July 25, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Prologue And Episode 1

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That Should Be Me. Episode 2 and 3

By Virginia Asenath
Sofia is a young pretty girl who people believe she is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Jones. There are other siblings Lily and Glenn.
Harry is a young man, son of a Duke but lives a commoners life. He was loved Lily but Lily never and he later loved Sofia.

Lily realised later that he was the Duke’s son and wanted to fight for him.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 1
‘Please protect our daughter for us,’ Mrs Smith pleaded with there family lawyer.
‘Okay I will,’
‘They are here to finish us, I have locked her up in the secret room in the kitchen. The password is her birth year,’ With that everything went silent and only gunshots could be heard.
He quickly hanged up before they realised the phone was on call. After a while he went to that house and took the little five year old girl out of the house.
He drove to his friend and left the girl there.
They have been six years in marriage with no kid.
They took the young Sofia with open hands and raised her.
Two years later they got their first daughter and named her Lily after Mrs Jones mom.
They were satisfied with two kids and later got another kid Glenn.

Twelve years later
Sofia’s POV
This is my first day in my new school and I just woke up late.
I rushed to the bathroom and after wearing my uniform I went downstairs to meet my mom in the kitchen.
‘Morning mum,’ I greeted picking a glass of juice on the kitchen table.
‘Morning, hope you slept well?’
‘Yes mum,’
I picked a pancake on the table as Lily and Glenn walked in.
After breakfast we picked our packed lunch before leaving for school.

That Should Be Me. Episode 2 and 3

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