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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 9

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☣???? In Love???? With A Vampire????☣
Chapter 9⃣
???? ???? Still @ New York????????
“S..i..r…J..o..s..e..p..h..” Jane stammered with mouth mouth a gap while Joseph smiled evilly closing the door behind him,
“Who are you talking to and what video is that?” He asked,
He mustn’t see this this video,Jane hid the phone behind her,
“Hand your phone over now.” He ordered wickedly,she was shit scared but didn’t bring out the phone,
“I said hand the phone over.” He stretched his hands forward still having a hateful look at her,
“Sir,I was talking to my daughter and the video I’m talking about is a recipe video she’d asked me to send to her.” She lied but her unstable voice gave her away,
“Hand the phone now!” Joseph shouted,suddenly the door opened and Davina walked inside,
“What’s happening here?” She asked surprised at the scene she saw,
“Mom,” Joseph turned to her,
“She had some video she is sending to someone, I think she’s selling us.” Joseph said pointing to Jane,Davina glared at Jane,
“My Lady its not true,my daughter had asked for a recipe video,so I told her to….”
“Lies!” Joseph yelled,
“Jane,the phone.” Davina said,stretching her hands to collect the phone from Jane who reluctantly brought out the phone and gave it to her while Joseph smirked. After thoroughly searching the content in the phone,Davina found nothing incriminating,
“There’s no suspicious video or record here.” Davina said frowning at Joseph, he was surprised,
“Mom,I overheard her telling someone about a video she would send to him.” Joseph protested,
“Sir Joseph, you must have heard wrongly,its a recipe video I’d promised by daughter I would send for her.” Jane said with an innocent tone while Joseph threw her death glare.Davina who was exhausted at Joseph’s drama turned to Jane,
“You can go back to the kitchen,”she gave her back her phone,
” And you,”She looked at Joseph after Jane bowed and left,
“In my room now.” She ordered and left,Joseph sighed and followed her as she left.

“You really want to expose me,now you’re in trouble.” Jane sighed when she caught Joseph leaving.
???? Flashback????
When Joseph was asking Jane to hand over the phone,she started sending the video to Davis,
“Hand your phone over now.” Joseph said but she didn’t give him cause the she has two minutes left before the video would finally transfer to Davis phone,
“I said hand the phone over.” He said again,
This thing should go fast please,she silently prayed,
“Sir,I was talking to my daughter and the video I’m talking about is a recipe video she’d asked me to send to her.” She lied,
“Hand the phone now!” He yelled,just then Davina walked in,
“What’s happening here?” She asked,when Joseph turned to explain to her what’s happening,Jane used the opportunity to delete the video cause it already transferred to Davis phone,she deleted the one in her phone and put a recipe video to confirm her claim.When Davina too the phone to check it,she was met with the the recipe, so she believed what Jane was saying,handed her the phone to her and ask her to go back to the kitchen.
????End Of Flashback????
With the video sent to him,Davis had knowledge who the assassin was,so he took Diego and they went to Joseph’s Mansion to talk to the maids since Joseph wasn’t around,they met only two guards,
“Is Joseph in?” Davis asked one of the guard,the one he was most familiar with,
“No Sir Davis,he hadn’t been home since yesterday.” Davis nodded,
“Miguel, this is my friend Diego,he would want to ask a few questions about Eva and Tyler’s disappearance.” Miguel the tough looking guy looked at Diego and mouthed a greeting,
“Okay.” He said,they went inside to talk,
“Can you remember what happened that night Eva left?” Diego asked him,going down to the memory lane,Miguel began,
“Hmm,Sir Joseph came him that night and went inside,later I heard cries,it was ma’am Eva’s and Tyler’s, not up to while later,Sir Joseph came down and drove out again.” He said,
“Was there any maid or anyone inside then apart from them?” Diego asked,Miguel shook his head,
“No,Sir Joseph laid off all the maids and most of the guards except myself and Sam,” he pointed the the other guard,
“Why?” Davis asked,
“He said its useless having maids when ma’am Eva could handle the chores of the house and the main reason he’d left me and Sam is to keep eyes on her so she won’t leave the house while he’s away to work or any where.” He replied,
“So what you’re insinuating is Joseph was abusing Eva?” Diego asked and he nodded,
“Yes and not only that night but every other night since they’ve been married.” He said,
“Since you guys were paid to watch over Eva,how come she left the house without your knowledge?” Diego asked,Miguel was mute for awhile,
“Miguel you have to answer us cause now we have to find Eva,her life is in danger wherever she’s.” Davis said,he raised his head up,
“I knew she was going to leave that night.” He blurted,Davis was surprised,
“What?”” Diego asked,indirectly asking for more details,
“Yes,I saw her move some luggages into a car she parked outside,being suspicious, I came out stop her but she was in a bad shape,her eyes were wet and red from excess crying and her hair was a mess.Feeling pity for her,I decided to allow her go before she asked for it,help her take the bags to the car.” Diego and Davis listened with rapt attention,
“She’d gone upstairs to bring Tyler when Sir Joseph came home,drunk ready to pounce on her again,I feared her escape plan had failed but surprisingly saw her come out with sleeping Tyler,when I asked her where she would go to since her father’s property were confiscated by the State,she told me she was going to somewhere the world won’t find them and she left with the boy.” Davis was really surprised and Diego too,
“Where’s this place where the world can’t find her?” Diego asked rhetorically,
“Maybe she committed sui….” Davis stopped him right before the words were out,
“Eva can’t do something like that,she might be weak outside but she has a strong will,they must be somewhere,somewhere we’ve to figure out ourselves.” He said,
“Miguel did you happen to get the car’s number before she left?” Davis turned to him,
“Nope but we might find it in the CCTV footage of that night.” He said,
“So where’s the operating room?” Diego asked,
“That’s gonna be the problem now.” He said,Diego and Davis looked at him surprised,
“Its only Sir Joseph that have access to the operating room.” He said,they frowned,
“Miguel,now you have to render us another help.” Diego said,the man looked at him,
“Anything as long as ma’am Eva and Tyler are safe,what it it?” He asked,they looked at each other,
“You have to get into that operating room and get us the number of that car,it’s a vital clue for us.” Diego said and Davis nodded,
“Would you do it?” Davis asked,Miguel nodded,
“Yes,I’ll do it.” He said afterward,
“Okay,” Diego fished out a piece of paper from his wallet,
“This is my card, call me when you have it.” He gave the card to Miguel who took it and kept it in his breast pocket,
“Okay thanks,we’ll take our leave now.” Davis said,they stood up,shook hands and left.

