August 4, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 10

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
Chapter ????
????????New York City????????
????Diego;Hello Dave,can you come to my hood now,I’ve got something to show you.
Davis;Is it concerning Eva’s disappearance? Diego;Yes,be as fast as you can.
Davis;Okay,I’m on my way.????
“What has Diego has to tell me now?” He asked himself as he went to the bathroom to freshen up,
“Dave,mom requires your presence in her room.” Laurel said from the room,Davis who came out awhile later didn’t reply her, he just went to his closet to put on some clothes,
“Dave,where are you going to so early?” She asked him,Davis sighed took his clothes to put them on,he was still putting on his clothes when his sixteen months old daughter Zia walked to him and pulled his trouser. He picked her up and kissed her,
“Daddy needs to be out for awhile,ill be back before you know it.” Even with the fact that she doesn’t understand much of what he said,she smiled generously at him,revealing her dimpled chin,he placed her in her walker,took his phone and wallet and left treating Laurel like she never existed.Laurel cried to Davina’s room,
“Mom,mom.” She ran and lay on the woman’s feet,
“Laurel dear,what happened?” Davina asked her crying daughter in-law,
“Its Davis,what did I ever do to…….” She trailed off in her cries while Davina consoled her,
“The only reason Davis is acting this way is because of Eva.” The mention of Eva’s name made Laurel wiped her teary eyes,
“Mom,who’s this Eva? I’ve heard Davis talking about her to someone but he doesn’t say anything to me,who’s she?” Laurel asked,Davina adjusted her seat before speaking up,
“Eva is Joseph’s whore of a wife but it turned out your husband Davis has a thing for her,now Eva’s missing with my four year old grandson Tyler,so your husband is trying his best to find her,”Laurel was shocked,how can something like that be happening and no one cared to inform her.Davina looking at Laurel’s shocked face smiled,
“Not that she went missing but she ran away from Josephs house a few days before your arrival,since she wasn’t much of a good wife to Joseph,he cared less about her,just want his son back.” Whoever this Eva was,Laurel hates her guts and was bound to murder her if she ever lay hands on her,
“So mom,what can I do to make sure she doesn’t come back to Davis’s life and I earn Davis’s love?” She asked Davina,
“Leave that to me but make sure you find out what Davis is up to and report to me every details you get,okay.” Laurel nodded,now nothing’s gonna stop her from having her husband back.

