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Heart Doctor. Season 2. Episode 15 and 16

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Heart Doctor. Season 2 Episode 13 and 14

????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????


Amanda woke up with half a smiling face and half a sad face. It felt like living in two different worlds at the same time.
One, she was happy that Desmond confessed his love for her, on the other hand she was sad that Odeya is somewhere else.
She miss her.

As she brushed her teeth, she wouldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. She had a night filled with dreamful sleep. Dreams about Desmond and her.

‘I wish I could stop thinking for a moment’ she told herself but alas, the next minute she is recalling and reminiscing again.

She washed her mouth and face, wiped off and walked out of the bathroom.

Her phone began ringing and she went for it and a hiss escaped her lips as she saw the caller. ‘ekene’

She ignored the call and looked at herself on the full length mirror. She noticed that her pajamas was getting worn out.

“I have to buy a new one.. And what’s this spot on my face. Why now?” she unpacked her hair and repacked it.
It was at that moment that she saw her erected n***les visible on the night gown.

She quickly grabbed a bra, removed the night gown, wore the bra and changed into a green jogger and a grey polo shirt. She was scared to look sexy in front of him.

Grabbing her phone and throwing it into the jogger pocket, she headed to the door.

On opening the door, she met Desmond standing at the door, on his sleeping wear.
Amanda wasn’t expecting that causing her to widen her eyes.

“S..sir” she stammered. Her heart beat raising instantly and a butterfly feeling in her stomach.

Desmond rubbed his neck like someone who had been tired from standing for too long.

“You always woke up earlier than this time, right? what happened today?” he asked.

Amanda opened her mouth without knowing what to answer.

She quickly turned and checked the wall clock in her room. It was 6:03am.
She turned back to Desmond who was now smiling at her.

“I..I ” she had no idea what to answer, worse they were staring at each others eyes. Amanda quickly looked down and greeted. “Good morning sir”

“How was your night Amanda?” Desmond asked, looking at her keenly.

“It was okay sir…and yours?” she asked.

“I had a lot of sleep. I shouldn’t have right?” he asked.

Amanda looked up at him”sir?”

“Will you stop calling me sir?” he said.

She looked away shyly and said, “It won’t be easy”

“It is very easy..” Desmond said then after a second silence, said, “you look great. Had no idea green and grey could fit so perfectly.”

Amanda couldn’t explain how she felt at that moment. It was such a simple way of saying to her, you look beautiful even in such dressing.

She couldn’t help the smile that showed up on her face which Desmond saw too.

He took her hands. “Let me take you somewhere today”

She turned to him. “Ain’t you going to work?”

“I’m sorry I have to but I’m gonna be back as early as 12pm. I have something to tell you too.”

“What’s that?” Amanda asked.

“Vanessa and I spoke again last night. She gave me an address of where to meet her. I’m going there after getting to the office. I’m just gonna talk about my daughter with her then come back for you. If I bring Odeya with me, fine and if I don’t. She would take care of her.” Desmond said.

Amanda after a while nodded. “Alright. I’ll be here waiting.” she said.

Desmond smiled and kissed her. Withdrawing he released her hands which he had been holding.
“I just need my usual breakfast.” he said.

Amanda nodded. “Okay sir…oh,”

Desmond chuckled then kissed her on the cheek. “I’m going to take a shower. Wanna join?” he asked.

Amanda looked away shyly, with a smile.

Desmond smiled and went into his room. Once he did, Amanda’s phone began ringing again. She wanted to ignore it, with thought it would be Ekene but then took it out and saw it was her mom calling.

She inhaled, exhaled and picked up. Placing it on her ear she said. “Mama, I’m going to call you back.” and without waiting for her mom to talk, she ended the call, dropped the phone back in her pocket and headed to Desmond’s room.

(Somewhere in Lagos, mainland. Mama Amanda’s residence)

Mama Amanda stared at her phone for awhile then turned to Ekene who was standing, vexed up.

