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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 12

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
Chapter 12
????Flint Hill????
Adrian ran with full speed carrying a bleeding and unconscious Eva in his arm,when he got to Lucas’s cottage house, he didn’t meet anyone outside but he saw the two mountain bike proving that he’s inside with Simon,he jump on Simon’s putting Eva in front of him and drove to the closest hospital to them.
“Eva hang on,you’re gonna be alright.” He cried as he drove off in full speed.
Meanwhile Tyler ran to Rachel’s house but no one was home, so he tan to her shop,
“Mrs Rachel! Mrs Rachel!!” He called from outside,Rachel who was busy making a dough in the shop pantry,ran outside to meet a tear smeared Tyler in her shop,panting like someone been chased by a wild animal,
“Ty,what’s the matter and why are you crying?” He asked the boy as she pulled him up to her,she looked around but didn’t see any sight of anyone chasing him,
“Where’s your mommy? Where’s Eva?” She asked the boy who was still choking tears,
“Mommy…….mommy…..Uncle……Adrian..” Rachel who has the boy in a tight hug couldn’t understand a bit of what the boy was saying,
“Ty,what wrong? Where is your mommy and what happened to Adrian?” She asked him now scared for the boy,he wasn’t saying anything meaningful,
“Ty,talk to me,”she slightly pushed him in an upright position,
“Mommy..fell..blood..head..Adrian..hospital.” He stammered, just then,Derry and Stacey ran inside from the backyard,
“Mommy! Mommy!!” They ran to her but was surprised to see Tyler crying,
“Ty,what happened?” Stacey asked,Rachel stood up and made Ty sit down,
“Kids,you should all stay here,I need to go to Miss Eva’s house.” He told them and turned to leave but Tyler pulled her back,
“Uncle Adrian took her to the hospital already.” Rachel stopped,
“Which hospital?” She asked the boy but he widened his two arm,gesturing that he doesn’t know which hospital Adrian took her to,
“Okay,you guys should stay here,I’ll be back soon.” She left them seated around Tyler and left the shop putting the closing sign.
???????? Hopsital????????
“Doctor!” Adrian called as he rushed inside the small hospital, the one himself and other Lycans had patronized for years,an old man wearing white rushed out to him,
“Adrian,what’s happening?” He looked at the unconscious lady he was carrying,
“Who’s she and what happened to her?” He asked,
“Doctor Matt,that’s a long story but I want you to treat her,she’s losing blood.” The doctor nodded and called a team of nurse who came with stretcher and took Eva from Adrian,
“Adrian don’t worry,we’ll help her.” He said to him and turned,followed the nurses to the Operation Theatre while Adrian sat down in the reception seats.
After waiting for closely thirty minutes, Adrian who was dead tired stood up and walked to the door of the O/T,peeping to see what’s going on inside,suddenly the light went green and the doctor walked out,
“Adrian,” He rushed to the doctor,
“Doctor,is she safe?” The doctor who kept a stern face,shook his head,
“Adrian,she lost a lot of blood and would really need a blood transfusion urgently, does she have any blood relative around?” He asked, Adrian nodded,
Tyler,Tyler is her son and would likely share the same blood with her,he would have to get the boy soon,
“Yes doc,she has a son,he can transfuse blood for her right?” The doctor nodded,
“As long as he’s her biological son,he can.” Adrian ran out immediately, hoping to get Tyler in Rachel’s house cause he had actually asked him to go there.

