June 19, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 29

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Kira POV
After running for a while my knees grew weak sharp pain surged through me suddenly. If i manage to get out of this wood..perhaps it might lead to a highway – I was almost running again when I hit my foot on a hard rock which caused me to stumbled and I let out a loud scream. The pain in my knee was horrid I couldn’t bear it any longer, I leaned on a tree forgetting about running away from Darius hot tears burning down my cheeks as I held on my knee
“Kira! Kira!”
(I heard Darius but I didn’t make an attempt to run from him instead I prayed for him to find me soon)
Darius:are you okay Kira?
(He found me and his gaze dropped on my bleeding knee. Darius brought out a dagger from his bag and pointed it towards my leg but i held his hands thinking he was about to cut off my knee)
Darius:sorry it won’t hurt you
(He held my jeans and tore the stained part away revealing a wound on my knee. He brought out a white T-shirt from his bag torn it into pieces,took a piece and wipe blood away from my knee gently and I let out a whimper. Darius tied another piece on my knee)
Darius: sorry
(He gave me another piece to wipe my tears before putting the rest in his bag)
Kira:Thank you
(I said without looking at him)
Darius: rest if you want to
(He stood up and looked around before walking away. I got up and started following him I can’t stay here alone. Darius stopped and turned to face me)
Darius:I am not going far – I just need to smoke
(I nodded slowly and I pray he returns soon)
Darius: we will spend the night here – but we will stay in an Inn tomorrow night so you can wash up
(I walked back to the tree and sat staring at space thinking of what happened earlier..I so much wish that I can forget that bloody scene in my head. Darius came back few seconds later with woods in his hands and he made a fire with it. He set the blanket before coming to me)
Kira: I can do it myself
(I said when he wanted to carry me to the blanket. I walked to the blanket and lay on it,turned on my side gently and faced the other side still trying to avoid Darius gaze and I soon drifted to sleep quickly)
Darius POV
I smoked not too far from the fire place cause I can’t risk leaving Kira alone out here since she is still scared about what she saw earlier on and I fear that there is someone who wants her lurking around the woods. I was thinking of our next routine when I heard soft sobs from Kira. I went to her quickly and saw that she was crying in her sleeptwo shaking her head severally. Kira is having a nightmare and she need someone to get her out of it
(I called but she didn’t respond)
“No don’t kill me…please I beg you don’t do it…don’t kill me”
(She mumbled in her sleep)
(I raised her up positioning to sit and rest her head on my chest. I slapped her cheeks while calling her name)
“Wake up Kira!”
(Her eyes opened slowly tears staining her rosy cheeks)
Darius: hey it me Darius
(Kira wrapped her arms around me and sobbed in my chest)
Kira:I want to go home – please take me back home Darius
Darius: sh sh sh Kira just calm down
Kira:no i don’t want to –
Darius:tell me what you saw
(I tried to release her but Kira held on tightly – I held her trembling body in my chest)
Kira:they are coming Darius… They..they.. are coming for me Darius
(She said amidst tears)
“I saw them..they want me..they are going to kill me and I saw one of them stabbed me with a dagger”
(She said shakily)
Darius: who are they?
Kira: the black witches…I saw them and I recognized one of them – she was the one who stabbed me. Take me home Darius
(The black witches are after her now then what she saw wasn’t just a nightmare but Kira just had a vision of what is going to happen in the next few days. The black witches want her dead because she is a curse in the Witch World and concerning the fact that Kira is a special Red Haired and most powerful on earth. She is the only one they can find now and that is because she is not under the protection of her powerful family. The other two red haired witches are with Malphus the Sin Of Wrath he took them to a safe place. I swear that I will kill anyone who tries to hurt her,I will rip out every black witches hearts without sparing one of them if they come after her)
Darius: don’t worry you will be fine… No one is going to kill you or even touch a strand of your hair
(I placed her back on the blanket and slept beside her while petting her back to sleep making promises towas her that she was safe and no one is going to hurt her. Kira held on to me tightly as I watch her drift back to sleep peacefully)
Kira POV
A pounding pain down my belly woke me up not to mention the sunlight that was shinning against me which magnified the slight pain in my head. I reached for my head sitting up slowing,I looked around only to find out that I was alone in the wood. Where is he?
