August 4, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 7

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????‍???? The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 7


I’ve been staying with my boss for the past four days without working. He didn’t allow me to do the chores because I wasn’t feeling well and he has been taking care of me and Carl . I thought he was a bad person when he slapped me but he proved me wrong, that guy is so caring.

He is still working at home and always checking on me but I’m now feeling better. I was so happy when he promised not to sack me and also hired a chef because he prettily understood that I know nothing about cooking.

I’m thinking of resuming work today because I’m tired of spending the whole day either sleeping or watching movies. I walked down the stairs to the store room and picked my cleaning equipments and started cleaning.

As I was cleaning I heard the clicking sound of heels and I smiled widely thinking it was Hayley. I happily ran down the hallway to the living room where the sound was coming from only for me to see a new face.

“mmm hi ,” I greeted nervously but she didn’t respond , she shot me a disgusting look from head to toe .

I waved my hand to her and greeted her again but she just rolled her eyes chewing a gum and it pissed me off. She tried to walk away and I grabbed her hand and asked;

“Are you deaf Miss? Are you trying to say that these big ears of yours are for decoration?” I could see her becoming more angry and I smirked because that’s what I wanted.

She raised her hand trying to slap me but I dodged it and she staggered forward. After she regained her composure , she charged towards me

“how dare you?”She screamed at me battling her long and fake lashes’.

“Oh so you can talk Miss. I thought you are dumb.” I yelled back folding my hands on my chest.

“I don’t have time to associate with poor , ugly and uneducated housemaids. This is my boyfriends’ house so I can do whatever I want without being questioned.”

Anger rose in me , I know I’m a maid but does she have to remind me about that? I know I’m poor but I hate it when it comes as a insult from someone especially this fake barbie in front of me.

I was deep in my thoughts when a hot slap landed on my cheeks and my headache increased. So this girl have the guts to slap me yet she don’t even know me?

I grabbed her hand , twisted it with my eyes closed cuz the pain I was feeling was unbearable. She squealed like a pig but I wasn’t satisfied so I twisted it a little bit more and the whole house echoed with her cries .

“Stop it!” Somebody yelled and I dropped her hand but my head was too heavy and I fell into someone’s hands and blacked out.

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