“Which hospital could Adrian has taken Eva to?” Rachel asked herself as she came out from the villages local treatment house,
“How can I get to him now?” She was about crossing to the other side of the street when she sighted Adrian driving a mountain bike with full speed,down the street.
“Adrian!” She called out loudly,he didn’t hear her,so she called a bit louder,
“Adrian!!” He did hear her and stopped,she ran to his bike,
“Where’s Eva?” She asked him defensively,
“She’s at the hospital and the doctor said she needs blood urgently, so I was coming to get Tyler so he can give her blood.” Adrian said panting,
“He’s at your place right?” He asked Rachel who nodded,
“Okay,let’s go get him.” He offered her a lift in his mountain bike,which she declined at first but later accepted when he promised he wasn’t leaving her behind, she hopped in behind him and he drove to her shop.
“Mama’s back.” Derry yelled in excitement to the other kids as he saw his mommy walked in,
“And Uncle Adrian too.” Tyler ran to the man and he caught him right on time,
“Uncle Adrian where’s my mommy?” The boy asked with a face filled with concern,
“She’s fine but the doctor said he needs you to come and save mommy yourself.” Tyler was confused at Adrian’s words,
“How? Can’t he save mommy?” He asked childishly,
“He can but he needs your help too.” Adrian said,the boy nodded,
“I’ll come with you to save mommy.” He went to the seat,got his shoe and walked to Adrian,
“Uncle,let’s go and save mommy.” He took Adrian’s big hand to his and dragged him,
“Rachel,we need to go back to the hospital now.” He turned to leave but Rachel called him back,
“Adrian which hospital did you take Eva to?” He asked,then it dawned to him that he couldn’t trust Rachel enough to tell her about Doctor Matt,
“She’s at my friends hospital, out of town.” He lied,
“Name?” Rachel was indignant on this one,
“Matt Colby’s Hospital.” He said and dashed out with Tyler,Rachel heaved a sigh of relief but was too perturbed to continue with the days work,so she put the dough she already made in the preserver and closed up the shop.
“Doctor, the boy’s here,let’s continue with the transfusion.” Adrian told Matt immediately he set foot in the office,
“Okay…but first of all I want to ask you something,” The doctor removed his spectacles and wiped them,
“Who’s that lady to you?” He asked,Adrian was kinda surprised at the question but he knew he couldn’t avoid it,Doctor Matt was bound to ask,
“Don’t rub it the wrong way but the reason,I’m asking is for her safety, she isn’t a Lycans or any other vampire’s pack,so who’s she?” He asked again,Adrian was losing it,time wasn’t on their side,
“Doctor Matt can we talk about this later,please go out and treat Eva first.” His voice was firm,the doctor nodded,
“Just know that you’re putting her life in a danger line if you continue with what you’re doing.” He left Adrian in his office to attend to Eva.
????????New York City????????
????”Mal do you have any lead on Eva whereabouts? “Joseph asked Mal,it’s been four days since they gave him the job but he hasn’t called back of given them any information on her,
“Not really,I tried tracking the GPS location of her car but she had shut it down,so I couldn’t get to her but give me more time.” Mal said,Joseph got angry,he want her dead before their family’s secret would be leaked out and that’s what he doesn’t want,
“Okay,but make sure she dies before we get into the new year.” He said to Mal,
“Okay.” Joseph hung up and turned to his parents,
“He says he has no lead yet.” He told them,Davina sighed,
“What do we do now? Cause as far as I know,the more he wastes time,the more our secret tends to pop out.” She said,
“What about Davis,any lead on what he’s up to?” Davina turned to Laurel,
“No,he doesn’t allow me close enough to sniff his ass out,he always shut me out from his life.” She said in disdain,
“So what do we do.”José asked,
” Let’s wait for Mal and you,”Davina turned to Laurel,
“Make sure you get into Davis good side,then get to know what’s he’s planning.” Laurel nodded,the two older couple stood up and left,leaving Joseph and Laurel alone,
“So…are you coming today?” He went to her and sat beside her,
“Yeah but now no hanky panky play,we need to focus on the task ahead.”Laurel said,kissed hid forehead in an erotic way and stood up,
“Okay,your wish is my command.” She left the room,
“Men,this is killing two birds with one stone.” He slumped on the bed putting his two hands under his head.
????????Back To Hospital????????
“Adrian,the transfusion was successful but both mother and son are still unconscious.” Matt told Adrian who was waiting impatiently for the doctor to come out,
“Okay doctor but can I see them?” He asked,Matt nodded and left,he went inside the room where Eva and Tyler were laying,
“Eva,Eva don’t worry,you’ll be fine,” He sat beside her,
“I promise I’ll protect you and Tyler with my life and I won’t let anything bad happen to you both.” He kissed her forehead,just then a nurse walked in,
“Sir,I’ll have to take the boy to the children’s ward now.” The nurse said to him,he nodded giving her a go ahead sign, she took Tyler in another stretcher and left the room.
“Eva please forgive me for not telling you the truth,for not telling you my true identity,get well soon.” He kissed her again and walked out,hoping to see Doctor Matt before he leaves but he accidentally bumped into Simon on his way to the doctor’s office,
“Oouch….watch where you’re going to man.” Simon said in anger cause the bag of blood he was holding fell down but became calmer when he raised his head up to see that the so called person was no one but Adrian,
“Oh Adrian,its you.” His angry face changed immediately,
“Sorry for the mess.” Adrian told him and left immediately, that really surprised Simon,
“Why did he leave in a hurry,he must be up to something not good,gotta inform Lucas about it.” He picked his blood bag and left the hospital.
Adrian went to Eva’s house and prepared some food for Eva and Tyler,he supposed they would be awake before he get back to hospital.After cooking,he went to Rachel’s to inform her of the new development, so Rachel offered to go with him to see both mother and son,she brought some cakes and muffins for Tyler too,together she and Adrian went to the hospital later that day to meet the greatest shocker ever,
Tyler was missing,he wasn’t in his room nor was he in the premises,
“But he was here when I left.” Adrian said shockingly,
“What are we going to do? Eva would be awake soon and would definitely ask about him,” Rachel cried,
‘What do we tell her?”She asked Adrian who was so lost,he turned to Rachel,
“Mrs Rachel,I know you don’t like me but now we have to work together to find Tyler,you have to stay with Eva till she awakens,don’t let her find out what happened while I’ll look for Tyler and bring him here.” Too tired and frustrated to argue or to ask him how he’s gonna find Tyler,Rachel nodded with tears fallen from her eyes,
“I just hope he’s safe and you find him real soon.”She said to him and went inside Eva’s ward.


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