June 15, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 3

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????‍???? The boss and his employee????‍♀

Episode 3

Hillary Howard’s POV

This girl is unbelievable , how can she insult me rudely like that? Is it that she knows that I’m softhearted and she’s trying to take advantage of me ? Isn’t she afraid of being fired on her first day?

Hillary Howard is my name but my friends call me Larry , I’m 24 years old and a young multi-millionaire . When it comes to looks , I can’t compare anybody else with me cuz I’m too and ladies throw themselves at me but I don’t fall for their tricks. All I know is they’re after my looks and money

This is the first time I’m quarrelling with a lady cuz I respect them so much but this new maid of mine just triggered something that I didn’t know exist in me which is anger . Its not like I’ve never been provoked or insulted by someone but when someone try to argue with me I always walk away .

I can’t believe she just compared me to a skeleton , am I skinny to that extent? Well it’s all Harley’s fault (my little sister) who forced me to hire a maid so that I can eat home cooked food after my nanny, Mrs Peterson retired.She worked for us for almost twenty years and took good care of us after the death of our parents so was like mother to me and I didn’t want to replace her.


My stomach grumbled and that’s when I remembered that I ordered Miss big lips to prepare something to eat. I checked my wrist watch and damn it? Its almost 3 hours waiting for food , I wonder what kind of meal she is preparing.

I stood and sluggishly walked to the kitchen. Jesus Christ!!!! What I saw got me speechlessly and I felt like fainting. The only option here is to sack her.


The Boss And His Employee. Episode 4
The Boss And His Employee. Episode 2

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