July 26, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 31

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Darius POV
Kira and I are both back in the woods making our way to the East side of the thick forest. Lauren and Leah pleaded with us to stay for more days but we declined explaining to them that we needed to move fast or else our parents will send men after us. We left even before the others in the Inn wakes up – I made a call to Malphus to let him know how far we’ve gone on our journey. Kira thanked Lauren for giving her two of Leah’s jeans and two tops. I already planned to get her some female clothes when we finally hit the highway before heading back to the woods but Lauren already saved me the stress of cutting ways.
Kira:are we going to have another sleep over at an inn again?
Darius:you want to sleep now?
Kira:No! It way to early to rest we still have a long way to go
Darius: the sun is up already..or do you want me to carry you?
Kira:No it fine I can walk
Darius: just lemme know if you are tired
Darius:perhaps can you shape shift into an animal?
Kira:what animal?
Darius:not really an animal… But Vampires and werewolves
Kira:that will involve a long process it only easy to shape shift to another human
Darius:okay – can you disappear and reappear without long process?
Kira:I can it the easiest part of my powers
Darius:good just make sure you do that if we encounter any dark creature
Kira:what about you?
Darius:I don’t need to do that
Kira:but –
Darius:don’t be stubborn this time around just disappear whenever I ask you too cause that the only way to prevent the vision you had from coming to pass
(We walked for an hour,navigating stealthily through the wood. We changed course and headed in different directions leading to a part on the East Side. We were getting closer to the Elves Wood and it most likely we come in contact with an Elf
“Look over there Darius!”
(Kira exclaimed)
“It a Deer!”
(She clapped her hands)
“I haven’t seen one before…it so beautiful!”
(I looked ahead and saw a deer running the other way. My forehead creased at the sight of a deer in this part of the wood)
“I can’t believe it…I want to get a clear picture Darius!”
(She was about moving when I stopped her. Something is strange here,the air was foul with Dark Scents. I stopped abruptly looking around using my extra sensory sin eyes to see and nose to smell and tried to listen to the sounds in the wood. I clearly smell a dark scent not one relating to an Elf but something different. It obvious the scents belongs to three to four Dark creatures. We are surrounded)
Kira:what wrong Darius?
(She asked shakily after she studied the look on my face. The deer was a trap whoever created it wanted me to go after it so Kira will be alone it or the other way round)
Kira:the Elves?!
(The scent was different from Elves scents and we are still few miles away from the Elves wood)
Kira:please tell me it a good one
Darius: they are here
(I pushed Kira tightly to my side when I sensed the sound of a dagger coming towards her direction. The dagger hit the nearest tree instead)
Darius: the black witches are here!
(I held her tightly waiting for them to appear before me – few seconds clicked by and they showed up in front of us, four women. The oldest amongst them was holding an ancient magical staff and all dressed in black cloaks. I I turned Kira to face them I want her to identify Keira herself)
(Her mouth dropped)
Ivy:here you are Red
(The girl replied – Kira eyes was scanning each of them)
Kira:Mrs Beatrice!
(She said again)
Beatrice: yes Kira and am sure you’ve always wanted to know who Keira is…well I’m Keira
(She placed her hands on her mouth. Settled now she know who Keira is I pushed Keira behind me again)
“Who are you?”
(The old lady asked)
“Well I’m not here for you – just give her to me and lemme get my revenge by destroying her”
Darius:you won’t be able to do that
(She laughed wickedly at my words)
“If you want her then come through me first”
(I sensed Kira disappeared and I was relived she obeyed. Now I can deal with them anyway I want)
“I don’t want to -”
(I stepped away revealing to them that Kira wasn’t behind me anymore. Anger and power began to build in me, I felt my eyes shift color,I wasn’t sure if they had turned crimson or glowed. I clenched my fist and snarled)
“You will regret coming after a Red head witch”
(Instantly Fury and aggression matched my power a vein bulged in my neck. I knew my eyes were stormy with Violence releasing my fangs and revealing my original self)
“Are you so eager to die?!”
(I spat)
(The old lady screamed her voice echoing my my ears. I reached out to each of them before they escaped tearing away their Limbs from their bodies. The one called Ivy changed back to a little girl. Stupid black witches using powers of Illusion to deceive Kira)
Kira POV
I reappeared in another wood but suddenly the hair behind my neck rose and I looked around images of the vision I had flooded my mind. The wood was similar to the one I saw no different. What if a black witch is out here too? Will I meet my death here?
(I screamed in fear but got no response. I’m still finding it hard to believe that Keira is Mrs Beatrice!)
