June 8, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 8

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
????Chapter 8⃣????
????????Flint Hill????????
????????????????Still at Flint Fest????????????????
Eva was scared at first until she perceives a familiar scent,Adrian cologne,
“I know its you Adrian.” He released his grip on her,she turned to him,
“Sorry if I scared you,” he said,she was beaming with smile,
He finally came.
“Where’s Tyler?” He asked,she pointed at him playing with the other kids,he nodded then a great silence followed.He was just staring at her and she at him,Eva who was getting uneasy at the silence,broke it,
“How did you find us?” Eva asked him,
“I went to your house but you weren’t there, just needed to check on you,I decided to come here.” She looks so happy to see him,she’d secretly wished he would come and he did,
“Eva…..oh,” Someone said and they turned,it was Rachel,
“Oh,I’m sorry if I had interrupted you,Eva come help me out,Miss Christie said she needs more of your pancakes.” Rachel said not taking her eyes off Adrian,Eva understanding Rachel’s uneasiness decoded to do the intro,
“Okay,Rachel this is my cousin Adrian and Adrian,this is Rachel.” Eva introduced,Rachel smiled and shook hands with Adrian,who was surprised that he was referred to as cousin,
“Nice meeting Adrian,Eva talks about you a lot.” She said but deep within her,she finds Adrian sort of odd,
“The pleasure is mine.” Adrian said as they took their hands,
“Your cakes are so tasty,you really did a good job.” Adrian said,Rachel smiled a thank you and turned to Eva,
“Come help me out please.” Taking a last look at Adrian she left,
“Adrian,gotta go,I need to help her out. You can stay behind,Tyler would be happy and make sure you get something to eat.” She hurriedly left before he could reply,instead of joining the Fest,he sat by the stone,giving him a clear view on her and Tyler’s movement.
????The next morning????
????????????Christmas Morning????????????
Eva woke up to rumbling sound,she was so tired,last night had been so hectic for her but fun.
“Tyler stop that,I’m trying to get some sleep here.” She said sleepily but the sound continued.Sighing with frustration, she covered her face with the pillow but the sound didn’t stop,so she stood up to go figure out the cause of the sound,
“Tyler I’m not going take it funny if it’s you there.” She yelled as she stormed into the living room cause that’s where the sound is coming from,
“Tyler you…” She kept shut seeing Adrian in her living room,shirtless wrapping gifts in wrapping bags,the whole place was mess,
“Hi,you’re awake.”He grinned from where he was sitting and wrapping a bell socks.Eva was stupefied, she could take her eyes off his masculine body, her eyes roamed lustfully from his chest to the V of his lower abdomen,
Eva get a hold of yourself! Her head snapped her,
” Yeah….uhm…I heard noises…so…I came to check it out.”She couldn’t control the words as they slurred out of her lips,
“Oh,sorry for waking you up,I just wanted to pull a……” He remembered something,
“Oh by the way,merry christmas.”He picked a small wrapped gift,stood up and walked to her,
” This is for you Eve.”He handed the gift to her,she was surprised at first and blushed,
“You do look beautiful whenever you blush Eve.” He flattered,
He called me Eve,no one apart from Davis had called me Eve,this is ecstasy.
“Go on and see what’s inside.” He said,she sat on the couch,one leg on the floor and the other on the couch and she slowly began to open the gift,careful enough not to rip the wrapping sheet while Adrian sat on the floor and watched her open the gift with glimmer in her eyes.She found a jewelry box in the wrap,opening the box,she was amazed at what she saw,
“Adrian.” She managed to say,he nodded,
“You deserve it Eve.” She stood and threw him a hug,
“Thank you Adrian.” She said,still holding her he nodded,
“Mommy.” They quickly disengage from the hug and turned to Tyler who walked in,
“Mommy,what’s happening here?” Tyler asked,she walked to him and carried him,kissing his cheeks afterwards,
“Nothing son,Adrian here decided to pull us a surprised christmas.” She said,
“Tyler,these are for you.” Adrian pointed the dozen of wrapped gifts under the decorated pine tree in the living room,Tyler rushed from Eva’s arm and went to the gifts,
“All this for me?” He asked in great excitement, Adrian nodded,
“But you can share some with your mommy.” Tyler nodded and delve into the christmassy world ripping the wrappers to reveal different gifts,ranging from toy cars and trucks,toy laptops, stuffed toys to chocolates boxes and sweet boxes.
“Adrian,I think you went too far with this.” Eva said as Tyler opened the last box and it’s Pizza,
“Mommie!” Tyler shrieked showing the Pizza box to her,she smiled at him,
“Tyler loves Pizza a lot,so I did order this one for him.” Adrian replied,
“Tyler wait!” Eva cautioned, the boy stopped with hand on air,he pouted,
“Go wash your hands first.” She admonished,he stood up and ran to the kitchen to wash his hands,she looked at Adrian again,
“Thank you Adrian.” She said,he came close, close enough to crash his lips to hers and kiss life out of her but he held himself,
Adrian,control your self now,he cautioned himself,
“You are welcome Eve.” He pecked her cheek and left,sitting on the floor to clear the mess Tyler had created in the process of opening his gifts.Later that morning,Eva prepared Smoked Turkey,Congealed Salad and some Homemade Mac and Cheese after breakfast they all went to Rachel’s place where Rachel kept looking at Adrian suspiciously making him uneasy till they left later that day.

