July 25, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 32

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Kira POV
I sobbed softly as I followed Darius closely. He was right I shouldn’t feel pity for someone who tried to kill me but I can’t just help seeing it when people die right in front of me. Ivy and Mrs Beatrice are both dead now..I should be happy my enemies are down but I feel bad about it instead. I tried to control my tears but it kept dropping, what would I say when I get home? What would I say when they try to contact Ivy at school?..Well Heaven knows when am going to return to my family. Darius stopped abruptly that I almost bumped into him and he turned to face me but he didn’t say a word)
Kira:I..I..I’m sorry for acting like a fool earlier
(I wiped my tears and sniffed)
“I just feel bad for Ivy and the rest of them – I haven’t watched someone die in my hands before”
(I said while avoiding his gaze)
Darius:it fine
(I then looked up at him)
Darius:I understand that you’re not used to seeing dead bodies or someone dying right in your hands
(A tear dropped down my cheeks again)
“Showing concern and pity for someone who tried to kill you signifies that you are a good Red Haired Witch”
(Oh! But he said I was weak the other time crying for a black witch that tried to kill me)
Darius: I’m sorry for yelling at you back there
(I nodded numerously still trying to control tears. Darius wiped them with his finger tips)
Darius:I want you to stop crying. Try to forget all that happened back there because we still have a long way to go and you can’t keep crying like this
(He smirked)
“The creatures in the woods might punish me for making you cry”
(I gave him a small smile in return)
Kira:thank you
(I wrapped my arms around him – I should thank him for saving me,for wanting to protect me and even getting his hands stained with human blood because of me. Darius hugged me in return)
Darius:don’t worry you will be fine I promise you
Kira:yes I know
(I sobbed in his chest)
Darius:we just some time left to reach our destination – and you will be at peace when we there
(He assured me)
“Oh! What a scene to watch!”
(I heard someone else say and clapping at the same time)
“And what did hell did you do to the poor girl Man?”
(Darius released me and we turned towards the direction of where the Voice came from, a man was sitting on a tree close to us. He got down from it and I drank in his features immediately then I knew who he was. An Elf! The man looked very feminine just like how Darius had described the elves to me when I asked him to tell me about them. He possessed a yellow hair and a crystal green eyes. He was tall and slender,dressed in a yellow cloak which matched his hair color)
“Hi beauty”
(He shot me a bright smile)
“I am Kian Elvin”
(He stretched his hand towards me but Darius pushed me behind him as a growl reverberated at the back of his throat signifying a warning to the Elf. I can tell that the Elf is a good one – my fifth sense confirmed it)
Darius POV
When i heard the voice I recognised it to be that of an elf. He sat on a tree gracefully his hair shinning with the rays of the sun. I knew his type of Elf with the color of his hair. He is a Slyvian Elf. The Elvin race as once come in contact with the sins before a very long time ago. Elves are magical creatures resembling humans, but more frail in appearance. They are feminine looking, even the male of the race. The women are very elegant and poised. One would say Elves have an aire of nobility about them. Elves typically live forever they only choose to die usually once they reach their maximum age. 20 is the longest an Elf chose to stay past the maximum age when an Elf chooses to die the Nosta Cair (birth boat) carries them to Bethil. Bethil is an unending field where all of the Elves gather and continue their lives. I let of a growl when Kian wanted to shake Kira but he wasn’t moved by it that the nature of being a Slyvian Elf. Slyvian Elves live primarily in the woods they prefer simple life and life also gives them the greatest pleasure over anything else. Slyvian elves do have yellow to coppery red hair and eyes are generally light brown. Green,hazel and blue eyes are extremely rare. They are also known to be a bit on the wide side and have quite a temper but very friendly
Kian:hey man I mean no harm to the beauty behind you
(I don’t trust elves some of them appear to be Hunters that fights dark creatures)
Darius:just go your way silly Elf
(I grabbed Kira’s hand and we walked away from the Elf)
Kian:it obvious you need a company.. Well I am the protector of the Elves Wood and also a Hunter against Dark creatures
(He was coming behind us but we ignored him. Even if he is a good Elf I am not letting him close to Kira)
Kian:you know these day the wood is so boring..I have nothing doing and I even planned to see other woods assigned to me. So it would be a pleasure to accompany you guys
(He got no response from us because we continued walking)
Kian:won’t you give me any response or an answer?