(I called out lowly but no one responded)
(I screamed did he leave me all alone in this wood?)
“Hello Darius can you hear me?”
(I stood up)
“Morning Kira”
(I turned and saw him behind me and I let out a sigh of relief)
Darius:did I scare you?
Kira:I thought you left
Darius: how is your knee?
(I glanced down at my knee the white clothe was still on it with touches of blood stain)
Kira:it fine
Darius:sit down let me check
(I did as he said and Darius unwrapped the clothe)
Darius:can your heal yourself?
Darius:do it
(I closed my eyes and whispered the easiest healing spell. Few seconds clicked by and I opened my eyes only to see that the would was gone as fresh skin replaced it)
Darius: we can continue now
(He packed the blankets into the hold bag)
“We are heading south I know of a Inn there”
Kira:do you have money?
(I felt a shared pain down my belly..this can’t be happening now! My monthly flow is on it way! Gosh why now?! I can’t even bring myself to tell Darius about it. This is Total Mess!)
Darius: why?
Kira:I..I..I..think –
Darius:if it about the Inn bills don’t worry about it
Kira:I’m hungry…
(I said instead..He brought out an apple from the bag)
Darius: eat this first
(He started walking away and I followed closely)
“You had a dream last night… Or should I call it a Vision?”
(I stopped and tried to remember. I saw Ivy pierced my chest with a dagger after I pleaded with her not to stab me. A bile rose at the back of my throat as the dream unfolded in my mind)
Kira: yes Darius
Darius: you talked about black witches and you said you recognized one of them
Kira: yes
Darius:who is she?
Kira:she attended our school… Her name is Ivy Allen but she is Esme in the Dark World
Darius:does she know you are a Red witch when you were still at school?
Kira:yes – she confronted and attacked me but I already had a vision about her Coven
Darius: tell me about it
Kira:Ivy works for a another black Witch named Keira and Keira in turn works for a powerful witch but I don’t know her name. Uhmmm Keira is at our school too but I don’t know who she is. They even tried sending the death spirit to me but unfortunately for them it returned
Darius: you have a Mark?
Kira: Yes I have the Red Mage Mark
Darius: how did you find a Mage?
Kira:Actually a new guy came to my school..he is a Red Mage and also related to Imani. He was the one who gave me the Mark
Darius:okay…and that means the death spirit won’t harm you
(I nodded)
“So since you dreamt of Ivy stabbing you then it likely we meet them on our journey”
Kira:what do we do?
Darius:get rid of them once and for all so that none of them will disturb you when you get back home
(I replied lowly)
Darius:are you still mad at me for killing those Vampires?
Kira:uhmmm am not mad anymore but I was last night – I wanted to compel them to run and tell them not to come after us again
Darius:that’s not going to work with them..letting them go will bring in more of them in packswithout
Kira:are they really stronger in packs?
Darius:yes same with wolves
Kira: so are you a Vampire or a Wolf?
Darius:I can’t explain my identity to you Kira..it a Long long tale
Kira:okay..but have you met the other Red witches?
Kira: where are they?
Darius:somewhere safe
Kora:no name for somewhere safe?
Darius: someone I trust is protecting them
Kira:are we going to where they are?
Darius: no
Darius: going to where they are will lead the Vampires to the others
Kira:so we have to be on our own?
Darius: yes
(My stomach grumbled I’m so hungry!)
Kira: sorry… Don’t worry about it am fine
Darius: we will get to the Inn before evening so you will eat something better
Kira:i prefer to eat snacks Darius:why?
Kira:I can’t eat outside
(He raised a brow)
“I..I..have many allergies – I react to sea foods”
(Darius didn’t say anything)some thing
“Weird right?”
Darius: no there are reasons for that i guess…But don’t worry you will eat something better than snacks
Kira:I will need to change my clothes..it stinks – I can’t believe that I’ve not had mywho ace bathe for days now
Darius:you will today
Kira: perhaps that safe place you mentioned…i mean where we are heading to is it your house?
Darius: I don’t have a house
Kira:why is that?
Darius: cause I don’t need one
Darius: I move constantly
Kira:what –
Darius: you can ask me anything when we get to the Inn for now let’s concentrate on our journey
Kira: okay
(He held my hands as we walk down the woods)

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