August 4, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 33

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“Stop the car in front of the Mall”
(I instructed my driver when I saw Lana walking into the shopping Mall)
“Should her bring her to you Sir?”
(Luke my bodyguard said)
Max:no it fine I will go to her myself
(I removed my suit jacket and placed it beside me)
“Have this Sir”
(Luke handed me a Sun glass to hid my identity from the public)
“Should I come with you sir”
(Luke said again)
Max:no need for that Luke – No one will recognize me with this
(I pointed to my glasses before stepping out of the car. I walked into the Mall looked around for Lana until I sighted her in front of the paying desk some minutes later. She saw smiling broadly at the lady tending to her then I moved to the desk)
“How much is my bill?’
(She asked)
“$300 Ma’am”
(The Lady replied while packing Lana’s stuffs into bags so I brought out my card and dropped it on the desk)
“I will pay for the bill”
(Lana glanced up at me and her eyes widened when she saw me. How did she managed to identify me so quickly?..I immediately placed my finger in my lips to silence her. The lady at the desk raised her eyebrow probably trying to know where she had seen my face. She slotted in my card into the Pos Machine did what was necessary and gave it back to me to I punch in my pins)
“Are you stalking me Max?”
(She said when we stepped out of the Mall)
“’m not stalking you”
(I replied)
“so what do you want from me?”
“We need to talk”
“We have nothing to talk about Max Torres”
(She frowned and gritted her teeth before walking away)
“Lana! Lana!Lana!’
(I grabbed her arm and whirled her to face me)
” please listen to me..I know I don’t deserve any audience from you but please just this once and I promise not to bother you again”
(She rolled her eyes and calmed)
“well I can’t stand here in the sun just to talk to you”
“Then let go to the coffee shop over there”
(I pointed to a shop opposite us)
“I hate coffee”
(She replied)
“What about Cali’s Diner down the street?”
“That’s better”
“So what do you wanna talk about Max?”
(Lana folded her arms when we settled down in chairs)
“It about Kira..I’ve been trying to call her but her line is dead for days now and I even tried sending text messages but she didn’t reply any of them. Please Lana tell me what is going on with Kira? I need to see her and explain some things her…actually the last time I saw her, Kira didn’t give me the chance to explain myself”
“Oh! Sorry about that Max Torres..but you caused it – if only you had told Kira the truth then she won’t have changed up. You lied to her so you don’t deserve another chance”
“I know Lana..I know I shouldn’t have deceived anyone of you and believe me I regret ever doing that but please I want to see Kira. I haven’t been at rest ever since she,Kyle and Luis came to my company and even my sister Ruby threatened to kill herself if I don’t help her meet Kira cause she feel indebted to her. I want to make up things with Kira”
“It too late Max..Forget about Kira and stick with Suzie. She is your fiance so you shouldn’t go about running after a high school girl”
(She eyed me)
“Please Lana let not talk about Suzie…Suzie coming into the picture is a long story which I need to tell Kira”
“You won’t be able to meet Kira”
(She said with a sad face)
“What do you mean by that? Lana you are Kira’s best friend and I know you can help me talk to her”
“I would have helped you Max but -”
(She paused and bit her lower lips as tears sting her eyeballs. Why am I having a bad feeling about this pain in Lana’s eyes)
“Tell me..please talk to me is Kira okay?”
(I asked shakily)
“Oh Max! I hope she is”
“What are you talking about?”
(She stared at me and said)
“Kira is missing – she has been missing since two weeks now”
(My jaw dropped)
“Two weeks ago a strange guy broke into the school and took Kira away”
(I ran my hand through my hair)
“Why didn’t you contact me?”
(She glared at me)
“Oh Sorry about that – I forgot that I stopped using Jace line”
“We’ve tried our best to find her”
(She said soberly)
“Do you know who are her abductor is? Or didn’t he drop any note or send a ransom note to you guys?”
“No one knows Max..and this is not about just someone coming to kidnap her to ask for a ransom, it something bigger than that”
“Tell me about it Lana”
“What happened is the fulfillment of a prophecy”
“Wait..are you saying it being foretold that someone will come and take Kira away?”
“Yes..but not to cause any harm to her”
“Then what is he going to do to her?”
“He needs her help and… He is meant to protect her from the dark days ahead”
“What about Kyle?”
“He is doing fine – he is actually trying yyo figure a way to connect with her but nothing worked Max”
“What about her mom…she is a powerful witch”
“Yes…she just had to accept things since it something she knew will definitely happen some day”
(She looked at her watch)
“I’m sorry I have to go ahead”
(She gathered her stuffs and picked her purse from the table)
“Lemme drop you off”
“No I will take the taxi..moreover I am not heading home straight I have to drop by at a friend’s place”
(I dropped few notes on the table before heading out with Lana. My car was already outside the Diner with my men waiting. I hailed down a taxi for Lana before heading back to my car)
“You have meeting with Dylan company by 2:00 sir,and another one at the company with the Board of Directors by 3:30”
(Henry my personal secretary read my schedules for the day)
“Cancel all my meetings for the next three days I need to be alone”
“But Sir you are to sign a contract with Perez tomorrow”
“Reschedule all my meetings and tell Suzie I travelled out of the country for a brief meeting”
(I said with my eyes closed as I rubbed my forehead trying to picture Kira being held by a strange man)
“At where Sir?”
