August 4, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 5

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????The Boss and His Employee????‍♀

Episode 5

Authors’ POV

Charlene became dumbstruck while his boss glared at her without uttering a word . She didn’t know what to do because she was so scared like never before, she wanted to run away but she couldn’t lift up her legs and she also tried to apologize but words couldn’t come out of her mouth . Its like she had lost her voice.

She wanted to pretend to be fainting but it didn’t came out as pretence because she suddenly blacked out for real.

Larry rushed towards her so that he can catch he before she land herself on the ground but it was too late cuz her head hit the corner of the granite tables. Blood gushed out her forehead , and Larry broke down into tears cuz he couldn’t stand seeing her in this state . He took of his shirt and wrapped her head so that she wont lose too much blood.

He wanted to take her to the hospital but he was powerless, his heart was in serious pain and his head was spinning .He didn’t even understand what was going on to him so he just placed her head on his lap and cried a lot .If he had his phone with him , he could have called the ambulance but he had left it in his bedroom.

2 hours later
(At the hospital ????)

Larry’s POV

I was starring at her as she slept peacefully on the hospital with drips and machines connected to her body cuz she had lost a lot of blood , the doctors said she’ll wake up soon .All thanks to Hayley who came at the right time and called the ambulance or else I was going to lose cuz I wasn’t in the right state of mind.

I still don’t understand the connection I had with this girl cuz I so scared of losing her and its like I was bearing her pain . Could it be that I like her but no way cuz she’s so annoying.

Gosh! She’s strikingly because with her round shaped face ,pointed nose and big but cute lips . I can’t believe I’m admiring this clumsy pig-like maid of mine.

I was lost in my thoughts when the beeping sound of the machine increased and I quickly called the doctor to attend her . I was asked to wait outside and I only pray she wakes up ????????????


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