???????? Flint Hills????????
“Eva,how’s your cousin,what’shisname again?” Rachel asked,Eva who was surprised at Rachel constant asking of Adrian,turned to her,
“Adrian and he’s at home with Tyler.”” She said,
“There’s something about him I don’t settle quite well with,” she said,Eva turned to her,
“What’s that?” Eva asked,Rachel stopped what she was doing and focused on her,
“He’s odd in a way and the way I’ve seen the two of you looking at each other is far from the normal siblings tie.” Rachel,Eva wanted to defend herself saying that she and Adrian were damn cousin and nothing more but she couldn’t hide it any longer.She looked outside to be sure they were far alone,
“Yes,you’re right,” Rachel was confused,
“On what?” She strained her ears to hear Eva’s explanations,
“I and Adrian aren’t cousins.” She finally blurted,its no use hiding when its obvious that she was lying,
“I knew it!” Rachel said loudly but Eva shut her down,
“Don’t raise your voice please.” She whispered loudly,eventually Rachel calmed down,
“Yes,he isn’t my cousin and I don’t really know much about him,he’s kind of a stranger to us” She said facing the floor,Rachel was surprised at her answer,
“I don’t mean to be pushy but the way I see you are going overboard with this stranger,even leaving your son with him,its strange.” Rachel said not happy at the fact that Eva had lied and she’s still living her lie,Eva raised her head up,
“Eva can you be honest with me for once,who are you and what are you up to?” Rachel asked, Eva sat down on the stool and looked at Rachel,
“I’m Eva Kingston,Joseph Kingston’s wife.” Rachel gasped,
“You mean Kingstons of New York,Kingston’s Aerospace and Plastics..?” Rachel asked,Eva nodded,
“Put me straight here,if you’re José Kingston’s wife,what are you doing here in Flint Hills?” Rachel asked getting confused at what Eva just said,
“Cause I ran away from home,” She broke down almost in tears,Rachel came to her to console her,
“Eva,why are you crying?What happened?” Rachel did her best to console Eva but deep down,her pains are unconsolable.
“Eva,don’t worry,if you don’t want to talk about it,I don’t mind.” Rachel said as she handed a mug of hot chocolate to Eva,
“No,I want to talk about it,I’m tired of keeping it in my heart and allowing myself wallow in the past,I’m done.” She said,Rachel didn’t stop her cause she believes that for someone to go this length Eva has gone means they’ve been through a lot,
“Eva,don’t worry, you can talk to me about it,I won’t judge you.” Rachel said patting Eva’s back.
She went ahead and told Rachel about her past,her marriage with Joseph and life after it as Mrs Kingston, the trouble,the abuse and the betrayal of Davis,her supposed brother in-law and the man she really loved,her parents death and the confiscation of their property by the State.Rachel couldn’t help but pity Eva,a young woman who’s suppose to be enjoying her life but was tied down to a marriage of abuse,
“Eva,I’m so sorry for everything.” She said, to her,
“Its nothing,now all I want to do is to put back my life together and make sure my son’s comfortable and happy,” she said,
“And that’s where Adrian came in?” Rachel asked, she wiped her eyes and nodded,
“Tyler is always happy with him around,the happiness he emits with Adrian around is something I haven’t seen in him since,” she explained,
“What about you? What are you feeling for him?Rachel asked her,pointing to her the fact that she has fallen in love with this stranger,
“Nothing,my feeling for him are neutral there’s nothing more to it.” Eva lied,she has some strange feeling for Adrian but she isn’t ready to accept and definitely not in front of Rachel,
“Okay but promise me you’re gonna be careful.” Rachel asked,
“I promise to be careful.” She said hugging her.


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