(He asked)
“Just say any one that comes to your head Henry”
“Okay Sir”
“Sir are you okay?”
(I heard Luke’s voice questioned)
“Yes I’m fine Luke”
(Every images coming to my head wasn’t a pleasant one so I waved them off and focused on how to find Kira)
The drive back home was silent. I was lost in thought of Kira, where is she? how is she feeling? Is she doing okay?is she in safe hands? Is she eating well since her mom is not there to cook for her?..Series of questions storming my mind
“Did you find Kira..did you talk her? What did she say to? Tell me Max did she agree to see me?”
Ruby bombarded with questions when I walked into the house. I didn’t know which question to answer first all I did was nod slowly as tears finds it way to my eyes,I’ve been holding them back in the car so my men won’t question me because I’m not ready to cast another forgetful spell just like how I erased the day Kyle and Kira came to me from their memories. None of them will ever understand if by chance they start seeing strange pictures in their head since they are normal humans
“Are you okay Max?”
Ruby asked when she saw the tears dropping down my cheeks then I sat on our couch slowly
“Tell me what is wrong and why are you crying?”
“Kira..kira is missing”
“What?! Please tell me this is joke”
I explained everything Lana told me to Ruby
“I find it hard to believe whar you are saying Max”
“Well it true…remember I went to her room last night but she wasn’t there. And I can tell Lana told me the truth”
I sniffed
“What do we do Max?”
“I don’t know Ruby…I have no idea what am going to do..Lana said it impossible for anyone to connect with her”
“What sort of a thing is this? We don’t know her whereabout or even when she’s going to return?”
Ruby grumbled
“This is so annoying Max…I really meant it when I said I wanted to repay Kira for healing me”
She mumbled while trying to hide her pain of not meeting with Kira
“Yes I know Ruby”
“So you have to do something Max – there must be a way to bring her back you can’t sit back here and cry for nothing. Do something!”
She raced to her room and I curled up on the couch and sobbed
Author’s POV
Kyle heard a soft knock on his door but didn’t make an attempt to respond
“Are you in there Kyle?”
His mom asked but she didn’t reply either. He only adjusted his blanket tightly to cover his ears
“Food is ready Kyle”
Amy said before walking away when she heard the door bell rang
In • The •Sitting • Room
“Good afternoon mom”
Lana greeted cheerfully when Amy opened the door for her to come in
“How are you doing Lana?”
“Am fine how is little sibling doing?”
She pointed to Amy’s little bump
“Fine dear”
Lana dropped the bags on the table and said
“I dropped by at the Mall on my way down her to buy small groceries”
“Oh thank you Lana”
(Amy picked the bags)
“Lemme help you with some of that”
Lana collected it and carried it into the kitchen
“Want some food? I just prepared little lunch”
Amy asked
“Sure starving. Where is Kyle?”
“In his room”
(Amy replied)
“Is he still refusing to eat?”
“Yes he hasn’t eaten for days now. I was even thinking of calling either you or Luis so you could talk to him”
“Is this about Kira?”
“Yes – he still blames himself for what happened each time he remembers Kira. Everyone talked to him but he won’t listen and this days he’s so fond of keeping to himself”
Amy said soberly
“Oh don’t cry godmother it might affect the baby you carrying”
Amy wiped a tear that dropped down her cheek
“I will try to talk to him”
“I pray he listens to you”
“I hope so too”
“Then lemme dish his food so you can take it with you”
Amy served Kyle’s food in a plate,placed it in a small tray and gave it to Lana
“Should I serve yours too?”
“No mom I will like to talk to him first”
“Okay when you are done just come and serve yours”
“Are you going out? godmother”
Lana asked
“Yes I need to see Mrs Gonzales for some issues concerning the school”
“About the broken boundary right?”
“Yes Lana”
“Okay..see you later mom”
She headed out of the kitchen towards Kyle’s room
Kyle •• Bedroom
Lana opened the door slowly and walked into the dark room only a dim bedside lamp provided light in the big room
“I said am not hungry mom”
He said thinking it was his mom, Kyle pulled the bedcover over his head. Lana dropped the tray on his reading table before climbing into his bed. She wrapped her arms around him from behind
“Do you wanna die of starvation Sire?”
Kyle stiffened when he heard Lana’s voice
“Do you think kira will be happy to see you like this?”