“Hey man,” Diego shook hands with Davis as he step into Diego’s Hood(actually, its Diego’s mansion), he was greeted by some armed men,
“So what do you have?” His tone was more businesslike now,Diego smiled,
“I’ve got a lead,Miguel got me the footage,said he got it from a whore your brother brought home two nights ago,” Diego brought out a picture and handed it to Davis,
“Here’s a picture of the car and this is the number,” he pointed to the visible and clear number written at the number slab,
“Have you run any check on the car registration?” Davis asked sitting down and Diego with him also,
“Yes and surprisingly, this car isn’t registered in neither Eva nor Joseph’s name,” Davis looked at him surprised,
“How? The car belong to one of them.” He protested,
“No it doesn’t,rather it belong to someone, someone Eva might have contacted and told him of her plans to escape and that someone gave her his car to make it easier for her,” Davis was dumbstruck,
Who’s that person?
“Do you know who that person is?” He managed to ask Diego who called on of his men,
“Ousel,get me the package.” The man ran out and Davis who was still confused didn’t say anything till he was finally out of sight,
“What’s happening?” He asked Diego who signalled him to keep calm,two men walked inside holding another person,his head was covered in a black cloth,so Davis didn’t see his face, they pushed their captive to the floor and Diego stood up,
“Diego,who’s this man and how’s he related to this case?” Davis asked,something within him was scaring him telling him that Diego has gone too far,
“Chill ma ,chill.” Diego smiled and went to the blindfolded man,he took off the clothes on his face,Davis seeing the face of the man gasped,
“Chad?” It sounded more of an exclamation than a question, Diego looked at him,
“That car was registered in his name,Chad Bodwick.” Davis was confused,the Chad he know never liked Eva for once,
“I didn’t do anything,I’m innocent.” Chad cried with blood and saliva drooling from his lower lip,
“I didn’t kill anyone.” He cried,his voice was croaky and dry,like he was dead thirsty,
“If you didn’t then how come she left with your car?” Diego asked while a confused Davis could mutter any word,
“I’ve told you severally that that car isn’t mine,I never bought any BMW 105,it isn’t mine.” He cried,Diego pulled a paper from his pocket and showed it to him,
“Lies!Lies!!” He yelled in rage,
“Tell me where Eva is or else,I’ll kill you and I’ll make sure its a painful one.” He threaten slapping Chad across the face, the poor man spitted out blood,
“Dave, Dave tell him,I’m not the owner of that car, I didn’t take Eva.” He cried,Diego was about giving him another punch when Davis held him,
“Diego wait,” He held his hand on the air and slowly brought it down,
“Maybe he’s right,maybe someone else’s bought the car in his name and gave it to Eva,” Davis said,Diego pulled away,
“You believe this asshole?” He asked Davis quite angry,
“No far from that,I know Chad is an asshole and I hate him not for what he did to us but for some grudge I hold against him for Eva but I think there might be an atom of truth in what he’s saying,maybe someone did it to cover his trail and make all traces come to Chad,” he pointed to Chad who was groaning in pain,
“So Chad,you said you never owned a BMW 105 before?” Davis knelt beside him,he nodded in pain,
“I swear,I never owned none before.” He said,Davis pulled him up and looked at Diego,
“We’ll still hold him captive in case what he’s saying are all lies.” Diego nodded and turned to the men who brought him in,
“Take him back to the room and make sure the door are well secured and there should be no possible means for escape for him,understood?” They nodded and dragged Chad out of the living room while some other men came and cleaned the mess Chad created.
“Do you think someone was helping Eva from outside?” Diego asked Davis who was lost in thoughts,
“I don’t even know what I’m thinking now,” he said tiredly,
“Any clues on what your folks are up to?” Diego asked,Davis shook his head,
“Nothing,only that I’ve got a clue who the assassin is but got nothing on why they want her dead,you should have a photo of him,if there’s any chance you meet him,” he brought out his phone and showed the photo of the man who was standing with Joseph,the man look so tough and one could tell he was a good assassin,
“Okay,” he patted Davis shoulder,
“Nothings gonna happen to her or the boy.” Davis nodded wishing he had such will.

???? Flint Hills????
Rachel was worried sick on what Eva told her, she felt pity for her for going through such agony all in the name of marriage,
“Honey,what’s the problem,you seem distraughted lately?” John asked his wife who was looking worried,
“Its nothing,just tired from today’s work that’s all,a nice shower and good rest would do.” She lied,
“Its not about being tired hun,you’re worried about something,care to share?” He asked pulling her close to him and stroking her hair,
“Its really nothing,I promise.” She lied,shed promised Eva she won’t yell anyone and that includes her husband.”She stood on her feet and kissed him on his nose,
“I’m just tired,when I have my hot water bath I promise to be fine,okay.” She whispered,not wanting to let her go,she tickled his arm and ran to their room with her laughter echoing the whole house,
Thank God the kids are fast asleep,he followed her.
“Simon,have you gotten any information on Eva and her son?” Lucas asked Simon who as usual as come to give him his blood package,
“Not yet.” He muttered,Lucas became angry,he flung towards Simon and held his neck tight enough to strangle him,
“What are you still waiting for?” He asked with fury,poor Simon was trying hard to breath and free himself from Lucas rage,
“You are waiting for me to murder you and that’s when you’ll get me what I need right!” He asked,Simon shook his head in fear,his face was as red as tomato sauce,Lucas left him and he fell down choking and coughing all the way,
“I give you forty eight hours to get me information about her and her son and her husband too,that’s if she has one or else,ull make sure I drain your blood and feed your dead body to Kraken.” Fear rose in Simon and he left immediately Lucas asked him to,
“This man’s a real maniac,how can I get information about her under forty eight hours,” he complained as he left the chambers.
“I’ve now only one person to help me now,I’ll have to go to him for help.” He got on his mountain bike and drove away.