???? ???? New York City ????????
“Ma’am, someone’s at the door, said he’s looking for you.” Dennis bowed to Davina as he speak,her phone rang immediately, checking the callers ID, she looked at Dennis,
“Let him in.” He bowed again and left,she sent a text to Joseph and her husband,
“He’s here,come now.” Not long enough,a broad looking man with rugged face and dressed in an all black hood walked inside with Dennis scared shit giving him direction,
“She’s up there.” Dennis pointed at the balcony where Davina was sitting alone.The man walked toward her,
“Good day ma’am.” He greeted and sat down not waiting for Davina’s permission or even her response his greetings,
“You must be Mal?” The man nodded,
“Okay, my son and husband should be here any moment, can you wait?” She asked, the man removed his black shade
“I don’t have much time to spare cause its too resourceful,so if we’re striking a deal,we do it fast.” He said rudely in his deep and manly voice,she didn’t utter any word till she caught sight of Joseph and her husband coming towards them,
“Hi mom,” Joseph said as they got there,he looked at Mal,
“Is he the one?” Davina nodded,Mal just took looked at him and brought his head down,
“Yes,do you have their photos?” Davina asked,Joseph nodded as he brought out s photo of Eva and one of Tyler’s,
“Here it is.” He handed it to Davina,who gave it to Mal in turn,
“This is my daughter in-law and my grandson,she took the boy and left home for over…..”
“I didn’t ask for their history, what’s my mission here?” Mal asked rudely,Joseph and his father was surprised at his rude behavior but Davina called them down with just a look,
“Your mission is to find her and kill her then bring the boy to us.” She said with a dry smile,
“I kill the lady and bring the boy?” He asked reassuring,
“Yes,make sure the boy’s safe and unhurt.” Joseph interjected,
“Okay.” Mal put the photos in the pocket of his hood,
“What’s your price?” Juan who hadn’t been much into the conversation asked,
“My price is Ten Million and your reward is the lady’s head and the boy alive and unhurt.” He said,Juan brought out a briefcase,put it on the table and opened it showing wads of hundred dollar notes,
“Here’s an advance payment of Five Million, you bring the boy and get the rest.” He pushed the briefcase to Mal’s front,
“Okay sir,consider it done.” He said,taking the briefcase,
“Make sure you do a clean job and leave no trace behind,be fast as you can.” Davina said,he nodded,
“I’ll take my leave now.” He stood up and left,Joseph stood up and went after him while his parents sat relaxed at their new job.
Mal wait. “Joseph said as Mal descended the stairs,the man halted and looked at him,
” I want to talk to you about something.”He said as he descend to join the other man,
“What is it?” Mal asked impatiently, he was already late for his next operation,
“I…I want you to inform me when you get hold of her,would like to see her die.” He said,Mal’s expression was nonetheless cold,
“I don’t take kids during any mission.” He retorted,Joseph frowned at Mal for demeaning him,
“I wouldn’t tolerate any insult from……” He said but Mal’s cold death glare shut him up,
“I just want to be present when you kill her,that all.” He said calmly not to attract the mans wrath,
“Okay,you’ll receive a call from me soon.” He said and left Joseph in the living room.Unknown to them,Jane overheard them,so she made a video of the both of them in her cell phone then she called Davis,
????Jane:Hello Davis.????
Davis:Yes ma,any update?
Jane:Yes and I’m sending you a video right
Davis:Okay but please take care and be
???? watchful,thanks.????
She hung up and his her phone in her apron,only to turn and find a smirking Joseph behind her,

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