June 14, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 109

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Venessar High School.

Episode 109

Autumn’s POV.

Sean and I were inside the room watching the television when Kimberly and Stephen entered.

“What’s up guys?” I asked.

“He’s blind and crippled ” Stephen answered.

“Good, that is exactly what I want. I do not want to kill him cause he’s the father of my husband but making him useless while on earth should make him stop his attack at us” I said.

“Now we can live the peaceful life we had always wished .” I added.

“Professor Lucas said to tell you that the battle had just started .” Kimberly said and my face dropped.

A bit of fear sweeps across my mind cause I know that this time ,he will practically kill me and ensure that I’m dead.

The inner bullet proof that I wore was what saved me.

“Has Sean recovered his memory?” Kimberly asked.

“I’ve administered the drug to him. Hopefully ,he will be fine soon ” I said and Kim nodded.

“Friends ,what do we do with professor Lucas since he wouldn’t stop his act of revenge ?”

“I do not even think we should sleep here this night.” Sean suggested.

“Don’t worry friends , I’ll handle it ” I said.


Final Batlle


12 AM at night.

Author Feather’s POV.

Autumn was standing at night like a guard , she was watching every activities at the entrance of the house with an opened eye.

A car bus arrived at exactly 12:10 PM.

Autumn removed the two guns that he had kept at his back pocket and stood ready to take down as many but to Autumn’s surprise, Five more car buses arrives and fear gripped her all of a sudden.

They began to step down like swarms of bees and fear engulfed her.

The bullet in her two guns would take down 12 people at most but the people she is seeing are more than 30 with bullet proofs all over their body and heavy guns by their side.

They all began to approach the house while Autumn just stood still. It’s a lost battle to her already. How many would she kill?

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