“You have seen it now ehn. I have called her and she said she would call me back. My daughter is very very busy now and don’t have time talk more of a time for someone like you. Ekene I have warned you not to step your foot into my house again. You don’t listen. Don’t let me show you the other side of me o.. Leave my house and my daughter alone.”

“Mama stop that thing wey you dey talk. So you dey tell me say Amanda don leave me because of one idiot wey get small money abi. Me and Amanda no fit leave each other o mama. I go marry Amanda.. Amanda no fit leave me. I know my Amanda. She no fit” ekene bursted.

“Bia Ekene if you don’t leave this compound this minute, I will call people who would carry you and this your keke out of here. Oya!”

“Mama you know say I dey give you befitting respect wet you deserve. I go go o but I go come back later. Tell Amanda make she pick my call make we reason before I loose my temper o. She no go like am if I do. If I do, I go find am go anywhere wet she dey. Bye bye mama.” He said, entered his keke then sped off.

Mama jammed her hands together. “Hia! Wonders shall never end! Look at this idiot o. When I first met this boy with my daughter, I knew he was of no good and use! Thank God that my Amanda is somewhere away from him. Tufiakwa, Chuckwu jukwa nwa nka!”

A neighbour named Mommy Dera came out from her apartment.

“Mama Amanda, is this boy still coming here?” she asked.

“Yes o. there’s no way I haven’t told this boy to stay clear off my door and my daughter. Thank God for where she is now.”

“Next time he comes, make sure you teach him a lesson. Get him arrested.” Mommy Dera said.

“Hia.. Arrest. Arrest that even me will pay. Na all this boys I go call to deal with him.”

Mommy Dera bursted into laughter. “Ah mama Amanda. Is it not just small money that you will just give them to arrest him and let him stay in the cell for awhile”

“Don’t even say that. If is Ekene, Cell is another of his home.” Mama said and both bursted into laughter.

“But anyway, your daughter. How is she? Hope you do hear from her?” Mommy Dera asked after laughing to her fill.

“Yes o. She said she will call me back sef. I’m waiting for her call.” Mama said.

“Biko if she call, give me phone to say hi.”

“Are you not going to work today?”

“No i’m not. Let’s rest today biko. All this work work, na for body o.”

“Abi, na true my sister.”

(Desmond residence)

Desmond walked out of the ensuite and was surprised on what he saw on his bed.

A black suite and trouser lay on the bed. A white Shirt. A black with white stripe tie. His black shoes, all out.

Who could have done this but Amanda.

Desmond was too overwhelmed not to smile widely.
It was such a sweet sight.

Who had ever done this for him except his mom when he was still in secondary school. She’d iron his school uniforms herself and lay it out for him on his bed.

He walked over and picked up the shirt.

“Like she knew I was going to wear this. How did she know?” he asked himself. Smiling, he dropped it and took his phone. Dialed her line and it rang.

Amanda was cleaning the kitchen when her phone rang. This time around she thought it was her mom calling again but when she took it out, she smiled when she saw it was Desmond calling.

“Why is he calling me when we are still in the same house. This is what living in a mansion causes.” she muttered as she picked it up and placed it on her ear.

“Hello si…” she paused. She almost said ‘sir’

“Amanda, I just saw you come into my room without my permission and then you touched my wardeobe without my permission too. What do you want your punishment to be?” he asked.

Amanda inhaled.. She knew he wasn’t upset with the way his voice sounded.

“I’m sorry. I thought you’d be at the office faster if I help with that.” She said.

There was a little silence before he broke it. “You make my heart fluster Amanda. I thought it’d be a crime for a woman to make my heart fluster again but I found out that it only depends on the kind of woman I fall in love with for the second time. I believe it wasn’t a crime for Desmond Okoye to fall in love with Chimamanda Ekeh in only but few days. I do watch such in movies and hardly believes such could happen in the real world. Amanda I believe you were meant for me even before we met. I believe you are the woman I’m supposed to marry. I’m gonna marry you Amanda and no time will be wasted.”

