August 4, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 13

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
???????? Chapter 13????????
???????? Flint Hills????????
“Who must have taken Tyler?” Adrian groaned as he left the hospital in search of Tyler,after thinking for long,his mind drifted to Eva,
How’ll she feel when she finds out about Tyler’s disappearance? He hopes Rachel handles things well.Something flashed Adrian’s mind,
“Simon.” He had bumped into Simon at the hospital before he left,
What if Simon has got Tyler?He looked around and noticed something,the mountain bike he came with wasn’t where he’d kept it,
“I’ll make sure I kill that bastard if I ever find out he’s with Tyler.” He swore and walked to the main street to find transportation back to Lucas’s.
“Eva,wake up.” Rachel held Eva’s hands as she sat beside her.
“God,pity this young child,she has been through alot to be going through this again,” She was almost breaking down at the sight of Evas bandaged head and the tubes going in and out of her body,
And now Tyler,the only reason she’s still living is now nowhere to be found,
“Who must have taken the young boy?” Rachel asked herself amidst dropping tears,she wiped them with the back of her palms,
“Eva I’m sorry if i couldn’t protect Tyler for you.” She said,
“But don’t worry Adrian is going to bring Tyler back safe and sound.”
Speaking of Adrian,I don’t even know whether he has an ulterior motive but with what I’ve seen so far,he’s far in love with Eva,I don’t know where he came from or who he really is but deep down I tend to trust him around Eva even if I don’t trust him completely, I believe in his feelings for my friend.Suddenly Eva left thumb moved,Rachel who noticed it immediately rubbed her eyes to be sure she wasn’t hallucinating,but it moved again,
“Eva!” She called out,she stood up and ran to call the doctor but actually came back with a nurse,
“Rachel.” Eva’s tiny voice called out to an already agitated Rachel,
“Eva,you’re finally awake.” Rachel ran to her and hugged her,she tried to sit up but Rachel held her back,
“No! Don’t, you need to rest.” Rachel tucked her back,she looked around the room,
“Where’s Adrian?” She asked,
“He went to…..he went to get you some food.” She lied,she doesn’t want to talk about Tyler,but like every mother,Eva asked of him,
“And Tyler?” Rachel swallowed hard, she hasn’t thought of a lie to tell Eva yet,
“Rachel, where’s Tyler?” She asked again,this time she seemed worried at Rachel’s quietness,
“He’s….. He’s with..Derry! He’s with Derry and Stacey at my house.” Eva looked unconvinced,like she knows something bad as happened to her son,
“What happened to Tyler?” She asked boldly but was almost breaking deep down,she isn’t ready to handle any bad news concerning her son now,
“Nothing,” Rachel faked a smile,
“Ty is with Derry and Stacey, I couldn’t let them come visit you cause you where still unconscious.” She lied,Eva made to get up from the bed,
“Okay,I want to go home,I want to see my son.” Rachel held her back,
“Not yet,you’re still not well,I won’t let you go home till you’re perfectly well and okay and as for Tyler,I’ll take care of him for you till you’re back home.” She stood up,went to the table and got the food Adrian had prepared for Eva and Tyler,
“Here,you need to eat this,Adrian made it for you.” She handed the food to Eva who reluctantly took it,her mind went back to what happened between her and Adrian before the accident,
“I’m not hungry.” She handed the food to Rachel who refused it,
“You’ve to eat to regain your strength back,now eat it.” She pouted,
How was she going to face Adrian after what happened? How’s she going to explain to him that she’s shattered inside from Joseph’s constant sexual abuse and maltreatment? She’s cursed,maybe she wasn’t meant to get good things in life and Tyler’s the only good thing that’ll ever happen to her,she has to find a way to kill the feeling she has harboured for Adrian over the days,cause they’ll bring nothing but pain and misery to her and she utterly has nothing to offer him.
