July 27, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 28

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Kira POV
“Are you awake?”
(I opened my eyes fully and turned to where the voice came from and I saw Darius crossed leg in front of the fire. I stood up from the blanket I was sleeping on studying the surrounding everywhere was dark we were in the woods it was only the fire that provided light)
Darius:how are feeling?
Kira:where are we?
Darius: answer mine first?
Kira: I can’t be fine cause I’m away from my family
Darius:don’t worry with time you will be glad you are away from them
Kira: can I at least send them a message that I’m fine?
Darius: yes you will but not yet
(I nodded slowly cause there must be a good reason for that)
Darius:we are heading to a place where no man will ever find you
Kira:is that possible?
Darius:yes Kira
Kira:perhaps can i..no..never mind
(I paused and fiddled with my fingers thinking to of how to phrase my words)
Darius:say it
Kira:how..how far are we from our school?
Darius:why do you wanna know?
Kira:ahmm…I just want to know..You know Mr Darius you should have informed me that you were coming to abduct me –
(I stopped and looked at him)
Kira:so I would have prepared my bag filled with clothes,toothbrush,hairbrush, underwear,drugs and most especially my books –
(I counted with my hands)
“And my mom would have packed enough food for us..but now I have no clothes,food to eat or a book to read”
(I crossed my arms)
“And what if I bleed on the way and I need my drugs? Ahh! So frustrating!”
(I fell back on the blanket and began to grumble saying how boring this journey would be then I heard Darius laughing out loud)
Kira:what so funny huh?!
(I got on my feet)
Darius:do you even know that you’ve been asleep for days now?
Kira:days or hours?
Kira:days?? Really??
(I scratched the back of my neck)
Darius: yes Four Days I had to carry you in my arms for four days
Kira:how come I slept that long?..
(I don’t remember waking anywhere else…did He cast a drowsy spell on me?)
Darius:you would have slept on water if I placed you on one
(He mocked)
Kira: No that no true! I don’t sleep that much! You must have done something to me!
Darius:are you trying to fight me?.. You should be grateful that I carried you in my arms from Fountain Falls all the way to this wood
Kira:why didn’t you wake me?
Darius: waking you would have slowed down our journey
Kira:you should have wake me I hate being carried about like a baby
(He chuckled)
Darius:aren’t you a baby?
Kira:yes i’m not
(I folded my arms)
Darius:I can tell that you are 17years old
Kira:yes 17 years old is not a kid anymore
(I paused and went to sit beside him near the fire)
“I can also tell your age”
Darius:give it a try
Kira:23 but –
(He raised am eyebrow)
“I know you’ve lived for many years probably million years”
(He chuckled)
Darius:nice try
Kira:what your identity?
Darius:you don’t want to know
Kira:I do want to know Mr Darius?
Darius:it fine to call Me Darius
Kira:sure about that?
(He nodded)
“Okay then I should at least know about the man that vowed to protect me”
(He stared at me for a while and he was about to talk when we heard a movement and a growl reverberated at the back of his throat)
Kira:did you hear –
(Darius pushed me and laid on me before I finished my words..a click later,silvers was flying in the air)
Darius:just follow my instructions
(He whispered with a stern voice)
Kira:who are they?
(Darius dragged me up before I knew it and caged me to a tree nearby using his body as a shield from whatever was to come)
Darius:can you climb a tree?
Kira:hell no!
Darius:then run if you can
Kira:what about you?
Darius:I will be fine
(He assured me)
Kira:I am not leaving
“Look they are over there!”
(I snapped my head in the direction and saw seven me approaching with silver weapons in their hands..I don’t know if Darius is man enough to take down seven men. I looked at him and saw no fear in his eyes but am still not leaving him alone)
Darius:you are not leaving right?
(I nodded and he dragged me and we ran through the woods in the opposite direction)
“Who are they Darius?”
(I sent a telepathic message but he didn’t respond. He only concentrated on the road ahead until I fell and screamed)
(Darius blurted and stopped – my right kneel was bleeding)
Darius:are you okay?!
(No I am not okay! I wanted to say)
Darius:find a cover Kira while I deal with them
Kira:Who the hell are those people?!
