August 2, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 16

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 16

Written by Feathers.


He furrowed his brow and came close to where I stood.

“What the heck? Is this my cloth?” He examined it and I nodded.

“How in the world will I go to the meeting that is almost starting when you had used a newly packed cloth of mine to clean my nails?” He said almost crying while I watch him with a sorry look.

He went to the door and closed it well. He came to me and carried me ,then placed me on the bed.

Huh? What is he about to do to me.

I watched as he opened a box and brought out a rope ,he came to me and began to tie my hands and legs with the rope and I just let him have his way.

I was wondering why he would be tying me on the bed.

He then went outside , he came back few minutes later with a small bottle containing a green liquid.

I watched as he mixed the green liquid with water and came to me.

He sprayed it over my face and it began to itch me so bad. I began to struggle with the rope in a bit to free myself.

“I’m waiting , make it quick” He said and I just watched him while I keep going through pains all over my body.

A gentle knock landed on the door and he went on to open it.

He received a new package which after he loosened ,I found out that it was a cloth.

He wore it and dressed corporate. “Enjoy the pain for the next one hour. I should be back in the next one hour.” He said and went to where the toxic water is. He sprinkles more on me and the pain increases.

I began to cry and he walked to the door but paused abruptly. He turned and his phone buzzed

“Sir, what’s keeping you , we have commenced already or shall we terminate the contract?” I heard the caller from the phone and he starred at me without replying the caller.

I kept crying and trying to free myself from the rope.

He turned to walk out but turned to me again.

“Free me ” I said amidst tears.

“You can’t even add ‘please’ ” He said and walked away.

The pain increases and I lost hope of getting fine soon. I began to cry as my body itch so bad. It was the greatest torture of my life.

I began to regret that I left home and come to this hotel. I began to regret toying with his new cloth.

I was crying so hard and I checked the wall clock ,five minutes had just passed out of an hour.

My days! This torture had just started.

The door creaked open gently after few minutes and I took my face to whoever is at the entrance.

It was the Ruthless Billionaire.

He stood and watched me with no expression. I thought he was suppose to be at the meeting he is heading too.

Why did he turn back?

“Would you beg now?” He asked.

“Please ,free me ” I said.

“What nonsense , am I your mate? Can’t you add ‘sir’?”

“Please ,free me sir. My body is hurting me all over ” I pleaded and he walked to me and loosened me..

I stood up suddenly and began to scratch my skin. The pain continues still.

“I have the solution ,though” He said still standing.

“Please give me sir ” I pleaded still scratching my body.

“Would you ever toy with any of my property again?”

“Never sir ” I answered and he nodded.

“Good.” he said and stood and began to mix another solution.

He gave it to me and told me to rub my body with it.

I collected it quick and began to rub my body so quick.

I suddenly felt relieved and I exhaled. He smiled and look away.

I looked at the solution and cleaned my teary face.

I ran to where the mixed itching solution is and poured it all to his body and he began to dance in pain as he keeps scrubbing his body.

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