“Hello Kira”
(I turned around and saw Ivy leaning against a tree)
Ivy:yes Kira it me
(She started walking closer to me..how did she get here?! She was out there earlier where Darius is fighting the rest of them)
Kira:how..how..did you –
Ivy:get here right?..
(She grinned)
“Well I was the deer you saw earlier on so when I saw that you disappeared behind that guy I linked up with you and followed you here”
(I moved backward getting ready to fight Ivy and silently pray that the Vision I saw doesn’t come to pass)
“It wasn’t Ivy you saw earlier it was another little dark one”
(Oh! The little girl took Ivy’s appearance)
Ivy:let just end this whole drama of being a Red witch
Kira:what do you want?
(I asked Ivy after she brought out a Dagger the same one I saw in my vision)
Kira:wait Ivy..are you serous about Killing me?
(I said trying to distract her so I can figure the perfect way to attack her and get the dagger)
Ivy:yes I have no other choice than you kill you cause you are a great Curse
Kira:what revenge was the old lady talking about?
Ivy:oh you don’t know?
Kira:I don’t know
Ivy:didn’t your mom tell you a story of a black witch kidnapping her when she was young?
Kora:yes she did
Ivy:Malcolm destroyed and killed Marilyn just to save your mom…the old lady you saw is Ciara she is Marilyn younger sister. She has always wanted to get revenge on your mom for what happened to her sister
(She toyed with the object in her hand)
Kira:she should have gone after my mom instead
Ivy:your mom is stronger than Ciara – we need to destroy –
(She stopped and arched her brows)
“Are you trying to distract me with stories till your protector comes to save you?”
(Now she got me!what am I going to do?)
Ivy: always trying to play smart
(She disappeared and I became invisible watching Ivy appear back looking for me. I rolled into power and appeared behind her. She sensed me and directed the dagger to me but I dodged the blade. I felt my eyes color glowed with my green flame gathering in both hands. Ivy eyes widened when she saw me in power. I kicked at her stomach causing the dagger to fall off from her hands. Ivy eyes glowed red too she tried to reach for the knife but I moved it with my eyes and directed my right flame to her. It hit her straight in the chest and she screamed in pain. Ivy isn’t connected to me so it would affect her greatly no matter how hard she try to resist. I picked up the dagger and thought of stabbing her just like how she did to me in my dream but I had a change of heart. I remembered my promises to my parents and to myself that I will never kill and black witch and that I will forever be a good Red haired witch. Seconds clicked by and I watched Ivy groaning in pain.. I return back to my normal self when I saw her pain my flame dying almost immediately. I will heal her but before I knew it the blade was out of my hands then I heard Ivy screamed. I looked up and saw Darius thrusting the dagger into Ivy’s chest. She dropped to the ground gasping, blood pouring out of her mouth. I pushed Darius away and crouched beside her,tears dropping down my cheeks.
(I whispered as I held on to the dagger in her chest. I didn’t plan to kill her cause Ivy should have killed me when she had the chance to but she allowed me question her)
Ivy:Ki -Ra
(She coughed out blood)
Kira:I’m sorry Ivy
Ivy:don’t be…I..knew..I..was going…to end up..like this but I didn’t know what to do…I..couldn’t turn back..cause i belong to that Force. I –
(I made an attempt to remove the dagger but Ivy held on to it)
Ivy:I…want…to die…I don’t want..to be alone anymore
Kira:what –
(Her hands dropped from the dagger and she gave up the ghost. I sat beside Ivy’s body for minutes just staring at her – Even if she was a bad girl she doesn’t deserve to die – no one deserves to die)
“We should get going”
(Darius said behind me)
Kira:let’s bury her
Darius:what?! Are you out of your mind?!
Kira:no I’m not out of my mind
(I sobbed)
Darius:of course you are! You are totally out of your mind!
(He yelled)
“I don’t understand you! Crying over someone who tried to kill you! A girl that was after you life!she would have killed you while you were thinking of what to do!”
(Darius was mad at me for crying and wanting to bury Ivy)
Darius:you should not bargain with a black witch or even think twice of what to do to them! Not to talk of shedding a tear for them! What if I didn’t show up then she would have killed you and the vision you had would have come to pass because of your foolishness!
(I sobbed out loudly)
Darius:don’t be so weak Kira just try to think of yourself.. For now you don’t have to feel pity for anymone you should put your life first! You know? If you want to bury her then go ahead and when you are done with her go back to the other wood and bury the rest of them too
(He hissed before walking away)

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