(I screamed! My kneel hurt badly)
(My eyes widened when I heard his word. We were been chased by Vampires! Blood sucking animals and he wasn’t a bit scared! He is only running because I don’t want to leave him alone)
Kira:Vampires! Why?
Darius:they want you Kira and that was why I said you should run
Kira:No I don’t want to leave you…can you take down seven men?
Darius:that not a problem
(Maybe I should believe him who knows I might find out who Darius really is – a Vampire too? Or an Alpha Vampire?… I heard growls around reverberating in the air I looked and saw those men we were surrounded. Each Fangs revealing ready to devour and fear gripped me causing me to breathe heavily. Darius eyes glowed crimson when he got on his feet drawing me closer to himself shielding me with his body once again. One Vampire came forward and Darius took him down moving me to different directions to protect me from the Vampire ripping through my skin. Two Vampires came and I choked back a scream when Darius pushed me out of the broken circle and I hit the nearest tree. Darius launched himself in the air slamming his body into one of the men, the impact was fierce,the sound like thunder. I stumbled off balance and rolled back to my feet,my eyes locked on Darius as gravity snared his body. He flipped his body and landed in a crouch one hand planted on the earth. He stood,reaching his full height the predator inside him in full control – Darius caught his target and spurred him around at fast rate before throwing him to the rest sending them around. I suddenly caught a glimpse of a movement behind me and I made an attempt to follow Darius instruction of running but I bumped Into someone. I looked up fearfully and saw a horrible face with a fang and I fell to the ground..they are not seven but eight one must have stayed back to get me by using the rest to distract Darius. How would I deal with him while Darius was fighting the rest? – Yes! An idea hit me quickly I can compel!even it wasn’t necessary for me to speak or them to hear me, for my compulsion to work. I reached out my mind,looking straight in my predator’s eyes I had practiced compulsion silently over the years. I got connected to all their minds and spoke directly into their minds ordering them to stopped fighting and they all obeyed. They dropped their weapons and Darius looked back at me guess he knew what I was doing – the vampires knew I was compelling them their expressions frozen in shock and horror. Without a word,I force them to stand beside each other. What should I do after that? I looked at Darius and I thought of compelling them to run and never return to us again but they were all down in a blink of an eye. Darius killed them all without sparing one and I screamed when I saw him ripping out their hearts…I
shivered in fear after I saw the bloody scene. He came to me but I crawled backward when I saw his bloody appearance… Trying to let not him know what I was about to I got up slowly he shouldn’t have killed them. I turned on my heels and ran as fast as I could manage my kneel)
(I heard him calling my name as I ran down the dark woods ignoring the pain in my kneel)
I didn’t want to show Kira my true self cause I knew it was gonna scare her to death that was why I insisted she run. If only the Vampires had turned back when they all saw me running off then I would have thought of sparing them. Vampires are the Sin Of Wrath illegitimate children,his failed experiment. I am Darius a Sin. I kill whenever I am annoyed just like how I killed centuries ago tearing Mages and Witches Limbs from body. I am known as a silent sin and the deadliest. I never bargain with witches and Mages like my half sister and brothers and I can rip through Magic if I want to. I wasn’t all that surprised when I saw Kira compelling those Vampires since she is the most powerful among Red Witches. She is the chief priestess of the other two Red Witches but I doubt if Kira knows about that. I ruined Kira’s plans of compelling the Vampires to run – I was trying to hold back but they dared me and I can’t let them go cause if they leave,they will come back in more numbers so I killed them all which made Kira to view me as a monster but I only did that for her sake. I reached out to Kira but she took to her heels and ran if only she knew who these Vampires are and what harm they are capable of doing to her but I can’t blame her cause she has no knowledge of who they are. I called her name severally but she didn’t stop running her kneel was bleeding but she didn’t care about that all she was thinking was going far away from me. I am not ready to explain my identity to Kira even if I try to she will never understand since it a very long story. I heard Kira loud cry and I raced at a high speed to catch up with her and I saw her sitting on the floor leaning against a tree and holding on to her kneels. I saw tears grazing down her cheeks with my extra sharp sin eyes and I felt pity for her)
Love you all

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