June 15, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 27

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????Authors POV????
“I think he is coming around?”
(Eva said as the rest of the family rushed towards Kyle’s bed. Kyle opened his eyes slowly memories of last night flashed through his mind)
Kyle:kira..where is Kira?
(He tried to get out of bed but his dad and Brian pinned him back to bed)
Alec:calm down Son
Kyle: dad don’t tell that guy took Kira?
(He asked and his dad nodded)
“No..no..no tell me it a Joke”
(He said tears dropping down his cheeks at the thought of not seeing Kira anymore)
Amy:listen to me Kyle…Kira will be fine just tell us your own side of the story
Kyle:I was on top of the building when I sensed the school Magical boundary breaking but before I got there the guy was already in the school. I called the security department after reading his mind but it so surprising that none of them came to help
Alec:they were all unconscious including the teaching and non teaching staffs when we got to school
Kyle:I went to look for kira when I found out that he wanted just her but Kira insisted on saving the others students instead of leaving school to save herself. We managed to get all the students to the challenge wood… but the guy already had Zanetta. He made a line and said if we cross it he would kill Zanetta. I don’t know what he did to Lana that she fell and become unconscious he was invisible all through even when I used my powers..I never got to see his complete appearance
Tom:did you direct it to him?
Kyle:I don’t remember who it hit but I wanted to direct it to him and…I don’t know what happened after that..like everything just stopped before my eyes
Amy:Zanetta told us what happened – she saw Kira took the flame when you directed it to her..when you thought it was gonna hit the invisible force
Kyle:did I hurt Kira?
(He said soberly)
Alec:Zanetta said Kira fell to the ground after she guarded it but she heard her chanting a spell and at the same time gathering her healing energy
Kyle: what spell?
Amy:freezing time spell
Kyle:she must have done that to stop me so that I won’t get hurt –
(He placed his palms on his face)
Tom:don’t feel guilty Kyle we understand that you were trying to protect Kira
Kyle: yes but I failed – that guy must be a black Mage and he has Kira I wonder what he would do to her? Or what if he is a god or a demi god who needs the blood of a red Witch to gain more powers..we have to find her
Amy:it won’t be easy
Kyle:we have powers mom
Tom:that won’t work
(He frowned)
Kyle:What?is it that you guys aren’t bothered about Kira’s disappearance – she is in danger!
Alec:listen Kyle we have to tell you something you don’t know and what Kira doesn’t
Kyle:so what is this about?
Tom:Matteo looked into what happened at school two days ago –
Kyle:you mean I have been unconscious for two days?
Kyle:and you didn’t make any move?
Tom:we did and that is what we want to tell you
Tom:Matteo found out that the guy that took Kira is not an evil force
Kyle:how sure is he about that fact?
Tom:he had a vision yesterday
Kyle:what Vision?
Tom:the vision of Malcolm prophesying to your mom when you two were still in her womb
Kyle:how is that related to what happened?
Tom:what happened at school was the fulfillment of the prophesy Malcolm gave your mom she was about to transfer his powers
Kyle:what prophesy mom?
Amy:your godfather is right Zachary..Malcolm gave me a prophecy and it was said that Kira is sent Into this world for a special purpose
Kyle:what the purpose?
Amy:related to the Red Witches History
Kyle:how does that brings the guy into the picture?
Amy:Malcolm prophesied that a great force will seek Kira’s help in the Future and the other forces will come after her to destroy her but the great force is powerful enough to protect her at all cost fighting of Evil forces
Kyle:so you all think the prophecy just came to pass?
(They all nodded)
Amy:if the guy that took Kira is evil and meant to really hurt her then Matteo would have felt it since he is her destined guardian
Alec:you know when Kira told us about Max Torres we thought he was the great force since he seek Kira’s help
Kyle:let not talk about that idiot dad – what do we do now? Fold our arms and wait till she returns?
Amy:yes..kyle there is no way we can reach her – we’ve tried all we can to connect with her but it seems the one who took her doesn’t want her close to us for the time being
Kyle:we can’t just sit back and keep waiting…who knows if it after a year or two or even three years before she returns
Noah:it won’t get to that..
Bella:don’t worry Zachary Kira will be fine
Kyle:I am going to find her even if it costs me my life
Tom:you can’t do anything Kyle
Amy:look Son Kira will be fine she is strong enough to protect herself
Tom:you have to start going into realms to find Kira
Kyle:I am gonna keep trying till I find her
(Kyle covers his face with his blanket)
Esme:What do we do now that Kira has been taken away?
Keira:I don’t know – I tried reaching her but I failed
Esme: same here but do you have any idea of who kidnapped her?
Keira:no I think it high time we meet up with the great one
Esme:who is the great one?
Keira:the one that sent me to Fountain Falls
Esme: where is she?
Keira:inside the cave – You are not permitted to say a word
Esme:yes my queen
(They both walked into the cave)
Great one:it been a while Dark one
(Keira and Esme bowed to the woman on the throne)
Great one: who is she?
Keira:she is one of us Great One her name is Esme
(Esme went to show her the sign on her thigh)
Great one:Another dark one
(She smiled)
“You are welcome Esme”
(Esme bowed again)
“So what news do you have for me Keira?”
Keira:kira is missing a stranger broke into Fountain Falls two days ago and took her away
“Who is he?”
Keira:I have no idea and I have tried locating them
“So what did you find?”
“What about you Esme?”
Esme:Nothing great one
“Little one what did you find about the Mage?”
Little one:I didn’t see any Mage at Fountain Falls though at first I only smelled one but I couldn’t mark who he is
“Then maybe he already masked his scent”
Little:I guess so
“Why is everything like this? Things are not working according to plans”
Little one: do you want to give up?
“No! Never! I have to get my revenge on the Bomer Witch for killing my sister”
Little one:go after the mother who caused the death of your sister
“No! I want her daughter! Confronting her mother won’t get me what I want because she is stronger”
Little one: so what do you do now that Kira is no where to new found?
“We have to find her! She is a Red Witch – a curse!”
Keira:so what do we do?
“We find her!”
“I will try locating her with my powers and get rid of her when I see her. It will be easy since she is not under the protection of her parents and the school. So let’s prepare to find her”
Keira:so be it great one
(They all bowed)

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