Amanda placed her hand on her mouth.. She felt tears in her mouth and she was afraid to burst into a cry.
Even though it was only but a few words, it was really touching and beautiful to her.

“Hey you can’t say, yes, I will marry you?” Desmond joked after waiting for awhile and no response was coming. Though that wasn’t the response he was expecting.

Amanda was about to say something when he cut in. “..Do you know how to fix a tie, if you do, come upstairs to my room.”

No response. Amanda’s tears were pouring.

“Did you hear me? Did I say something wrong?” Desmond asked, getting frightened. He would run downstairs in the next second.

Amanda shook her head as if he’s seeing her do that. “No..no sir..I mean.. I do. I’ll be there in a minute” she managed to say amidst tears then ended the call.

Desmond stared at his phone screen like he would get the answer of why the change in her voice from there.

“Was she crying?” he asked himself.

•^•• He had put on the trouser, shirt, and was on the his shoes when a knock came on the door.

“Come in Amanda.” he said.

The door opened and she gently walked in. Her face had been thoroughly wiped but her eyes were still a bit red.

“That was a lot of time. I might end of being late at work while waiting for you.” he joked.

“I’m sorry..” she said.

“I didn’t say that for you to tell me sorry.” he said.

He stood up. “Here, help me please” he said stretching the tie to her. She collected it and stepped closer to him. But it was still a bit far. Desmond’s hand went behind her and he pulled her almost into him..

Amanda looked at him and he smiled.
She put the tie around his neck and began to fix it. Desmond’s eyes were on her eyes, nose, lips, hair as he admired her beautiful face.

Amanda finished up in a minute.
“Done,” she said and tried to step back but Desmond grabbed her from behind and pulled her into him.
Then joined his other hand too.

“Thank you Amanda.” he said.

Amanda couldn’t breath.

“I love you so much Amanda. Thank you for coming into my life.” he said then released the hug and kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go have breakfast.” he said.

Amanda carried his briefcase and they went downstairs holding hands.

They had breakfast of tea and buttered bread together.
Then Amanda gave him his briefcase at the door and he kissed her on the lips.

“I will be back soon.” he said and left.

Amanda watched him from the window, as he entered his car and drove out.
I.K locked the gate and began coming towards the house.

“I.K and his trouble.” Amanda said then exhaled. “I miss Deya.”



“Deya, after I meet with your dad today. I’m leaving with you tomorrow. I know you can’t wait to see granny and granpa. They miss you. Your new dad is waiting anxiously to see you too. Get prepared and be happy my baby.” Vanessa said to Odeya who was eating.

Suddenly Odeya threw the plate of food away. “I don’t need a new dad. Take me back to my dad. I don’t wanna go with you again. I’ve made a lot of friends here and they are all nice to me. I don’t wanna go away from Jeremy, from my dad and from my nanny. I can’t go with you to a new daddy. Take me back to my dad now mom.”

Vanessa bursted into an annoying laughter.

“Look at my little child talking. You are so bold to talk to me this way honey. You can’t talk this way to me. I can’t take you back to your dad dear. I am your mom who you should be with. I had you in my tummy, I gave birth to you and it was a hell of a pain there in the labour room. You are to grow up under my care, you get that?” Vanessa said and grabbed the landline.

“Get here, Deya made some mess.”

Odeya bursted into a loud cry.

“I can never leave with you again mom!”

“Then you can’t leave with your dad too!” Vanessa said.

“I will! Dad is a million times better than you!” Odeya said.

“shut your little mouth!” Vanessa said and snatched the glass of wine which she held.

Odeya looked at where the glass was shattered then stood up and began going there.

“What are you doing, where are you going Odeya? Don’t go there, you will get hurt.” Vanessa said but Odeya was there already and without hesitating, she matched on the sharp glasses and screamed out.