She removed the blanket from his face
“It hurt me to see you like this Zachary and I still feel bad about what happened to Kira and I want to assure you that Kira is not dead. I’m sure she is doing fine”
How sure are you that Kira is doing fine?”
He turned to face Lana
“Kira -”
“You are not sure of what you just said you are only hoping that she will be fine. Lana you of all people should know that the last thing Kira will ever do is to be far away from her Family, Friends and most especially what she loves doing”
“I know Kyle”
“I should be blamed for what happened to Kira if only I had accepted mom’s offer of sending me to Mumbai to meet Master and get trained on powers then I would have been able to stop that guy from taking kira away”
“No Kyle that where you are getting it wrong. You can’t stop what is fated to happen. It a prophecy so it had to come to pass”
“Then such prophecy shouldn’t have come to pass”
“Sh sh don’t talk like that”
She silenced him
“Okay let assume if Kira was still here with us and then someone dark comes into her room unaware and killed Kira..what would you have done?”
He didn’t give an answer to what Lana said
“Listen to me Kyle,kira is going to return back to us safely. Matteo already assured us that She is with someone who can protect her”
“But it been two weeks Lana and she hasn’t returned”
He said soberly
“She will just have a strong believe that Kira will come back”
She placed her forehead on his
“You shouldn’t behave like this because of mom she needs you more than ever before now that she carrying another life in her. You have to be by her side always since dad and kira are not around for now. Try to be cheerful if not for anyone but for mom and the little baby growing in mom’s sure little brother wants a strong elder brother”
Kyle gave her a small smile at her humor. Then Lana placed a kiss on his forehead
“Did mom call you up to come over?”
(Kyle asked)
“No I already had it in mind to come visiting”
“I dropped by at the Mall to get some groceries for mom then guess what?”
“I bumped into someone at the Mall”
“I don’t know if I should tell you who I saw at the Mall”
“Tell me Lana”
He caressed her cheeks
“Max Torres”
Kyle hissed
“Hey what was that for?”
“Let not talk about him”
(He frowned)
“I want us to Zachary”
(She pouts)
“Okay so what did he say? – don’t tell me you’re going out with Max Torres”
“What?! Hell no! Kyle why would you think of me like that?Why on earth would I want to go out with someone who Kira loves. I can’t believe you!
(She was almost getting out of bed but Kyle pulled her back)
“I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you with that”
“But you said it anyways”
Lana spat
“Pardon me..I was only wondering why Max came to you instead of me”
“Would you have given him a chance?”
“Yeah you are right I would have beaten the hell out of him”
“Well he only asked of Kira and I told him what happened”
“So did he say he is going to look for her?”
“He didn’t say such but even if Max decides to do that you know it impossible for anyone to find Kira”
Kyle:that true
(They stared intensely at each other… Few seconds passes and no one said anything but Kyle slowly brought his face closer to Lana’s to kiss her then she spoke up)
He raised a brow
“I..i..i brought in your lunch – Mom prepared something for you”
She bite her lower lip
“I’m not hungry”
“No you have to eat mom said you haven’t eaten for days”
“Not days like that…I just Didn’t eat yesterday and the night before”
“It all the same Zachary”
She moved out of his embrace and went to carry the tray from the table
“Come and eat”
She opened the food and gave Kyle the spoon
“Here eat up”
“Are you sleeping over?”
Kyle asked again
“But you used to sleep over wen Kira was here”
“Yeah I know”
“So you can sleep here tonight”
“Kira’s room of course”
“No! Not with having a guy next door who can appear in the room in the middle of the night and sneak into my bed just to steal a kiss from me”
“So who is the guy?”
He asked toying with the spoon in his mouth
(She exclaimed)
“Me!?I’m not going to do that – don’t you trust me?”
“Well I do trust Kyle but not to the extend of sleeping next door alone since you’ve been stealing kisses from me every chance you get at school. If we get caught kissing by students or our parents they might get the wrong idea”
“What idea?”
He sipped on his drink
“That…that…we are dating”
She avoided his gaze immediately
“So are we not dating”
She sighed out
“We are not dating Kyle”
“So whose fault is that?…I confessed to you Lana but you didn’t give me any good response”
“But I told you what I wanted Zachary”
“Oh! That you want to end up with your first boyfriend”
Lana looked away from him again
“Look at me Lana should i be honest with you”
He turned her face to look straight at him
“I can’t assure a life time because I feel we’re still too young for that -”
He held her both hands
“But there is one thing i am sure of which is to be a good boyfriend and the best you will ever have. Let’s start from that and see where that leads us”
(He paused)
“Is that fine by you? see I can give you enough time to think and I don’t want you to think I’m pushing you too hard”
“No it Fine Kyle”
“Uhmmm so it that a yes?”
“Yes Kyle”
His face brightened
“You see I do love you Kyle and I would regret saying no to you”
He pulled her in for a warm embrace
“Thank you my Love”
(He whispered into her ears)

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