August 5, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 106

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Venessar High School.

Episode 106

Kimberly’s POV

I watched from my phone a live video of Autumn as she walk around the building.

I’ve never seen anyone as courageous as Kimberly.

I was surprised to see Sean naked coming from a room.

Why is he naked though? They must have dealt mercilessly with him.

I watched as Autumn and ‘naked’ Sean struggled to find their way out.

“Hello Kim , are you there ?” she asked from the coms’ she had placed on her ear.

“Yes , how will you guys escape ?”

“I need you ,pass the same route I passed and find your way in.

Stay in the first toilet downstairs. Don’t make any further move until I tell you too ,cleared ?”

“Cleared ” I answered her and stepped down from the car.

I did as she said and hid in the toilet.

Sean’s POV.

Three men approach Autumn and I majestically while Autumn kept walking towards them boldly too.

We finally stood in a few distance from those men and they grinned wickedly. The first guy suddenly raise his hand to hit Autumn with the iron rod in his hand but she was quick enough to guide it.

While trying to fight swiftly with the first man ,the other two over powered her and captured her.

They forced her into kneeling down and hit her with a gun in her head. She fainted and they dragged her to where I know nothing of.

They finally made the two of us get to a room and after few seconds that I had being wondering what they would do to us.

Professor Lucas came into view.

“Sean , from today ,you will never see the light of the world again” He said and came to me. He injected me himself and everything in my memory suddenly went blank.

I suddenly can’t identify anyone again ,I do not even know my name nor where I am.

I do not know how I get here.

He shot the girl beside and she fell down and die.

Who is this girl that he just killed ?

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