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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 11

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
Chapter 11
????????Still at New York????????
When Davis came back from Diego’s, Laurel wasn’t at home, he was surprised cause its already late and Zia isn’t suppose to be out so late,so he went to his mom,
“Mom,did you by any chance know where Laurel had gone to?” He asked his mom at dinner,she looked at him and half smiled,
“She had gone to Joseph’s, she’ll be back any moment from now.” Davina said and pushed her focus to the three peas left on her plate,
“When did they leave?” He asked her,he wasn’t a bit concerned about Laurel but he was only concerned about his daughter, she’s too young to be out this late and considering the fact that’s winter and every where’s freezing cold,
“They left early this evening and with a maid too.” Davina replied,Davis doesn’t get what the last sentence was all about but he stood up,Laurel can stay there if she want but he’s going to get Zia home,he took his phone and his car key and left for Joseph’s house,
“Acting like he cares when he doesn’t.” Davina said as Davis left,she stood up immediately and went to her room,calling a maid to come clear up the table.
????At Joseph’s????
Davis wasn’t sure about anyone being at home when he got there,the place was deadly quiet apart from a barking dog from the next street,he parked his car opposite Joseph’s house and went inside,
“Laurel!” He called from the living room,she came running out from the guest room upstairs wearing her night robe,
“Where’s Zia?” Davis asked as he walked past her,
“You could have at least ask how we are,well she’s asleep.” Laurel said with an indignant smile,Davis cussed,
How he hate the sight of her.
“Do you know it late already and Zia don’t stay out late,” He saw a maid come out from the kitchen,
“Good evening sir.” She greeted with a bow as she walked past them,
“Well Dave, we aren’t out,were at your brother’s place and I was planning on sleeping over too.” She said still not losing her smile,Davis was surprised,
“What? Why?” He blurted,Laurel must be up to something,
“Yes,we were all planning on sleeping over,see I’m all ready to sleep.” She showed the robe she was wearing and for the first time that night Davis noticed something,she was wearing Eva’s robe and not only Eva’s but the robe he actually got for her.
“Who gave you that?” He asked almost freaking at the sight of it,Laurel looked at the robe and then to Davis,
“Do you like it?” She asked him,he didn’t answer,
“Your brother gave it to me,said it’s Eva and I can use it for tonight since I came with none.” She swirled with the robe making it fly like an umbrella being swirled in the rain and she sat on a seat still smiling at him,trying to win him over with her charm,Davis sighed,
“Okay,you can sleep over if you want to but Zia’s going home with me,” He brushed past her and went upstairs to the guest room,came out carrying sleeping Zia and her baby bag,
“Davis you can’t take her home.” Laurel stood up now not smiling,
“Why? She’s my daughter and she won’t sleep outside my house.” He made to leave but she held him back,
“What’s wrong with you Laurel? You asked for a sleep over and I’m not stopping you but my daughter isn’t sleeping over too.” He removed her hand from his pants,
“If you really want to take her home with you then fine,” she pulled away from him,
“I was just concern of you can handle her alone,that’s all.” She sat back on the couch and crossed her doe like legs,
“Yes I can and would handle her pretty well.” He said looking at her in a disdainful way,how he hate the sight of her.He took Zia to the his car and placed her in the baby seater in his car,got in and drove back home.
????Flint Hill????
