July 31, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 106

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He And Her V.

Episode 106


“I’m telling you what I heard. It was a whisper but a loud one. ” I said to one of my men who was sitting before me at a bar.

“Incredible, meaning that they have being going to another hospital ?”

“Exactly ,as a matter of fact ,that very day,it was like they were just coming from the hospital”

“Then we need to find out which hospital they have being going to and the doctor that attends to them and make him give them false info ” He said.

“We do not have time and I’m really scared. Seriously scared” I said.

“You did not have to, I will handle it” Don said.


Don’s POV.

I had being able to find out what hospital they go to, I simply traced them on a particular day they were heading to the hospital and fortunately for me ,I was able to find out what hospital they were heading too.

I entered the hospital like a patient to be attended too.

“Welcome Mr. It’s my first time of seeing you ,I guess. How can we help you?” He asked with a faint smile.

“Well, I came for a deal”

“A deal!”

“Yeah. ” I said and brought out $200,000 dollar from my box and placed it on his table.

The doctor looked at the money and looked at me.

He’s confused and I knew that.

“Well, there is a couple that start to come here lately ; Tucker and Camilla ,do you know them?”

“Yes,I do.” He replied .

“Good. All I need you to do for me is to be giving them a false information. Tell Camilla she does not have a womb and tell Tucker that he can’t perform unless he uses drug.” I said and he smirked.

“I don’t do that. ”

“I don’t beg either. If you wish to live longer , if you truly Love your family ,do as I’ve said ” I said and stood.

“Excuse me man, is that a threat?” He asked.

“Call it any name you want!” I said and put the money back to my box.

I walked out.

Camilla’s POV.

“For us to confirm if this girl is really your daughter , we need to find a way of making her follow us out so we can just take her to the hospital.”

“I’m her dad for now ,neither she nor her mom would deny me of taking her out. But the bigger issue is ,when we arrives, she will tell Grace that we took her to an hospital” Tucker said

“Okay , I will not have to follow you the hospital, you carry on with the work and confirm ,you could simply tell Grace when you arrive home that you check by the hospital to check if your daughter is really doing fine health wise.” I said.

“Good.” Tucker replied.

Tucker’s POV.

I walked inside the hospital with Joy; Grace’s daughter.
I noticed that someone was behind me as I walk towards the doctor’s ward.

I suddenly turned my head and my eyes met with that of a man who seem to focus all his attention on me.

He was quick to take his eyes off me and pretended like he was searching for something

Oh! Thank goodness I now know. I went to the restaurant at the hospital instead and began to play with the child.

Seeing the doctor today would not happen ; I need to be smart.

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