(Hours later, at Queencare Hospital????????)

Desmond and Vanessa both stared at their selves for what seem like ages then Desmond broke the silence.

“Where’s my daughter?”

“She is my daughter.” Vanessa said.

“Where is my Odeya?” Desmond asked.

“She’s my Odeya. I gave her that name.” Vanessa threw back.

“Why here instead of where my daughter is supposed to be??” Desmond asked.

“My daughter got hurt, that’s the a reason for her being here.” Vanessa said.

“What right do you have to call her your daughter?” Desmond asked.

“Cos she is my daughter and I am her mother.” Vanessa said.

“You barely gave birth to her when I caught you with another man who you were giving your whole self to like a sex machine.” Desmond said.

“So fucking what? I’m married now but you ain’t. I’m fucking better than you.” she said.

“Leave Nigeria and never step a foot in this country again. You said this country doesn’t suit you, it should never. Go live with your husband and get another daughter if you want..” he said.

Vanessa chuckled.

“Let’s talk somewhere else.” Vanessa said.

“I’m taking my daughter.” Desmond said.

“Yeah you can. She doesn’t want me anymore anyway. I believe I was the worse wife and mother on earth.” Vanessa said.

“I never thought you’d accept so soon. I hope you go back and make your husband more happy.” Desmond said.

“He’s a cheat. He cheats on me every single day.” Vanessa said.

Desmond stared at her for awhile then exhaled.

“You can’t have odeya back. So don’t even have the thought about me Vanessa. I have someone I so much love and she mean the world to me.” Desmond said.


????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????


Amanda arrived at the hospital an hour later with Peter.

When they arrived, Desmond and Vanessa were talking in the VIP care room that Odeya is.

Amanda instantly knew she is Vanessa and was surprised to see her weeping.

A nurse who directed them left immediately and the door was closed.

‘She’s so beautiful.’ Amanda admitted.

Vanessa on seeing Amanda and Peter, made use of her handkerchief. She wiped her tears and looked away towards Odeya.

Desmond on seeing Amanda stood up and walked to her. Right there, he took her hand.

“She’ll be fine.” he said to her.
Amanda looked into his eyes before nodding and turning to Vanessa who wasn’t looking at them.

Peter widened his eyes at the suspicious move between Amanda and Desmond.

Desmond didn’t let go of Amanda’s hand as she walked to Odeya’s bed were she lay, sleeping while on drip. Her two feet’s bandaged.

She sat down at the bed edge and that was when Desmond let go of her hand.
Amanda caressed Odeya’s fair smooth face then sighed sadly.

“How could you do this Deya. You shouldn’t have, I’m so sorry that you are hurt. It’s all my fault that I failed as your nanny,” Amanda said.

“You didn’t. Don’t say that my love,” Desmond said and placed his hand on her shoulder leaving both Peter and Vanessa dumbfounded.
‘Did he just say ‘My love?’

‘I was right about the move!’ Peter said within. Looking at them in awe.
Vanessa finally looked up at Amanda and she couldn’t just hold her tears. she stood up.

“I need to use the restroom.” she said and walked out of the room to avoid bursting into tears again in front of Amanda and Peter.

There was a long moment of silence except for the silence whimpers of Amanda. Sad and in tears to see Odeya hurt that much.

Desmond placed his hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down as she took Deya’s hand and held in hers.

“She must be in a lot of pain.” Amanda said then raised Deya’s hand and kissed it. “I missed you Deya”

Just then, deya’s eyelids Began opening slowly.

“She’s wake.” Amanda said and called her.

Deya opened her eyes and smiled at Amanda.

“Deya are you alright?” Amanda asked.

“My feets hurt,” she said in an inaudible voice.

“My baby,” Desmond called taking her hand.

“Dad.. Nanny” deya called. “I miss you both.” she said then closed her eyes again.

