July 26, 2021

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One Night Stand. Episode 52

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O.N.S. Episode 53 and 54
One Night Stand. Episode 50 and 51

One night stand, Episode 52.. Pattie:How long have you been standing there? Jenny: Long enough to know that you don’t support i and Justin’s relationship anymore.. Pattie:He’s my son and I don’t want to lose him,i love him so much.. Jenny:I understand but i also love him too and I don’t think he’ll want to leave me.. Pattie: Which is worse?Seeing Justin heartbroken or seeing him dead all because of your ignorance? Jenny:I… Pattie:I lost the love of my life without even saying goodbye and i don’t want to lose Justin, my kids are all i have, Jenny,i like you for my son but this is getting dangerous, think about it..Pattie walks away, Jenny sighs in frustration, Justin arrives.. Justin: Babe,i have been waiting upstairs, what’s took so long? Jenny: it’s nothing,i was just talking to Tamara.. Justin:Okay, let’s go upstairs.A week later, Justin p.o.v: Jenny has been acting distant with me,she hardly calls or visits like before and my mom would never allow me to leave the house,i would just have to sneak out.Justin sneaks out late at night to Jenny’s house, he knocks on the window, Jenny comes to open.jenny:What are you doing here?you are supposed to be at your house.. Justin:I would have been in my house if you came to see me,you don’t answer my calls anymore, what’s wrong?are you feeling okay?let me ease your stress.. Justin tries to kiss her,she moves away.. Jenny:Am not in the mood.. Justin: What’s wrong?you have been acting distant with me for some days now,did i do anything wrong?if i did,then am sorry just please let’s go to my house.. Jenny: Justin,i..i can’t do this anymore.. Justin:Do what?jenny:I can’t continue this relationship anymore.. Justin:Wait,why?! Jenny:Your mom.. Justin:My mom?of course,she talked you into this.. Jenny: She’s right,am bad for you, let’s break up, it’s what good for all of us.. Justin:So i will let Stephen have you? Jenny:He’s going to kill you if we don’t break up.. Justin:He’s not!! Jenny starts to cry,

One night stand, Episode 52..The roim was quiet, only the little cry of Jenny could be heard.. Justin: Babe? Jenny:Yeah… Justin:Do you love me? Jenny:More than my life.. Justin: Then why are we breaking up? Jenny:I don’t want to see you dead.. Justin:You won’t.. Jenny:i almost did.. Justin: Jenny,no one can separate us,not my mom,not Stephen,not even death.. Jenny: Don’t say that.. Justin:Am saying so that you can know that i really love you.. Jenny:I know you love me and i love you too.. Justin:Then let’s fight this together,okay? Jenny: Okay.. they hug.30 mins later, Pattie and Tamara were searching the whole house for Justin when he came in.. Pattie:You had us all worried? where did you go to? Justin:What did you say to my Jenny? Pattie:What are you talking about? Justin:You said something to her, that’s why she almost broke up with me today? Pattie: isn’t it for the best?if you stay with her, Stephen will kill you,am just looking out for you.. Justin:i can look out for myself,no one not you or Stephen can take Jenny away from me, she’s mine.. Justin walks away.. Tamara:i told you mom.2 weeks later, Justin and Jenny were in bed after making amaziny love to each other, Justin was playing with Jenny’s hair.. Justin:Babe, would you like to own your own hospital? Jenny:Of course,i can’t even wait to be a pediatrician.. Justin:i can’t to see you achieve your dreams.. Jenny:Both of us together forever..they kiss.A day later,it was late in the night, Jenny woke up to get a cup of water,she is in kitchen drinking the water,when someone puts s towel on her nose,she passes out and the cup falls and breaks.The next day,Liam was looking for Jenny,when Joan and Patrick arrived.Joan: what’s wrong, hunnie?Liam:I can’t find Jenny anywhere.. Patrick:What do you mean by that?Liam: She’s not in her room.. they check the kitchen and see the broken glass, Joan:oh,am so scared.. Joan phone rings,she answers.. Joan:Hello, Pattie.. Pattie:i can’t find Justin..

O.N.S. Episode 53 and 54
One Night Stand. Episode 50 and 51

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