June 14, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 36

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 36


His brother who had being watching the brief conversation between the doctor and I came to sit by my side.

“Why can’t you confess that you do not love my brother ?” He asked.

I looked to him softly and said; “I do not know.”

He looked away then brought his face to mine again. “Do you love him?”

“Love! I do not think so. He’s just my boss,it will be disrespecting having feelings for him”

“Good” He said and looked forward.

Why is he so interested in ‘me not loving his brother’?

“Rachael , have you ever being told that you are really beautiful?”

“No! All my life ,I had always being told that I’m ugly. Even the boss refer to me as an ugly thing most of the time”

He grinned and leaned close to me. “You are beautiful.”

I looked at myself after he said those words and smirked. “Thanks sir.”

“Look at me ,do I look handsome?”

“I’ve never seen a rich man that is not handsome. Money always have a major role to play in the handsomeness of men” I said and I could see him blushed.

“Actually ,even without money , I’m handsome still” He said and I nodded.

We were both quiet for a while after which he spoke up.

“Between my brother and I , whom do you think is more beautiful?” He asked.

“The both of you are handsome ” I answered but the look on his face says that he isn’t satisfied with the answer.

He seems to want a specific answer.

“Let’s play a game ?”


“Good. It’s truth or dare ,are you in?”

“It’s my favorite game ” I answered.

“Good. Would you ask first or I start?”

“Start sir.” I said.

“Good. Truth or Dare ?”

“Truth” I answered.

“Good. If you were to marry someone between my brother and I ,whom would you marry?”

Marry! Not even date?

Well since it’s a game , he shouldn’t take whatever I say serious.

“I will date the boss ” I answered and I could see his face dropped into sadness.

He looked away but I quickly spoke up. “Truth or dare?”

“I think I suddenly lost the mood to continue playing this game with you , don’t mind me. Maybe next time” He said and I nodded.

He felt so sad and so uncomfortable.

But why? He doesn’t want me to love his brother , not like I love the boss though. But why is he so interested in whom I really love between the both of them?

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