August 1, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 2 and 3

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 2
After breakfast we picked our packed lunch before leaving for school.
The drive to school was silent as Lily and Glenn were occupied with their phones.
As we got from the car I couldn’t help but admire how the school was beautifully decorated. We all went to the principal office and we’re give different timetable for the different classes.
I looked around the class and spotted an empty sit next to a handsome boy. He just kept on smiling all through the lectures.
‘Hi,’ he greeted after the second lecture.
‘Hi,’ I greeted back.
‘I’m Scot, you look beautiful,’
‘Sofia, nice meeting you,’ I said and stretched my hand to greet.
‘Princess Sofia, that fits you. Let’s grab something before the next lecture,’ he suggested and I followed him to the cafeteria.
I was enjoying the food when some good for nothing idiot came to interrupt me.
‘Hey, who is this newbie that eats before me?’ she said with an evil grin.
I looked up at her and honestly the make up messed her up.
‘Why are you eating with my boyfriend?’ she asked and I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore.
I looked at Scot and he was so handsome. I looked at her and it seemed God gave an assignment to the angels and they weren’t able to complete in time so they just hurried.
‘How dare you laugh at me,’ she yelled.
‘I guess she doesn’t know who you are,’ the other girl said.
She raised up her hand to hit me but I held it in the air.
‘I don’t care a dime of who you are because it won’t be in my final exam,’ I said.
She was fuming with anger and I didn’t care.
‘Who do you think you are to raise your hand on my sister?’ Lily asked from behind.
She looked behind and landed a slap on Lily and it was easier since Lily didn’t see it coming. I pushed her down as Lily inserted some sense into her. The bell rang and we ran to class leaving her there.
I sat back next to Scot and he seemed uncomfortable.
‘Are you okay,’ I wrote and passed the note to him.
‘Nadia is the principal’s daughter,’ he wrote back.
‘Who is Nadia?’
‘The girl you bet the crap out of her,’
‘You must be kidding. They blackmailed him. That girl is damn ugly.
My dad is the minister of security,’ I passed to him and I could see a mixture of shock, surprise and worry on his face.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 3
Sofia’s POV cont.
After the first lesson a student came to look for me.
‘The principal want to see you,’ she said and left.
‘I wish you all the best because the principal always defends her,’ Scot said with a faint smile.
I smiled back and went to see that principal.
I got inside his office and Lily was already there busy with her phone.
‘Why did you beat Nadia?’ he asked and you could tell he was angry.
‘Wait you called us here to ask that nonsense?’ Lily asked standing up.
‘This is my daughter you destroyed her face. Do you know I can expel both of you?’ he asked and I smiled.
‘So that idiot that you didn’t teach manners claims we destroyed her face. That girl of yours started all the problems so we helped her, help her self,’ I said and he was folding his fists from time to time.
‘Call us when the explosion letter is ready. I’m Sofia Scot and Lily Scot, let’s get out of here,’ I told lily and we left.
We waited for the whole day but didn’t receive the letter so we went home.

Nadia’s POV
Those two insulted me yet my dad can’t expel them. I stared out through the window until I saw him coming. I ran downstairs to wait for him.
‘Dad why didn’t you expel them?’ I asked angrily.
‘What did you do to those girls?’ he asked back and am surprised my dad is angry at me.
‘Dad they were talking to my Scot,’
‘Fight to get Scot and not people around him,’
‘Why dad?’
‘Their dad threatened to close down the school and he can. Don’t cross paths with them,’ he said and went upstairs.
‘I will deal with those two my own way,’ I promised myself and went to my room.
Giving it a second thought they are more pretty than me. I picked up my phone and ordered another set of makeup. I must be more beautiful than them combined.

That Should Be Me. Episode 4 and 5
That Should Be Me. Prologue And Episode 1

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