July 30, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 30

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Darius:you can ask me anything when we get to the Inn, for now let’s concentrate on our journey
(He held my hands as we walk down the woods)
Kira POV
“Is that the inn over there?”
(I asked Darius when we were almost at the entrance of the Inn)
(He started walking but he stopped and turned to face me)
Darius:you can’t go in like this
Darius: your hair
(He pointed)
Kira:my hair?
Darius: yes…we have to be careful who knows if there is a thirsty Vampire in there or even a demigod taking another human form
Kira: so what do we do?
(He opened the bag and brought out a scarf)
Kira:where did you get this from?
Darius:I already prepared for this journey Kira so somehow I know you were going to need this –
(He gave it to me and I collected it)
Kira:is there another way?
Darius:uhmmm yes
Kira: what way?
(His smile replaced a frown)
Darius:it involves me killing everyone in there
Kira:I..I..don’t want that
(I quickly weaved my hair and rolled it in the scarf and tied the soft material on my head making sure no strand was left out)
Darius:it good – no hair left out
(I nodded)
(We walked inside and were immediately assaulted by the foul air,thick with the stench of smoke and whisky. We had a captive audience everyone turned to stare)
Darius POV
When Kira and I walked into the inn every men turned to stare and as drunk as they were,the bastards practically undressed Kira with their eyes. I pushed her behind me and let out a warning growl, their eyes widened like they knew who I am and they bumped into each other as they tried to shuffle farther away. It isn’t an easy task going around with a beautiful girl like Kira,I wondered what they would have done to me if I didn’t let a warning growl. I looked around searching for a female, I didn’t want these lowlife males mouth attending to us or even speaking a word to Kira
Kira:who is the owner?
(She whispered)
Darius:I don’t know but Inns are mostly owned by old ladies but young girls serves as waitresses in them
(Kira nodded)
“What happened to you?”
(We looked up and saw a lady at the table now probably the lady of the Inn. She was short her hair pulled up into bun. She took another look at Kira and tsk’d)
“A girl,such as yourself shouldn’t be walking around in dirty clothes. Look at your knees covered in mud”
(Kira looked down at herself and gave the woman a sheepish grin as she dust off mud from her clothes)
“I am Lauren – the owner of the inn”
(She said expecting us to introduce ourselves. Kira glanced up at me)
Darius:I am Kai and she is kellyn
(She raised an eyebrow like she knew I was lying)
Darius:are their rooms left for us to pass the night?
(She studied Kira)
“perhaps can I help in changing Kellyn’s dress?”
(Why is she so interested in Kira? She doesn’t even have any supernatural scent so I can’t tell who she is)
Darius: she will change up in the –
Kira:i will go with her Kai
(She cuts me off and I gave her a confused look. What the hell is she thinking? Accepting a stranger offer to change her dress)
“I need a female dress Darius – and I think Lauren is a normal human”
(She said Into my mind – it strange that Kira accepted)
Lauren: don’t worry Kai your girl is safe with me
(My girl? Ah! So funny! Now she thinks we are run away teenage couple who needed space from our parents)
” I can handle her even if she tries anything stupid”
(She said telepathically and I relaxed. There must be a reason why Kira gave in to Lauren’s offer)
Darius:okay Lauren
(She smiled)
(She called and a girl joined her -she was exactly like Lauren)
Lauren:please attend to Kai while I take care of Kellyn
Leah:okay mom
(The woman grabbed her hand)
Lauren:come with me child,we’ll get you washed up. And I think my Leah’s clothes would fit you just perfectly
Kira:oh but I –
(Kira began, only to be cut off..Kira is much taller than Leah so Leah’s clothes would be too short for her. Lauren completely ignored and prattled on)
Lauren:why are you running around in men’s clothing for anyway? Let’s get you Into pretty little dress
(Kira gave in and followed her out of the room)
(She was smiling – Leah should be quite older than Kira but Kira is bigger in size than Leah. Lemme guess 20)
(I replied)
Leah:is she your girlfriend?
(I cocked my brow)
Darius: do we look a couple?
Leah:yes..but it obvious you’re quite older than she is
Darius:keys to the room
(I requested..not in for any foul play with a lady cause I have to much running in my mind. Leah fished out a key and gave it to me)
Leah:go down the hall the room on the left is empty
(Just a step forward and she said)
Leah:I love loyal men
(I glanced at her for the last time before walking away. She must have said that because I didn’t give her the attention she wanted – what was she thinking?..that I would go into another room with her for a quickie while her mom is tending to Kira..hmm maybe I would have done that if Kira wasn’t here with me. I already promised to protect her so I am sticking to that. I walked out of the room and found the room Leah directed me to and waited patiently for Kira to return)
Darius POV
Thirty minutes later, Kira returned to the room,her hair wet from shower,wearing a short yellow dress with red flowers on it. I noticed a polythene bag in her hands
“What that for?”
Kira:Mrs Lauren gave it to me
(I went to her for a search)
Darius:what’s in it?
(She didn’t reply instead she hid the nylon behind her back)
“Can you hear me?”
