June 8, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 108

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Venessar High School.

Episode 108.

Two days Later.


Stephen and I stood at the seats of the patient at the hospital. It’s being two days that Professor Lucas had being at the hospital ,they had not allowed us to see him even after confirming that we were his children.

“You said Autumn sprayed him with bullets ,do you think he may survive it ?” Stephen asked me.

“Autumn was really enraged and I can’t really blame her ,our dad is very stubborn” I said.


“I think he may survive it. The bullet was sprayed to his leg just that I can’t really say what would become of his eyes cause Autumn practically hit him so hard in his two eyes ”

Just as Stephen and I were conversing.

We saw crowds of men coming towards us. Stephen and I stood at once and went to them.

They paved way only for us to see professor Lucas on a wheelchair with a black spectacle on his face.

“What happened ?” I asked one of the men.

“Boss had become blind and he would not be able to walk again for the rest of his life ”

“Oh my days!”I screamed painfully as I screamed and fell to the feet of my dad.

“Dad, It’s Stephen”

Professor Lucas was just looking around.

“Stephen ,Kimberly. Autumn made me blind and crippled cause I was trying to stop her from hindering Sean from fulfilling his purpose ” He said.

“Sean would make it more in my band than any other band. Well ,if you see her ,tell her this is just the beginning. ” Professor Lucas laughed and signalled for his boys to push him away.

They did , leaving Stephen and I standing and stunning.

“He won’t give up” Stephen said.

“Only death can make him to. This time around ,he won’t take it easy with Autumn” I said.

“Let’s leave” Stephen said and we walked out of the hospital.

Professor Lucas POV

I’m fighting a battle that I had lost. I had just find my own children ,instead of forgetting about my selfish interest of having Sean in my band and think of the happiness my children will bring me.

The truth is Autumn defeated me hands downs. She didn’t kill me but made me incapacitated to ever fight again.

I have to depend on people now before I practically do anything.

I know my boys are loyal to me but it still would never be like the time I was agile.

So ,I would never see the light of the day for the rest of my life. I will never even be able to see my children to the face again.

What sort of life did this girl made me dive in. She took life from me and killed me while still alive.

Nevertheless,One more trial might make me happy again. Cause my happiness now will only come from seeing that Autumn of a girl dead.

“Boys!” I called and they responded.

“Don’t accept defeat yet. Kill Autumn this night and ensure you cut off her head. Don’t just kill her , cut that head off and bring it to me. I’m giving you all 50,000 dollar each if you get it done.

They promised to do the job.

If they fail this time then I give up. If they win ,I will be happy for the rest of my life even in this state.

A least , Sean has lost his memory.

I can always bring him to my band anytime.


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