with him means that I will have to leave my family, friends,my foundation!)
Kira:he wants me because I’m a red head right?
Darius:you are a Red Haired Witch
(Why can’t I just live my life the way I want it?!)
Kira:are you a black Mage?
Kira:is he a black Mage?
Darius:no greater than a Mage
(I placed my palm on my face,letting tears down freely. Once again someone wants me because I’m a redhead)
Darius:sh sh sh don’t worry am here now…I give you my word,no one would hurt you if you come with me. Staying with your family is not safe
Kira:I don’t know you
Darius:yes I know but you have to trust me…if I hurt you then kill me
Kira:when will I return back?
Darius:after I’ve gotten rid of him
(He seems nice and I clearly see that Darius mean no harm he wants to protect to me but if he tries to harm me then I will kill him)
Darius:can we?
(I nodded. He gathered me in his hands and gave me a smile which I return faintly)
Kira:will my family be safe too?
Darius:yes since he doesn’t have any business with them
(I unfreeze the time as Darius walked into a realm he created)

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 27
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 25

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