Desmond felt tears in his eyes.
(Fast forward???? Three days later)

Odeya had just been brought home from the hospital but being carried on a wheelchair.

Amanda had slept in the hospital for three days, taking care of Odeya.

Vanessa left the country the next day after dropping a goodbye message to Desmond.
It was short.

????I will miss you forever Desmond, take care of Odeya. Train her not to ever be like me.
I hope she forgive me for being a bad mother to her.
I can see you have found a mother for her already. She is beautiful and I’m glad Odeya loves her. I wish you a happy life with your family. Goodbye Desmond. If we meet again, let’s not forget to say ‘hi’ ????

She couldn’t show up again to Odeya. She left right from when she stormed out of the room. She didn’t return..


“Welcome back home honey” Desmond said as they wheeled Deya into the house.

The sitting-room was filled with a lot of decorations and pictures of Odeya.

Amanda showed up with a pink teddy bear.

“Ta da!” she said and handed it to Deya.

“Aw I like it. Thank you nanny” Deya said.

Desmond raised a book to her face. “Get well soon and we would go on a holiday to Dubai” he said.

Amanda smiled.

“Oh my dad. Of course I will.” She said.

“Another surprise.” Jimi said emerging from the kitchen to the sitting room with Jeremy on a wheelchair.

At the hospital Jimi visited with flowers and chocolate from Jeremy.
But she wasn’t expecting to see him in their house. What a surprise.

“Jeremy, I’m happy to see you” Odeya said.
“I’m happy to see you too” Jeremy said.

Mrs Monica, Jeremy’s mom and Amanda’s mom all emerged from the kitchen with trays of meal in their hands.

Odeya was so surprised. “I was wondering why grandma didn’t come to pick me up. Dad who is she?” Deya asked, referring to Amanda’s mom.

Desmond looked at Amanda who smiled at deya.
“My mom,” Amanda answered.

“Your mom?” Deya asked, wondering why her nanny’s mom is there with them.

“Give me a minute everyone.” Desmond said and turned to Amanda.

Everywhere went silence. Even peter and I.k had come in.

Desmond looked into Amanda’s eyes and Amanda wondered what he’s about to say.

‘Do he want to introduce me as his girlfriend?” she wondered.

“She’s one of a kind..”he began.. Everywhere was silence just like a graveyard.

“She’s the kind of woman every man could dream to have”

Amanda was loosing her breath.
She could barely stand.

He took her hand.. “I want to get married to you Amanda.. You can’t say no to me but I wanna know who wouldn’t want me to among them.” he said then turned to them.

“I’m about proposing to her right now, any one against it?” he asked them.

“Go on my son! You picked the right woman.” Lady Monica said with a wide smile.

Desmond looked at Amanda’s mom who was filled with a smiling face. He looked at the rest who had same smile then lastly he looked at Odeya who wasn’t smiling.

“Except you?” he asked her.

“You should have told me before now dad.” she said.

“I’m sorry baby.” Desmond said.

“Anyway! I knew she love you but never thought you could love her back.” Deya said.

“I’m sorry it happened baby.” Desmond said.

Deya looked at Amanda who was lost in thought.

“Can I ever stop calling you my nanny? That’d be hard to. Anyway, I will try.” she said then turned to her dad. “Dad, what are you still waiting for?”

Desmond smiled and turned to Amanda who was already in tears.
He took out a ring box in his pocket, opened it to reveal a golden ring glittering beautifully in the box.

“My world would be complete with you Amanda. You are everything I need in a woman. You are the rare gem, beautiful and unique. Don’t say no to me please. Let’s get married and be together, forever. I promise to be the best man and husband, father and companion that you want.. Please marry me Chimamanda Ekeh.” he said.

Amanda couldn’t even see the ring clearly cos her eyed were covered in tears.

Jimi and Lady Monica had already took out their phone and were already videoing.

