July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 13

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 13

( How I felt )

Sawyer’s POV

I wonder why he kept repeating my names again and again . what exactly is his problem ? Why won’t he be able to speak

I just wish I can do without him , I wish I can stop sitting beside him. I wish I can be alone but it seems impossible , I always want to be around him. Something about him attracts me

After the second lecture , I stood and went out thinking of what to do to that boy. First , he had really made me go through so much pain, I want to really loose him

I stood by the balcony thinking when I suddenly perceived a presence stood beside me

I turned my face and it was the guy that said I’m rude cus I sat at his sit

“Hey!” He greeted

“Hi” I retorted

“I’m Joe , you?” He asked with a smile on his face

“I’m Sawyer ” I retorted

“Is that boy you sitting with your boyfriend ?” He asked

“No” I replied sharply and strongly

“Oh great !” He said and giggled

I wonder what’s funny

“Can we be friends ?” He asked

“No” I said sharply in my mind but reasoned on the other hand that he may help me stop being addicted to that mean boy

I nodded in agreement faking a smile on my lips

“Oh! Wasn’t expecting a positive answer , let’s grab some ice creams down there ” He said and I nodded

We walked hand in hand towards where the Ice cream joint is, we bought and as we turned to go back to class, I saw the mean boy walking towards where we stood

For one reason that I can’t place , I kinda feel guilty . But why should I really, not like there is anything between us though

I lowered my head , he walked pass me and I was shocked that he didn’t say anything nor react

Joe didn’t really understand how I felt or what was happening to me at the moment.

“Let’s go Sawyer ” He said licking his ice cream and smiling

I followed him sullenly

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