August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 10

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 10

( I sell kiss )

Sawyer’s POV

“Kiss!” I exclaimed

“You heard me , if you did not leave my presence now , I’ll grab your head and give you the deepest kiss ” he threatened

“Huh?” I exclaimed and let him go

I stood surprised , he wants to kiss me ? I wasn’t expecting that , thought he hate me ? Why is he talking of kissing me

Gosh! Why did I allow him to leave. He’s cute and his lips will be so sweet on mine . Aw..but I’ve always think, who is gonna give me my first kiss though ?

What if it’s that boy called Sawyer ?

I keep thinking as I walk home

It can’t be that boy, he hates me , he’s mean , he won’t even allow his brother to play with me

Now , I’m bored again. And he’s even threatening to kiss me .

I ran inside and checked the mirror , I keep viewing my lips to see if it is gorgeous enough to be kissed

I sunk on the bed , then stood suddenly , I peeped through the window and saw Cody bouncing his ball

I thought Cody will probably be receiving punishment from him , but why did he hate me though?

I know what to do!

I stepped down hastily and went to their house. I knocked on it and it was opened by Cody

“Huh, you are here again?” He asked

“Tell your brother I want to see him” I ordered and the boy turned to leave

“Wait …what is his name ?” I asked Cody

“Well, I’m here ” I heard the mean boy’s voice as he appeared behind his brother

“What did you want?” He asked

“Kiss… ” I said sullenly and he quickly covered his brother ear, he grabbed his brother and took him inside

He didn’t want his brother to be expose to that word

He came back majestically with that cute looking but mean face

“What is that thing you said you want again?” He asked

“You threatened to kiss me the other time if I did not let you go right? I want that kiss now ?” I said and he smirked

“How many did you want!” He asked

“Sorry? ” I asked for explanation

“I mean how many kiss did you want?” He repeated

“One” I said bluntly already thinking of how my first kiss will be with him

“Big size or small size ?” He asked.

“Sorry? ” I asked for more explanation cus I was wondering if kisses has sizes

“You heard me , Cus the small size kiss is 100 dollar while the big size kiss is 1000 dollar , I’m selling the medium too in case you want , that one is 500 dollar ” He replied

“What is this one saying?”

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