August 2, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 53 and 54

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One Night Stand. Episode 52

One night stand, Episode 53.. Joan:You can’t find Justin?I can’t find Jenny too.. Pattie:Oh,God,this is bad, they are both missing,am sure it’s that bastard coming to your house.. Joan:okay.. Joan drops he phone.. Liam:When I get my hands in Stephen,i swear i will kill him.Meanwhile,in a very deserted area,an old railway station is where Jenny was blind folded and tied up,sge keeps screaming for help when someone arrives.. Jenny:Let me out ,you bastard, Stephen i know it’s you.. Stephen: Lucky guess.. Stephen removes the blind fold.. Jenny: What do you want from me? Stephen:I want you,i want you so bad.. Jenny:I don’t love you anymore.. Stephen:I loved you,i swear i did.. Jenny:You are just a cheating pig,i hate you.. Stephen:I admit i cheated on you but i love you, I just loved sex.. Jenny:When Justin finds out,he will kill you.. Stephen: Justin?.. You know that day you rejected me at the school hallway,i started following you ever since,i was there when Justin asked you out,i was there when you two started dating,i was even there where you gave your virginity to Justin in Paris.. Jenny:(gasps)You are an obsessed monster.. Stephen:Correction.. obsessed handsome monster(he laughs) Speaking of Justin,you wanna see him?Jenny:What do you mean? Stephen:Boys, bring him in..three boys bring in Justin already beaten up badly.. Jenny: Justin,what did they do to you? Justin:You coward,why can’t you fight me like a man? Stephen:I have no time for that, the only person i care about is Jenny.. Justin: She’s mine already,you idiot.. Jenny:I will never be yours, Stephen.. Stephen: okay,fine,you will never be mine but at least let me taste that p*ssy Justin has also been tasting.. Justin: Don’t you dare,i will kill you.. Stephen: Jenny,i want to make love to you in front of Justin so that he never forgets the way you scream out my name.. Jenny:I will never sleep with you,you pig.. Stephen: Alright,then Justin dies.. Jenny:What?!

One night stand, Episode 54.. Jenny:What are you saying? Stephen:Am saying you have to choose between yourself and Justin.. Justin: Jenny, don’t agree to anything.. Jenny:you are a pig, Stephen,i hate you.. Stephen:You have said that enough talking,time for action.. Stephen brings out a long chain and throws it at one of the boys.. Stephen:Beat him to death.Meanwhile, Justin’s and Jenny’s family are with the police.. Pattie:My son,i wonder how he is.. Joan:oh,God, let them be safe.. policeman: Don’t worry,we will find them and catch Stephen…Liam:Oh my goodness,am so stupid,i forgot i put a tracking device in Jenny’s hair when she was sleeping.. Patrick: Really?Liam: Yeah..policeman: That’s excellent,let me get the laptop…
Jenny:No, don’t.. They start to beat Justin up badly with chains, Justin is bleeding badly.. Jenny: Stephen, please,tell them to stop, please, Justin will die if they continue, please,i beg you.. Stephen:Just agree to what i want.. Jenny: Stephen, please anything but that, please, don’t let Justin die.. Stephen:Beat him harder..They beat him even harder,Blood is oozing from his nose,mouth and his skin.. Jenny: Stephen, please.. Stephen: Now, you will know how it feels.. Jenny: Stephen, please.. Stephen:If you don’t want to agree, I guess i will take it by force..He tries to rip Jenny cloth off when the police arrives.Police:Get away from them,now.. Stephen goes back,the police handcuffs Stephen and his gang,Liam rushes to jenny and releases her.. Jenny rushes to Justin, while liam punches Stephen.. Liam:Rot in jail.. Jenny: Justin? Justin:Je.. Jenny? Justin faints.. Pattie: Let’s take him to the hospital.An hour later, Justin is being attended to at the hospital, Everyone is waiting for the doctor.. Patrick: Jenny,why don’t you go get treated?jenny:No,dad,i want to hear what the doctor has to say..The doctor arrives.. Pattie:How is my son! Doctor:he has lost alot of blood,he is bleeding internally also, his situation is critical,he is in coma.. Joan:oh God, how long will he stay like that? Doctor : It’s depend on the patient ability to fight.. Doctor leaves.. Jenny:Oh my Justin.. Pattie: I told him to end this relationship but he was so adamant,now look at how he is, Jenny, it’s all your fault.. Patrick: don’t blame my daughter for anything.. Pattie:If anything happens to him,you will take the blame.. Pattie walks away

One Night Stand. Episode 52

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  1. very interested, I love this story, their love is really a true love, wooow I love it story and the writer is superb nice work????

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