“Eva,what’s wrong?” Rachel snapped her from her thinking world,
“Nothing.” She lied but Rachel who was a bit older than Eva couldn’t help but noticed the flash of pain that went through her eyes,
“Tell me what’s wrong Eva,don’t lie to me.” She sat beside her and cuddled her,
“I’m scared.” Eva said,Rachel noticed it but wanted to know what has scared Eva this much,
“What happened?” She asked again,Eva snuggled closer,
“I’m…..I’m…” She looked at Rachel who was listening with rapt attention and broke down,tears dropping g from her eyes,
“Eva what happened? Why are you crying,did anyone hurt you?” Rachel asked with concern,
“I’m having giddy feelings for Adrian.” She said amidst the sobbing and crying,
“I try to stop it but it just can’t stop,it just can’t go.” She cried,Rachel heaved a sigh of relief,
At east no one had hurt her,
“Eva my dear,it’s normal to have this feelings, it means you aren’t broke as you’ve presumed it earlier, you’re aren’t as shattered as you think.” Rachel consoled her,
“I don’t think i can handle it anymore not after Davis and going through hell with Joseph.” She said,
“Eva,look at me,” She turned her head to Rachel,
“I know I might not like Adrian one bit but with your feelings for him,I can’t hide the fact that he possesses the same feeling for you.”Eva was surprised,
” Seriously?” Eva exclaimed,Rachel nodded,
“Yes he do but you need to be careful, you need to know more about him,have you told him about yourself? I mean your past.” Eva shook her head,
“I can’t bring myself to tell him, I tried telling him the day we went out together but I couldn’t, maybe he might hate me….” Rachel stopped her,
“No,don’t say that,it wasn’t your fault,it was circumstances that made it so,” Rachel soothed her,
“Telling him might make him hate you but not telling him will make him hate you,but make sure you know him enough to trust him with your past.” Eva nodded,when Adrian comes,she’s going to make him talk about himself and she’ll tell him about her past.
????????New York City????????
Davis noticed Laurel closeness to him and Zia recently, so he asked Jane about it cause she’s the only person helping him in the house,
“Ma Jane,have you gotten any updates so far?” He asked her in the kitchen making sure no one else was in there,
“Not really,haven’t seen that Mal man since then.” She said mixing the tuna salad,
“Phew,” he took an apple from the fruit bowl,
“Do you think there’s anything going on between Laurel and my brother?” He asked to be sure he wasn’t insinuating things,
“I had that same feeling too,but the maid that went with ma’am Laurel to your brother’s mansion said she doesn’t think anything happened between them even though they asked her to take baby Zia with her when she went to prepare dinner for them.” Jane said,Davis sighed
He’d really wanted to have something to hold against Laurel,so it would be easier to divorce her when he has Eva and Tyler with him.
“Okay,but can I ask for a favor from you?” Davis asked her,
“What’s it?” Jane asked him,conscious not to accept what she can’t do,
“I want you to keep an eye on Laurel and my brother,if you get anything sneaky going on,just tell me.” She scratched her head,
“Okay,but the problem now is that, I don’t stay around them often, I’m a cook not a personal maid.” Yes,that’s true, Jane can’t keep watch over them cause her duty ends in the kitchen only,Laurel and Joseph might decide to go out to have fun,she can’t keep an eye on them from home,
“Okay,I’ll appoint you as Zia’s nanny,is that okay?” He asked,she nodded,
“Okay,you know what to do right?” He asked, she nodded and he turned to leave the kitchen so not to arouse certain suspicion,but his phone rang,he brought it out to see the caller’s ID,it was Diego,
????Diego:Hello Davis.
Davis:Yes bro,got any clue on her?
Diego:Yes man,are you coming over?
Davis:Yes,on the way.????
“Its Diego,he said he’s got a clue.” Jane nodded,
“I’ll be going now,call me if you need anything.” Davis dropped the left over apple in the trash and hurried out.
“What did you find?” Davis asked Diego immediately he saw him,
“Well,” Diego brought out some files,
“I went to the bank yesterday in guise as Eva’s distant cousin,to check on Eva’s account,whether there have been any transactions since she left but there was none but something happened.” Davis lips were a gap,
“I met late Mr Kennedy’s Manager,Mr Munroe and he told me about the huge debit done on Eva Kennedy’s account almost a week ago,I became interested in his story when I found out that the debit was done after Eva’s disappearance.”
“Wat did he tell you about it?” Davis asked,quite happy that they are leading somewhere,
“He said that all the money in that account were withdrawn and some were transfered to another account,so I followed him to his office,so we could talk more privately and he told me so many things I think you should know.He said that Mr Kennedy deposited a valuable package in the bank and that package should be given to Eva when she’s twenty five.Then concerning transferred money, I traced it to an account under the name of Alberto Mandolini, so I ran a check on the man,it appeared that he’s dead but his wife Tonia is very much alive and had just sold her husband’s country home in Flint Hills,somewhere out of civilization.” Davis was surprised and happy,
“So,what are you trying to prove now?” He asked Diego to be very much sure of his point,
“There’s a great probability Eva bought the house and transferred the money to Mrs Mandolini,then she withdrew the remaining cash for hers and Tyler’s upkeep.” Diego said not mincing words,
“Okay…So what’s the plan?”
“The plan is to get to Eva before those bastard do and save her ass from being killed.”
