July 28, 2021

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Baby Contract. Chapter 6

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Addicted To Him. Episode 10
Addicted To Him. Episode 9

????????The Baby Contract????????
????????Chapter 6????????
When Deville woke up the next morning, his first thought was Anne,he rushed out of his bed to her room but she wasn’t there and most of her clothes weren’t in the closet anymore,
“Anne! Anne!” He called out as he rushed downstairs, Millie came out of the kitchen,
“Have you seen Anne this morning?” He asked Millie,
“No Sir,I haven’t, go check her room.”
“She isn’t there.” The security guard rushed inside the living room,
“Sir!” Deville turned to him and frowned for being called that loudly this morning.
“Sir,I woke up this morning and the key to the main gate was on the floor and the gate was opened.” He complained to Deville who listen with fear in his face,
“Anne,” he rushed upstairs and got himself clad in a casual wear and rushed outside,
“Sandro, get me the car key,” he yelled as he came out.He got into his car and drove away having one place in mind,while his worker looked at themselves confusedly except Millie who know what was happening.
Anne dragged her pluggable till she left the estate, she had no one else to call and she can’t go to her house or Uncle Charlie’s house,so she called Frank.
“Hello Frank,” he picked up,
“Anne what’s up and why are you crying?” He asked sleepily,she isn’t good at handling tears,
“Frank,can you come pick me up now?” She said sobbing quietly,
“Where are you now?” He asked her,
“I’m at Bronx Avenue outside Farthingale Estate.” She said still sobbing and sniffling,
“Okay,I’ll be there soon.” She hung up and sat by the roadside. Not up to an hour later,a red sport’s car drove to where she was,she coiled up and prayed quietly,
“Frank please be fast.”
“Anne!” She heard a familiar voice and raised her head up,
“Frank!” She stood up and ran to hug him,he hugged her too,
“Anne,what happened?” Deville asked her,she was looking bad,she shook her head.Frank went and brought her luggage into the car,he opened the car and she got in,
“Anne tell me,what happened?” He asked her again,
“Frank,please take me to your home.” That was the only thing she said and he drove to his house.
“Can I stay here for a couple of days?” She pleaded with him,he was confused but obliged,
“Yes you can,you can stay as long as you want.” Frank showed her to bed room and she went inside.
Deville drove to Anne’s apartment but she wasn’t there, the woman he met there told him that Anne had been away for a couple of months now,he drove to the hospital but they told him Anne hadn’t been there.He didn’t want to call Williams cause that’s gonna cause a lot a trouble for him, he drove around town but didn’t see her anywhere so he went back home.
“Where could she have gone to?” He asked himself as he drove home, he waited for the whole day expecting her to come back but she never did,he sent some people to her house if she come back there but she never did.Anne stayed at Franks place for four days then she became sick,Frank called his doctor to check on her when her sickness became worst, he ran some series of test on her and promise to come the next day with the result.The next morning, Anne didn’t wait for the doctor to come and deliver the result, she got up early and went to the Hospital to get it herself. She waiting to get the result, so many touch ran through her mind,
“God,it shouldn’t be pregnancy now.” She prayed quietly,
“What do you mean by that?” Her subconscious self asked her,
“You’re paying him by having a child for him,remember its a contract not a love story.” The door opened,
“Miss McKenzie,” the doctor called her,she stood up and followed him to his office.
“Sit down please.” She reluctantly sat down and the doctor handed an envelop to her,
“Anne,here’s your test report.” She slowly opened the envelop and read the paper inside it,
“What!” She stood up,her eyes widened,
“Yes Anne, you’re twelve weeks gone.” He said to her,she took her bag and left his office not saying any word.
“Frank shouldn’t know about this,” she his the report in her bag and dried her already teary eyes. When she got home,Frank was sitting in the living room,reading the newspaper,
she greeted him and walked pass him,
“Anne give me the report.” He said from where he was sitting but he didn’t look at her,she halted bit didn’t turn to him and he repeated himself,this time standing up and coming towards her.
“Fr….rank…..I” he said it again louder interrupting her stammer,
“Anne,give the report to me!” He yelled,she hurriedly dipped her hand into the bag and fish out the report, he took it from her,
“Frank, I’m sorry.” She muttered as he scanned the result in his hand and gasped,
“Anne,you’re pregnant.” He shouted,
“Anne,you’re almost three months gone!” He threw the report at her,she was already shedding tears,
“How did this happened?” He asked her as he paced to and fro his living room, she didn’t answer rather she was still crying,holding her palms to her face,
“You slept with him right?”
“Frank,I’m sorry.” She cried and tried to hold him but he pushed her away,
“You allowed him fuck you,you’re a slut!” He went to the counter brought a pack of Kent, took one out,lit it and smoked it halfway before he threw it away and stepped on it.
“You’re going to abort that child,” He said fuming with anger,
“You’re going to abort that bastard.” He said again,she stood up from the floor and knelt in front of him,
“Frank please let’s not do this,don’t let me do this.” She cried,
“Anne,you’re not going to keep that baby,you hear me.” He yelled,
“Frank please,this child is important to Deville, please don’t let me abort it.” He pushed her away and left her and went upstairs to his room.
Frank didn’t talk to Anne throughout that week without having the looks that says you-ruined-my-life.She sent Deville a message,telling him of her pregnancy, he tried tracing the number but he didn’t still find her,he continued transferring money to her account but she didn’t come forward to him.One day,she ran into Millie at the grocery shop,
“Anne! Is that you?” She turned and scurried away not giving her the chance to say anything else.When Deville came home,Millie told him of her encounter with Anne,
“Which of the grocery shops?” He asked her,she regretted telling him immediately,
“The one beside PA MAX,” he took his keys,got into his car and drove there.Deville met the sales lady when he got there,
“Good day Sir, how may I help you?” The pretty blond haired saleslady greeted him but he turned to her confusedly,
“Well,I’m looking for someone.” He handed a photo of Anne to the young woman,she took it,looked at it for awhile and gave it back,
“Never seen her my whole life.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, I haven’t seen her before.”she said to him,keeping a serious face,
” Take this card,if you do see her anywhere just call me.”she took the card from him and kept it in the drawer and looked at him seductively,
“Okay thanks.” He turned and left,
“Sir,my name is Cheryl.” She yelled behind him but he didn’t turn or pay attention to her.


Addicted To Him. Episode 10
Addicted To Him. Episode 9

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