August 2, 2021

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Addicted to Him. Episode 12

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 12

(Goddamn nature)

Miguel’s POV

Oh my! She looked hurt. My words probably hurt her.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that . I stylishly looked at her and I could see her face expressing sadness

I kinda feel guilty , I sincerely do not want to have anything to do with anyone , either male or female

She doesn’t understand the reason behind my decision, I do not really mean to hurt her

She’s kinda funny but very clumsy , even though I had always punished her , I must confess that I like how she comes to me to disturb me

I always pray that she won’t change , I shouldn’t have said she’s disgusting

Should I apologize ? If I do , she may feel pompous or something

“Sawyer !” I called and she looked at my face pathetically

“I’m sorry ” I said in my mind but it’s very hard to say audibly

The word seems heavy in my mouth

I looked at her face and when I couldn’t say it , I looked away

After we had received the first lecture

“Why did you call my name few hours ago?” She looked at me and asked

I really wanted to speak to her , I wanna apologize to her , I do not wanna snub her again but it’s not part of me

I do not like to associate myself with people

While I was thinking of what and how to reply

“I know you will snub” She said and looked away

“Gosh! You such a proud boy, you hate me and I hate you too ” She said

“Not like I hate you Sawyer ” I said in my mind

I wanted to say it out but I can’t

“I wish I can stop being addicted to you” She said softly and silently but I heard

I sighed and looked at her , she didn’t bother looking into my face

“Sawyer !” I called again

She set her gaze at me expecting me to talk but conversing with people hasn’t being part of me

I stay alone most times , Just I and myself, she thinks I truly hate her not knowing that it’s just my goddamn nature

“Are you dumb! Why are you calling my name ? Can’t you speak?” She asked angrily

Oh my! She’s rude too , why did she have to be insulting me and that’s why I punish her to teach her lessons but she never learnt

I took my face away from her , I don’t like being insulted

But why do I have to call her name too without saying anything ?

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