“Yes,and I told Mr Munroe not to tell anyone what he told me,its our secret.” Davis nodded,at least they have a great lead,
“When do we set off?” Diego asked, more than ready to go get her,
“How’s the drive from here to Flint Hills?” Davis asked,
“Maybe a four to six hours by driving.” He replied while Davis ran a check on the files Diego had given him,
“Okay,we set out tonight by twenty two.” Diego nodded,
“Perfect time.”
“Thanks man,I’m so grateful for your help.”They shook hands and settled for some drinks before Davis left for home.
” Wow Simon,I’m so proud of you.”Lucas patted Simon’s shoulder twice,
“You really did a great job.” Simon sat on his right hand side and brought the blood bag from his bag,
“Here you go,” he handed the blood bag to Lucas who rejected it,
“Why take this when I have a great one to take from.” He stood up,
“Let’s go to him and……” He was about stepping out when the door opened with a great force and Adrian walked inside fuming with raw rage,
“Simon!” He called out,Simon turned and his behind Lucas,
At least Adrian would have to pass through Lucas to get him,
“Simon,where’s the boy!” He yelled as he moved toward them,
“Dont pull down the roof with your yell,I can’t entertain noise here.” Lucas growled,Adrian walked till he was right in front of Lucas before he stopped,
“Where’s the boy?” He asked again,Simon was already sweating at the heat and intensity of Adrian’s and Lucas’s presence.
“Which boy?” Lucas asked,
“Don’t play innocent with me and tell me where you’ve kept him.” He thundered,
“What if I don’t?” Lucas asked mockingly, trying to annoy him the more,
“Lucas!” Adrian raised his hand up to strike Lucas but he held it mid air,
“Now you want to strike me?” Lucas asked,his eyes flaring from anger and hatred,he let go of Adrian’s hand,
“Give me the boy.” Adrian said again, firmer voice that the first and with more rage.Lucas sighed and was about going back when Adrian pulled him back and gave him a fist full blow on his face,then a fight ensued.Simon ran out of the chamber to get the attention of other Lycans since he’s no match to stop the fighting brothers.
After much fist throwing and several punches,bruised faces and bleeding lips,two elderly Lycans rushed into Lucas’s chamber with Simon towing along,they rushed to the two brothers and separated them before much harm were caused,
“Adrian! Lucas!” One of the elderly men called,the duo disentangled from each other at the sound of the familiar voice,
“What has gone over the both of you and why are you behaving like immature children?” He asked as he walked towards them,
“Uncle Sola.” Adrian muttered as the man walked closer,
“I’m so disappointed at the two of you,especially you Adrian,I expected much from you.” He said to Adrian pointedly,
“Uncle I’m sorry.” Adrian said,the man stopped and turned to Simon,
“You can leave us now.” Simon and the other elder left them while they all sat down,
“What’s the ruckus all about?” Uncle Sola asked the men,who kept quite,
“I said what happened!” His baritone voice soared the air,
“Uncle,Lucas has taken a innocent child captive.” Adrian said,Sola was kinda surprised,
“Which child?” He asked,Lucas cleared his throat,
“I haven’t taken any child.” Lucas said,Adrian frowned,
“Liar,you’d asked Simon to get him for you.” He yelled,Sola just kept looking at his nephews as they bicker like kids,
“Simon !” He called,Simon came running inside like a scaredy cat cause even if he fears no one,Uncle Sola isn’t someone to joke around with,
“You called me Sir?” He bowed to him,
“Did you take any child prior to Lucas’s instructions?” He asked,Simon looked at Lucas,then to Adrian and back to Uncle Sola,
“Answer me.” His voice sent shiver to Simon’s spine and he nodded like an agama lizard,
“You mean Lucas asked you to kidnap the child?” He asked again while Lucas’s face fell,
“Yes,he did.” Simon muttered,
“Go and bring the child.” Simon left immediately to one of the rooms and came out with a gagged Tyler,
“Tyler!” Adrian stood up immediately and ran to the boy,he took him from Simon and untied him,
“Uncle Adrian.” Tyler’s weak voice called,like a mother would do,Adrian started kissing Tyler on every spot of his face,
“I’m so sorry I dragged you into this.” He said,Tyler looked at him,
“Uncle,I’m angry at you,you didn’t kill the vampire man as you said you did.” Tyler pouted and turned away from Adrian,
“I’m so sorry TyRex, I thought he died but he didn’t.”he please the young boy,
” Okay,where’s my mommy?”Tyler asked,
“She’s still in the hospital.” Before Adrian could say another word,Tyler left him and walked to Uncle Sola,
“I know you from somewhere,have seen you before.” Everyone gasped including Adrian.

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