July 31, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 104

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He and Her V.

Episode 104

Tucker’s POV.

I do not really believe what the doctor had just said. My face was expressing so much disbelieve and I wasn’t willing to go to any hotel to make Love.

What the doctor said was just unreasonable. I hardly eat at home , We order for food cause it’s easier and faster.

If at all we want to eat in the house,it will be coffee or tea or any fast food.

Even if we had suspected Grace , Grace doesn’t cook for me. And to talk of the injection ,when I ain’t a baby ,how will anyone inject me and I will not know.

If I was injected while asleep ,the pain should be felt after I wake up that is if the pain do not wake me.

I just didn’t see any sense in what the doctor is saying.

I was telling him that my manhood isn’t responding yet you telling me to go to the hotel to go and disgrace myself before Camila again.

This is why I did not like using doctors from outside. I just don’t trust them.

“Tucker!” I head Camilla call and I peeked into her face.

“You are lost in thought , what’s wrong?”

“I didn’t see any sense in what the doctor said” I said feeling disgusted at the doctor and the fact that I came here.

“Are you joking? Does that mean we ain’t going to the hotel?” She asked.

“To disgrace myself again. I can’t perform and the doctor here isn’t helping” I said and stepped inside the car.

Camilla entered few seconds later and said; ” You loathe me Tucker ”

“What are you talking about Camilla ? This doctor isn’t making sense. You know we hardly eat cooked food at home so how will I be drugged unknowingly or injected without my consent?”

“I know you are suspecting Grace but it’s not logical” I added before she could respond.

“Tucker !”


“Do you Love me ?”

“With all my heart”

“Then let’s go to the hotel and make love with me ”

My mind became swollen in fear of how I will be disgraced before her again.

I didn’t say any more word. I just drove to a nearby hotel and we both booked a room for a day.

Just as we were about entering the room ,my phone rang and while checking to see whom the caller is ,Camilla snatched the phone from me and peeked into it.

She hung the phone and signalled for me to enter , we both entered.

“Grace must be calling to ask of my whereabout!” I said.

“Maybe , you will speak with her when we get home” She said and began to pull off her cloth.

All this while, my manhood was just flat.

As soon as I saw her womanhood , my manhood became stronger all of a sudden.

Happiness surged through me and a little hope rallied round my soul.

I start to pray in my heart that my manhood will not disappoint me in making her feel like a woman.

I enthusiastically stood and pulled off my clothes. We stood naked before each other and she took her face to my manhood standing so hard and strong

She pushed me to the bed and I sunk to the bed.

She crawled to where my manhood is and swallowed it her mouth. She began to lick it like it was some kind of lolly pop.

She was s*c_*K-ing it so well and I do love it. My manhood was having full effect but I never stopped praying for it in my heart not to disappoint.

I made her lay to the bed in a miS-sionary style and laid on her. I inserted my very hard manhood into her womanhood and began to th-ru-st in and out while she mo-an softly.

I released inside her after a very hot round.

I slump to her side feeling relaxed and happy that I was able to make Love with the woman I really Love.

I pray ,this will actually result into pregnancy.


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