(He suddenly appeared in front of us with a bright smile on his face)
Darius:keep protecting the woods assigned to you Elf
(I pushed him out of our way and he fell to the ground)
Kian:hey man you should be happy I wanna join your team. I’m only trying to
nice for once in my life…I’m only going to let this slide because I’m in a good mood today and also because of the beauty with you
(He pointed to Kira)
Darius:you want to fight me? What would you have done if you weren’t in a good mood? Kill me?! You think you can match up with my strength?
(I wanted to go to him but Kira stopped me)
Kira:don’t fight him
(I focused my attention on Kian who was now on his feet)
Kian:who are you? Uhmm if you are a Vampire or a werewolf then it won’t cost me a sweat to finish you up..cause i have fought many of your likes
(I was getting ready to fight the Elf I am going to kill him. Kira knew I was almost coming into power so she held my hand)
Kian:stop acting like a couple – hey Red he doesn’t suit me maybe I do
(He giggled as he flipped his hair backward)
Kira:shut the fuck up Elf!
(He stopped giggling and stared intensely at Kira)
Kira:there is no need to come with us we are strong enough to ourselves and moreover bringing you with us will slow down our journey
Kian:I doubt that – I have keen sight that can see clearly at night
Darius:I have that too so we don’t need your help just go away while I am asking you calmly
(He threw his hands up)
“But if you want me to go away then you have to clear up the bodies you killed on my land)
(What a cunning Elf. Kira and I exchanged confused looks)
Kian:yes my land will bring out bad smell in the next few days cause of those bodies and I hate bad smell
(He said disgustingly)
” so then you two have to clear them up if you want me to stay back on my land”
(He disappeared)
“So what do you say? I come with you or you clean my land”
(We looked up and saw him on the tree above us. There is no way to clear up the bodies – we can’t swallow them and there are no tools to dig 6 feet just to bury all of them)
Kian:if I go with you then you don’t have to do that… I will be away from the wood till they decay and produce no smell
Kira:what do we do?
(She whispered Into my mind)
“Kian looks nice but a bit strange for an elf Hunter like him. I suggest we take him with us since he is familiar with the woods and even knows how to fight Dark creatures he will be of good help to us”
(I thought of what she said into my mind)
Darius: Okay Elf you can come with us
(He clapped excitedly)
“But if you try anything stupid I won’t think twice of killing you”
Kian:okay! Noted Boss!
(He came down from the tree and we all resumed walking)
Kian:what your name Red?
(She replied)
Kian:sounds good
(He clapped again)
Kian:so where are you heading to?
Kira:East Side
Kian:where exactly on the East side
Kira:I don’t know…ask him
(She pointed to me and Kian whistled… He dare not question me)
Kian:it better you tell man I have easy and fast ways to getting to the East side – trust me. I know the routines perfectly since I have lived for over 269 years
(He nodded)
Darius:fast and easy ways are always dangerous on the end side
Kian: not really..the ones I know are dark creatures free cause I already marked the lands with a Elf Hunter sign..so no Dark creature dare step on it
Darius:we are heading towards Capitan mountain
Kian:I know that well
Darius:how long is that going to take if we follow your ways
Kian:two full days instead of Five days..trust me Man
Darius:why should I trust you?
Kian:that because I’m a good Elf and I am destined to protect the supernatural races if not Dark creatures
Darius:lead the way then
(He must really have a vast knowledge of the East side woods leading to the Capitan Mountain. Journey of Five day will take us just two days then we will get to our destination faster than I thought)
Kira:are we going to come across lake or stream? So we can wash up
Kian:sure enough water
(He winked)
Kira:good then
(I listened to Kian boast of his knowledge about woods not leaving out a single detail of directions. It been a while since I grazed the Elves Woods)

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