August 2, 2021

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One Night Stand. Episode 50 and 51

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One Night Stand. Episode 52
O.N.S. Episode 48 and 49

One night stand, Episode 50
Pattie:If anything happens to my son,i will never forgive you.. Joan: okay, that’s enough,my daughter is so distabilized right now,so i think we should just wait for the doctor’s report.. Patrick: Yeah, let’s wait..3 hours later,the doctor arrives.. Tamara:Doc, how’s my brother? Doctor:he’s out of danger, luckily, the bullet didn’t touch his heart area.. Jenny:So he’s fine? Doctor:Are you Jenny?.. Jenny:Yes.. Doctor:he kept calling your name through out the surgery,he’s fine now.. Tamara:Can we see him? Doctor: Yes,but he’s asleep.. they went to see Justin asleep.The next day,he woke up.. Pattie: You had us scared.. Justin:Am sorry,we sneaked out . Pattie:Did Jenny force you to? Justin:No, everything was entirely my fault.. Pattie: Okay,i will go get you food.. Pattie leaves.. Tamara:You scared the life out of want to see her? Justin:so bad.. Tamara:She cried her eyes out yesterday,she loves you.. Justin:i love her more..a door knock is heard and the door opens revealing Jenny.. Tamara:i will leave you two alone.. Tamara leaves.. Justin:Babe? Jenny: Justin? Justin: come here.. Jenny runs toward him and hugs him tight,she starts to cry hard.. Justin: Don’t cry, you know i hate it when you cry.. Jenny:i thought i had lost you,when i saw you bleeding so much,my heart split into two, Justin, don’t you dare leave me.. Justin:I won’t,i love you soo much.. Tamara arrives with the food so Jenny fed Justin.. Justin: this food is sweet but not sweeter than what my girlfriend with a fine ass will give me when i get discharged.. Jenny:Shut,you man-whore.A week later, Jenny’s house.. Wendy: since when did you notice? Jenny:When Justin got shot,she has been acting cold.. Wendy:You think she blames you for everything.. Jenny:Maybe,i mean her son almost got killed.. Wendy:but she should know Justin won’t let you go.. Jenny:I know just confused.. Wendy: Jenny, do you wanna break up with Justin?

One night stand, Episode 51.. Jenny:Am not leaving Justin for anything in the world,we love each other so much.. Wendy: That’s the spirit, you two would have to fight for your love.. Meanwhile,at Justin’s house, Justin was playing video games when Pattie arrives.. Justin:Hey,mom.. Pattie: Hunnie,can we talk for like a minute or two? Justin:Sure.. Justin pauses the game.. Pattie: I know you and Jenny love each other so much.. Justin:Yes,we do.. Pattie:And i support that but Justin, Stephen wants Jenny too and he will stop at nothing to get her and i don’t know want you to get hurt,so i was thinking.. Justin:I let Jenny go?.. Pattie:Yes,break up with her,it will be for your own good.. Justin:No,mom,i can’t do that i love Jenny so much and am not letting her go, Stephen can’t kill me, the only thing that can kill me is if Jenny and i separate and that will never happen,mom,i don’t want to talk about this going to my room.. Justin walks away, Pattie sighs in frustration.2 weeks later, Jenny is in Justin’s room trying out different outfit.. Jenny:Baby,i think this one is perfect.. Justin:Nah, it’s too short.. Jenny: it’s just a girls night out.. Justin:But boys will be at the cinema and I don’t want them lusting over you,let me go with you.. Jenny:No,you can’t, Wendy and Tamara said i don’t have time for them anymore and it’s because you arr always around me.. Justin: Okay, fine.. Jenny:Am going downstairs to get a drink,you want one? Justin:Yeah,sure.. Jenny goes downstairs to get a drink but stops halfway to hear Tamara and Pattie’s conversation.. Tamara: Mom,they love each other, can’t you see the way Justin is when Jenny’s around,he’s happy.. Pattie: There are many girls out there that can make gim happy.. Tamara:He loves Jenny.. Pattie:The love that almost got him killed,i lost my husband,i don’t want to lose my son.. Tamara:whatever, mom,am leaving.. Tamara walks away, Jenny comes out.. Jenny:Aunt? Pattie: How long have you been standing there?

One Night Stand. Episode 52
O.N.S. Episode 48 and 49

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