August 3, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 11

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 11

( you are disgusting )

Sawyer’s POV


Following Morning

What exactly is that boy’s name? He was even mocking me yesterday just cus I went to ask for Kiss

I must find out what his name is today. I walk to school and sat at my sit

He hasn’t arrived yet. I was busy thinking of different ways to get to know his name

He arrived and went to sit somewhere else . I furrowed my brow wondering why he changed sit

It must be cus of me, he’s trying to avoid me right ?

I noticed that a space was beside him, I carried my bag and went to the sit beside him

But a guy was almost sitting there when I suddenly yelled at him, the guy looked at me in surprise wondering what happened to me

“Erm…sorry , it’s my sit actually ” I said and he looked at me in surprise

“I guess you didn’t sit here yesterday ” The boy said

“So? I’m sitting here boy ” I said and sat beside the mean boy

“Rude ” the boy said and walked away from me

“Hey you, you really think you can run away from me ?” I asked but he snubbed as expected

“Well, it isn’t your fault though, anyways , I did not need your kiss again, just tell me your name?” I asked and he snubbed

“I won’t ask again , I guess you know what I can do. Tell me your name ” I threatened and he grunted

He looked to me

“What exactly is your problem ?” He asked

“Huh? You wanna know what my problem is ? , Well , I hate you , that’s my problem ” I said expecting him to be hurt but he just smirked instead

“Then leave me if you hate me ” He replied

Oh! Can’t believe we are having this conversation , I’m kinda happy that he’s replying me

I pray he doesn’t stop

“What! Whom did you think you are ? I’m not holding you though” I said

“You hate me , then stop sitting beside me and stop stalking me , you are disgusting , gosh!” He said

That hurt! It hurts so bad

I looked away from him sadly and focused on the desk before me

I’m disgusting ? Seriously ?

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