June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 105

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He And Her V.

Episode 105.


Tucker and I alighted from the car after we got home.

“Camilla!” He called my name before we stepped down.

I looked to his face and he said. ” I do not love Grace ,it’s you that I love. She might seduce me a times to make love with her and I know it may hurt you. But I want you to know that I do not love any other human on earth except you. Camilla ,I love you.” He said and I blushed.

The emotions that filled my voice made me happy.

I looked to his face down to his lips. He is as beautiful as always.

“I will never stop loving you Tucker but build stamina against the darts of Grace. We need to fight our marriage from her. You can’t keep yielding to her and expect her to leave ” I said.

“Camilla ,I need to confess this to you. As soon as she embraces me or stays around me ,there is this uncontrollable urge that overshadows me ,I can’t explain. I had always want to resist of course. I shouldn’t even feel horny to someone that I do not love. ” He said while I watched meditating on what he’s saying.

“You can imagine the day she even seduced me in your presence. Did you think any man in his right sense would even want to make love with her at that scene. I can’t understand what it is about her. ” He confessed and I just nodded.

“I will help. I do not know what she could be using on you or something. ” I said and sighed.

Our faces met and he planted a soft kiss on mine. We kissed so passionately inside the car before we both stepped down.

As soon as step down ,Grace’s daughter ran to Tucker and hugged him

“Welcome, my daddy” She said.

“Okay” Tucker answered and we both walked inside. The way Tucker answered the girl says it all that he never liked the girl.

“Aw ,baby welcome ” Grace said as soon as he sighed Tucker and went to Tucker to give him a hug but Tucker used a finger to push her away gently and she brought her hands down in embarrassment.

She tried to put her shame under control and swallowed.

She went to the table and brought a file. “Have it , this is the result of my text ,I’m pregnant.”

Tucker looked at me and I collected the file from Grace and checked it.

“How about we go to that same hospital to really confirm if this girl is your daughter. As you can see , the hospital you are using is making many mistakes this days” I whispered softly into his ears.

Tucker looked at me and nodded.

“Good!” He said softly and collected the file. He glanced at it and threw it at the table.

“Okay , congratulations” He said and we both walked away from Grace.

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