June 13, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 1

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 2

????The boss and his employee????‍♀????‍♀

Episode 1

Charlene’s POV

I was standing before my boss as he was operating his computer while I await for his orders

Charlene Nakai is my name , I’m twenty two years old and I’m working as a maid to one of the most richest and cutest guy in our small city , Mr Howard.

After the death of my father two years ago, my mom ran away from us because of poverty and till now I don’t even know where she is . I had to drop out of school and work so that I can take care of my one and only brother ,Carlton who’s just 5 years younger than me.

I’ve been struggling to make ends meet till I heard from my neighbour who worked as a bodyguard at the Howard’s mansion that there was vacancy for maids .I didn’t waste my time, so quickly applied and luckily I got the job.

Here I am right now, admiring the magnificence of this mansion as I was on my way to the room I was summoned to go and meet my boss .
I knocked and got inside without waiting for his response .

“Sir” I called him and he lifted up his head
Wow ! This guy is so cute but his eyes, damn it ! They are too big for his age , can’t he at least squeeze them a little so that he won’t look like a hobo

But his lips are reaally sexy. OMG! I wanna kiss it.
But, they’re too pinkish for my liking and they are too small . I can just bring a bee to stung those stupid lips of his , they will grow bigger and will suit with mine perfectly

I maintained a straight gaze at him as a curly smile formed on my lips

I can’t stop myself from staring at him

I can’t believe I’m thinking of kissing his so sexy lips yet I’ve never kissed before but why am I daydreaming about this guy with a baby face? Gosh he looks like a lady and…

I was brought back to life with a resounding slap on my check

What! He just slapped me ?

“I’ve been calling you for the past 15 minutes but all you keep on doing was starring at me ” He scolded

“I know I’m handsome but you can’t drool over me because you’re too ugly, ugly girls drool over chimpanzees not dudes like.” He insulted and it hurts so bad

I wanted to cry but I blinked the tears away . My heart was tearing apart and sadness could be seen written all over me

“I didn’t employ you to stare but to do whatever I tell you to do, so right now, go and prepare something for me because I’m hungry” he commanded

Anger rose in me , I loose my pathetic face and I shot him a disgusting and angry look

“I guess I will have to prepare 24 dishes for you so that you’ll eat and gain a little bit of weight coz you look like a walking skeleton” I insulted rudely

“What the hell! “????????????


The Boss And His Employee. Episode 2

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