????????New York City????????
????Joseph’s Mansion????
“Sir someone’s looking for you.” Miguel said to Joseph who was taking the evening breeze from his balcony,
“Who’s that?” He asked sipping brandy and smoking also,
“Its Sir Davis wife,she came with her daughter and another maid,” he replied,
“Allow them in and send them up here.” Miguel left immediately, came back awhile later with Laurel who was carrying Zia and another maid,
“Laurel, how are you.” He stood up to welcome her,took Zia from her and kissed the little girl who was so not happy.They sat down,
“What brings you here?” He asked,she frowned pouting her mouth,
“I don’t mean that,it just that you haven’t visited me here before so….” She smiled at him,
“I just came to check on you,besides mom told me about Eva,so I came yo see what I can help you do.” She said,
“Thanks for your concern Laurel,I’m so grateful.” His eyes was stripping Laurel gown and her exposed thigh,when she looked at him,he removed his gaze from her and looked at the maid and little Zia,its obvious they were cold from the night breeze and for God sake,its freezing snowing out there,
“Laurel,let’s go inside,Zia’s cold already.” He looked at the little girl,Laurel wasn’t even concerned about the little girl,she came here for something else and she was going to achieve that.Joseph carried the child and Laurel and the maid followed him,he gave Zia to the maid and took them to his room,
“Go to the kitchen and prepare something for us to eat.” He said to the maid,the girl kept Zia on the bed and left them,he called her back,
“Take is with you,keep her in the next room, there’s a play pen there.” The maid nodded and took the baby with her leaving Laurel and Joseph alone in the room.
“Joseph,how do you manage with Eva’s absence?” She asked,he sat on the bed and smiled,his bulging pant was an evidence that he was horny,Laurel smiled to herself,
This was what I wanted,she moved to him and caress his bulge making him all harder and stronger,
“You love it right?” She asked him,he was groaning and nodding,she pulled down his shorts exposing his hard dick,
“I know you’ve been raping me with those eyes of yours and now I’m gonna give it to you freely.” She caress his dick with great intensity then crashed her mouth to his.Taking off his shirt,she toyed with his dick in her hands,
“You really want to slide in me?” She asked him,he nodded like a child who was just won his favorite toy,she took of her gown and allowed him take of her bra and panties leaving both stark naked on the bed,she kissed him town to his chest, to his navel them she took his dick into her mouth and filled him with warmth from it.
“Oh Laurel….” He couldn’t finish his statement cause of the warmth of her mouth against his dick,he thrust his dick into her mouth while she sucked it with raw intensity and he was pleased, this was something Eva couldn’t do for him.
After sucking him,she pushed him on the bed and got on him,trailing her hand to his hard dick,
“Now,I’m gonna be in charge here.” She slid his dick into herself and brought it out,slid it again and brought it out,
“Are you teasing me?” Joseph asked with excitement,
“No,I’m getting you warmed up.” She slid him into her the last time but didn’t bring him out rather she rode of him,jamming her pelvic to is and she fucked him,he thrust up and she went down,making him plunge deeper into her,
“You’re better than I thought.” She commented, he smiled bit didn’t stop.Later on,he went on her and she stayed under as they rode each other,after a great amount of sex and changing of position they both came,she left him on the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up,
“That was a great one,you seem to young to know all that.” He said when she came out,smiling at herself, she sat on the bed,
“Your brother never gives me chance to show my sex prowess to him,so you should be getting it.” Her last word got him tingling,
Hell be getting more of this,he smiled at the thought of having countless sex with her in the future,
“Does anyone knows about this?” He asked her,her smiled doesn’t seem to waver,
“Nope.” She said stressing the p with a pouted lips,
“And they would find out,if you want more of me.” She teased him by running her hands on his dick area,that got him hard again,
“Let’s go for one more please.” He pleaded,she slapped him hands off her,
“I have a child to watch over.” She stood up but he pulled her back,the maid is there with her,he pulled her to the bed with him and they had a quickie,she adjusted her clothes and left the room to get her daughter.


In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 11
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 9

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