“Wakey wakey.” Eva opened her eyelids that seemed heavy,a voice woke her up and if she isn’t mistaken,its Adrian’s voice,
“Good morning and here’s your breakfast.” He handed a tray to her,she couldn’t guess the content of the tray cause it was covered with a white clothe but was sure that’s so tasty and delicious cause of the aroma,
“Thanks a lot Adrian.” She said with her mouth watered with saliva,
“Where’s Ty?” She asked when she noticed that her son hadn’t come to see her this morning,
“He went off with Derry and her sister not quite awhile ago,they went playing in the snow.” He turned to leave but she called him back,
“Adrian,” he turned,she couldn’t get her eyes off his damnable nice body structure, she blinked twice,those nice masculine features, far from Joseph’s or even Davies,this man was as handsome as hell,those lips,his eyes and those nose he loves twitching to show disapproval to something,his masculinity was visible enough under the Izod sweater he was putting on,she couldn’t help but drool,
“You called me?” Adrian voice snapped her from her freaking lusting mind,
‘Uhm…yes I did,”she cleared her throat,
“Thank you,thank you for everything.” She mouthed,he came closer to her and her heart leaped,he came so close their lips almost met and whispered,
“It’s no big deal.” Eva lost control,lost very sense of judgement and lost the will to refuse him and also the rule never to fall for any man after what went on between her and the Kingston’s brothers.He crashed his lips to hers and took her in a kiss,at first it was a gentle kiss that got their lips enterwined with each other,he lit her with his kiss,taking every corner of her inviting lips to his,then his hands travelled all over her body,caressing it and fondling her,making her want him more.He was kissing her slowly,making sure the taste of her doesn’t leave him,he know he was bound to lose her cause they are two different world that can never coexist without some sort of trouble,he was a vampire and she was a human,a full blown human,she doesn’t even like vampires cause she see them as killers, blood sucking demons like he had heard her call them. Now he’s wanting her,he knows that its very dangerous and deadly,like he’s asking for war but he can’t stop it,he can’t stop wanting her,stop lusting over her,this thing he has for her is something he hasn’t felt for years,something he never knew he could feel and now he’s feeling it for a human,a human he has was meant to protect from his brother Lucas,
Oh Lucas,he was right after all,he has fallen in love with her,he has fallen in love with a human,a woman that has unknowingly made him control his urge for human blood,a woman whose life seems out of league for him,Adrian Blake in love with Eva Kennedy, a woman he know almost nothing about her or her four year old son he had come to love as the son he would never have.Eva was losing it but trying not to get lost,he kisses trailed to her neck and his hand under her robe,something flashed her vision, she snapped outta the kiss as fast as lighting,
“Adrian stop.” She pushed him off herself and ran to the bathroom leaving him confused and perturbed,
“Eva is anything the matter?” He asked from her room,she broke down into tears in the bathroom,
Why do you think you’ll ever me normal Eva,why?
Running away and leaving your old life doesn’t it erase from your memory cause its still there,the pain,the dejection and the sorrow,they don’t seem to leave,they’re like scars that stays with you for your whole life, reminding you who you are and what you’ve been through.
“Eva! Eva!! Are you alright?” Adrian asked,he’s worried sick about her but she didn’t say anything,he felt like shit,like he had opened an old wound of hers,he doesn’t know whether he had gone too far or what…He went outside to get Tyler,she always listen to her son,he got the boy playing with the other kids,
“Ty.” He walked towards the boy as calmly as he could,
“Yes Uncle Adrian.” The boy left his friends and walked toward Adrian,
“Can you do me a favor?” Adrian asked looking at the boy’s face,he nodded and Adrian took him inside,
“Mommy.” Tyler called from Eva’s room,she didn’t answer,Adrian’s heart tightened,
What if she has hurt herself? He pushed the thought from his mind,
“Mommy!” Tyler called again,no reply,
“Mommy! Mommy!” Tyler called again,knocking hard on the door,no respond,Adrian was scared,he rushed past Tyler and started banging the door,but Eva was not responding, so he decided to break it down.He broke down the door only to see Eva lying lifeless on the bathroom floor with a bleeding forehead,he was shocked,
“Eva!” He rushed to her,
“Eva what happened to you?” He asked as he shook her vigorously,she was bleeding so badly that he tore his shirt and wrapped it over her wounded head,
“What happened to mommy? Why’s she not talking and there’s blood.” Tyler was crying too,the little boy who had less knowledge for blood and unconsciousness thought she was dead,
“Tyler stop crying,your mommy would be fine,I’m taking her to the hospital.” Adrian said but deep down he was scared,scared of losing her.
Hospital? How can they get to the hospital fast enough,he can’t afford to waste much time and there’s no car……..except Eva’s car but he wasn’t going to use it cause he doesn’t know where she has kept the keys,he looked around but nothing,
“Tyler do you know where mommy keeps her car key?” He asked the boy,who shook his head,
“She had closed it.” Tyler said referring to the car, which Eva had covered with a car cover,so they won’t be tracked with its GPS location.Adrian carried her to the living room, then kept her on the couch to bundle Tyler up,
“Ty,you’ll have to go to Derry’s house while I take your mommy to the hospital.” The boy nodded,after dressing him up,Adrian took him outside and made him run to Rachel’s house while he took Eva and dashed from the backdoor and into the woods,he’ll have to get Eva to the hospital one way or the other and now he’s gonna be using Lucas’s mountain bike or better Simon’s.

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