August 4, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 4

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????‍????The boss and his employee????

Episode 4

Charlene’s POV

I found myself wandering around this huge kitchen cuz I don’t even know where to find the ingredients and the worst part of it is I don’t know what I’m going to prepare. I spent almost thirty minutes opening cupboards , taking out ingredients and returning them back in their shelves without using them .

I’m totally confused right now cuz I don’t know these ingredients, you know I come from a poor family and we don’t use much when cooking.

An Idea popped in my mind and I jumped a countless times out of excitement , I’m going to prepare macaroni with cheese , meatballs and soup????????.I took almost every ingredient I saw in the cupboards and placed them on the granite tables which were on the middle of the kitchen.

I took macaroni ,added salt , water and topped with cheese set the pressure cooker on . I didn’t want to waste my time so I cooked my soup with a lot of spices but it was too salty so I added sugar to sweeten it a bit.

I wanted to cook meatballs but I didn’t know which meat to use so I opted for chicken which I saw in the refrigerator and I know its easy to cook. I took one full chicken ,removed the breast which I wanted to use and cut it into smaller cubes . I mixed two eggs , instant yeast , black pepper, red pepper, powdered garlic, cinnamon, tomatoes , milk and flour then added my cubed chicken cuts.

I used the paste to form round golf-sized meatballs and after I was done I dipped them in boiling water then covered my pot.

A curly smile formed on my lips as I was daydreaming about the compliments I’m going to be given by my boss cuz today I did my best. If he can’t appreciate this then he’s jealous and a skinny weirdo.????????

Later , I perceived a burning scent and quickly rushed to my pots grinning like madwoman which turned into a frown when I uncovered my pots . Macaroni turned to porridge and the meatballs turned to pap or let me say overcooked rice .

I became angry cuz i have spent hours preparing this food and i smashed two dinner plates , a water glass and a bowel which I was using . I then felt someone’s presence and , all the anger vanished abruptly and was replaced with fear.

I knew it was none other than my boss yet I was filled with flour from head to toe and the kitchen was upside down.

I am doomed????‍♀????‍♀
Should I runaway or say my last prayer?????

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