But they were beyond shock when Amanda shook her head. “I’m sorry but can’t say yes to you now. Let’s not rush things. It’s only two weeks. I Can’t become your fianceé this fast. Let’s take time. I’ll be your girlfriend and a very good friend and nanny to Odeya. In few months time, ask me to be your wife and I will.”

Lady Monica brought down her phone with a disappointed look on her face but jimi was still videoing.

Amanda’s mom had a face that says -you-are-right-my-daughter.

Desmond breathed out and looked at the ring, closed back the box and looked into Amanda’s eyes.

“I’m sorry for rushing this up. I didn’t have a second thought about it.” he said.

“You don’t have to be. It was beautiful.” Amanda said then without minding the audience, she went on her toes and kissed Desmond.

Jeremy’s mom was the first to clap then the rest joined, from Amanda’s mom to Jeremy, to Odeya, to Jimi and lastly to Lady Monica who wasn’t that happy.

She could have just said ‘yes’
‘Anyway, they will have to marry before the end of this year.’ she concluded within.


The feast ended and everyone left.

Amanda had put Deya to sleep by telling her a lot of folktales and singing lullaby’s.

As she left Deya’s room and was going to hers, a hand grabbed her and back hugged her.

That was Desmond.

“I love your voice while you sang for Deya” he said and kissed her cheek.

“Deya might wake up.” Amanda said shyly.

“She can if she want. What bad thought do you have in your mind?” he asked her.

Amanda covered her face. “None.. I need to get to the kitchen.” she said.

“But you were going to your room.” he said.

“To take my phone.” she lied.

He smiled and let go off her.

Then turned her around to face him.

“Sweetheart” He called her.

Amanda smiled and looked away.

“You didnt look shy when you kissed me today.” he said.

“Stop joking.” she said and ran away, downstairs. Desmond followed her.

Amanda was doing the dishes in the kitchen with smiles on her face when Desmond came in and joined in.

She was happy to see him in the kitchen.

“You don’t have to.” she said.

Desmond smiled and pushed her away slightly..

“I will take care of this tonight.” he said.

“I can’t let you do that” she said and tried pushing him but couldn’t.

“Someone is stronger.” Desmond bursted.

Amanda gave up and changed to rinsing and keeping the dishes.

“Thanks for being mine,” he said.

She intentionally flung her hand and the wetness on her hand splashed on his face.

“I’m very sorry” She said and made to wipe it but he grabbed her hand and his other hand went to her waist and both stared at each others before his lips brushed on hers.

Their kiss was distracted by a spoon which fell off the counter and hit on Amanda’s leg.

“Are you okay?” Desmond asked squatting immediately and touching her feet.

“Its okay, I’m fine.” Amanda said.

Desmond picked up the spoon and dropped it back in the sink.

Both turned back to washing and rinsing the dishes.

“Can I ask you about something?” Desmond asked.

“What’s that?

“Your dad” he said.

“Died when I was fifteen from an illness. I’m the only child. I had a sister but she died too when I was eight.” Amanda said.

“I’m sorry all this happened.” Desmond said.

“You don’t have to. I’ve gotten over it now.” she said then looked at him. “And you? What about your dad?”

“Late too. Died when I was twenty two.. I’m the only child too. Wish I did.” he said.

“I’m sorry” Amanda said.

“Its okay sweetie. What’s your favorite song?” he asked.

“Uhmm ‘Ellie Goulding -love me like you do ” She said.

“Uhm never heard the song before” he said.

Amanda chuckled. “I’m sure I’ve heard yours.”

Desmond smiled. “Here’s mine.”. he said then wiped his hands and back hugged her.

“All of me…loves all of you .
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections”????

He hugged her tighter but didn’t continue.
Amanda smiled, wiped her own hands and placed them on his.

“If you had said yes to me, I could marry you tomorrow.” he said.

Amanda smiled.


Heart Doctor. Season 2 Episode 13 and 14

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