(She cleared her throat)
Kira:it..it the scarf
(She said without looking at me. I can tell there is something more in that nylon cause it bigger than a nylon containing just a scarf)
Darius: are you sure it only a scarf in there?.. You know Kira we have to be careful –
Kora:it nothing that concerns you Darius
Darius:Maybe but I’m the protector so I am to decide what concerns me and what doesn’t.. I have to be cautious –
(I snatched the nylon from her when she was about moving away from me)
Kira: Darius!
(She tried to collect it from me but I was in another side of the room. I opened and picked out a pack,Sanitary Pad was boldly written on it. I looked up at Kira who was now staring in another direction)
Darius: is this the reason why you agreed to let Lauren dress you?
(She didn’t respond – I dropped it back in the nylon before putting it in our bag. I should have taken one of Amoroth’s before leaving home)
Darius:you should have told me your reasons earlier – I thought Lauren was gonna harm you that was why I hesitated at first
Kira:she..she only wanted to help
(She stopped)
“I..I wanted to tell you earlier this morning that I was going to need one…but I don’t know how to -”
Darius:it okay I understand you
(She couldn’t tell me because I’m a grown man…maybe she would have done that if her protector is a woman. Thanks goodness Lauren helped us. Now that she is on her period I have to look on the map for places with water so she can change up)
“Make sure you lemme know whenever you need to change up”
(She gave me a small smile trying to hide the embarrassment on her face)
Darius:what did Lauren say when she saw your hair?
Kira:she liked it and she even wished Leah had my hair colour
Darius:did she suspect?
Kira:Lauren is a normal human she knows nothing the supernatural world
(Kira sat on the bed while I brought out a blanket from our bag)
Kira:are you sleeping on that?
Darius: yes you can use the bed
Kira:uhmmm you can use the bed instead Darius – you haven’t had a good sleep for days now
Darius: have you?
Kira:not really…but I still had the chance to sleep unlike you…all you did was watch me during the night
Darius:I don’t need to sleep
Kira:you need to or else your body will become weak and then…you pass out suddenly – just have a good rest tonight while we have the chance now. No one will come in here to attack us Darius so you don’t need to watch over me
Darius: I can’t take the bed
Kira:okay then let use it together – the bed is big enough for the both of us. You sleep on the right side while I sleep on the left
(What is she thinking? Us sharing a bed?)
Kira:don’t get the wrong idea Darius I just want you to be comfortable and have a good rest
(I don’t need one but Kira is only insisting because she doesn’t know me. A mere sleep can’t wear an original sin down. Kira collected the blanket from me and wrapped it back into the bag)
Kira:should I tell you why Mrs Lauren want my hair for Leah?
(I nodded)
Kira:well Mrs Lauren thinks I’m hot with my hair colour
Darius: so she wanted Leah to be more hot for men too?
Kira:yes…and she even decided that Leah will dye her hair to red
Darius:I better warn her against it
Kira:you don’t have to…I already convinced her. I told her what I go through each day for having a red hair
Darius:it wasn’t easy I guess?
(I asked while trying to picture what she must have gone through for having a different hair colour. It must have been hard for her being that her twin brother has a normal hair)
Kira:I just learned to leave with it – that’s all but to be honest I never imagined someone coming to take me away or me compelling Vampires or running in woods. I will consider all this as an adventure
(She went to sleep on the right side of the bed)
“Oh!least I forget Mrs Lauren admitted that you’re handsome she kept ranting on and on while I was preparing something to eat. She said I am lucky to have such a good looking man by my side”
Darius: so what did you say?
Kira: at first I didn’t know what to say but I was cautious of not telling who we are or that you lied about our names. Then Leah came in and said she wished to have a loyal man like you and then I was confused. Mrs Lauren asked me why we are here and where we are going to? So I came up with a weird idea that –
(She paused and looked at me)
Darius:what idea?
Kira:when I didn’t know what to say to them and I didn’t want them to suspect us – so I told them that we are in love but our parents doesn’t want us together instead they wanted other people for us so we had to run away
(I busted Into laughter when Kira finished and she joined in. Such a smart girl…that was Lauren’s thought when she saw us and it good that kira confirmed it even if it not true)
Darius:they believed you right?
Kira:of course – Mrs Lauren exclaimed and said that she knew we were couple on the run and she even asked for our ages
Darius: what did you say?
Kira:23 and 26
(I laughed again)
“They believed me even Leah said I was older than she is cause clocks 21 next month”
Darius:let just say that how they gossip about their customers
Kira:Mrs Lauren promised to give me more clothes tomorrow morning
Darius:we are not waiting for till day break – and Leah clothes are too short for you
Kira: yes..all her dresses will expose my legs that why she decided to give me Leah’s jeans instead
Darius:that’s better
Kira:so where are we headed tomorrow?
Darius:Elves wood on the East side
(Her eyes widened)
“We..we..are going to meet an Elf?”
Darius:probably so we have to be careful – let’s just hope it a good Elf
Kira:what if it a bad one?
Darius:then we get –
Kira:I want the good one
(She cut me off. I was saying we would get rid of him)

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