July 28, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 8

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 8

Sawyer’s POV

I wasn’t expecting Cody , I was just sitting on a sofa outside the house when I saw the little boy carry his ball and came to where I sat

I stood up and welcomed him gladly , he once said he liked me , I shouldn’t be stunned if he gives me a surprise visit

I carried him and made him sit on my lap. I was so happy to see him. I do not have a brother nor a sister , I’m the only one given birth to by my mom and that was why I had want to make friends with our neighbours only for that mean boy to make everything difficult

I’m glad his brother will be keeping my company at least

“How is school?” The boy asked and I smiled

“Fine dear , we can play the ball together ” I said and he nodded

He jumped down from my leg and began to bounce the ball

I stood a distance from him and he threw the ball at me , I missed the pick , it fell and bounced. i picked it and threw it at him

He chuckles at the way I threw it

“Are you mocking how I threw the ball?” I asked smiling

“No , just funny , you throwing it like an hen ” He said and giggled

I ran after him playfully to scold him and he start to run around the house , dribbling me and I just can’t reach him

I finally become tired and gave up , I ran to where the ball is

“I know exactly where to get you, I’m seizing this ball ” I threatened playfully and he maintained a sad expression

He stood akimbo and walk towards me while I hold the ball to the left armpit

“Cry all you want , I’m not giving you this ball until you tell me sorry ” I said and he keep shaking still folding his two hands as he maintained a smart sad expression

He skillfully and suddenly bounced the ball off my armpit, he ran after it before I could grasp what just happened

He carried the ball and I start to chase him, the gate to the house suddenly flung open

The two of us freeze at once like we were electrocuted

Guess whom we saw ?

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