July 27, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 17

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24 Hours With The Boss Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 17


I watched him and laughed. I went to the small table at the side of the room and began to drum as he scratch his body painfully.

It was so horrible that I began to feel pathetic for him. I went to where the solution is and got him the cream that he can rob on his body to get relieved.

But I’m glad I let him enjoy the pain for five minutes.

After he had scrubbed the solution on his body ,he exhaled happily and sunk to the floor. He began to use his mouth to breath like someone that had just run a race.

He raised his head suddenly to me and I could see the expression of anger on his face.

“You are dead. “He said.

“I know. But please kill me with knife. I don’t like to die with gun” I said and he stood up slowly and came to me.

He held me by my neck and pushed me to the wall.

I was struggling to speak and I was struggling to breathe too. Seems he really wants to kill me for real.

I sent him a kick on his manhood and he screamed painfully as he left me.

He bent down and I bent too. “Sorry!”

He sat down to the floor holding his manhood and groaning in pain.

“I’ve had enough of you. I’m calling the security to come for you” He said and stood.

“Please sir. I had to do something to safe myself. ” I pleaded but he would not listen.

He put a call across to the security has he had promised and in a jiffy ,the security men arrive.

“This girl is very stubborn ,arrest her ” He commanded and they came to me and held me by my two hands.

“May we know whom she is only to you sir ?” One of the security men asked.

“My sister.” He answered and they took me away.

They took me to a very neat jail and lock me in. Surprisingly ,there was a bed inside.

I just changed my perception about the jail and assume that it’s another room in the hotel.

The only issue with this place is the cold. The cold is too much cause there are neither windows or closed doors.

I was grinding my teeth and freezing slowly.

Hope this cold won’t kill me here.

Few minutes later ,I saw them drag another lady to the same jail that I was.

They locked her in and she continued cursing for those security men.

She turned at me and said; “can you imagine ,just because I didn’t pay and they are embarrassing me.”

I didn’t give her a reply ,I just watch instead.

She came to sit beside me.
“What made them lock you up?” She asked.

“My brother said I’m so disturbing ”

“You mean you and your brother came to the hotel together and Lodge in the same room?”

“Sure , it’s not a big deal.”

“Wao! Tell me about your brother?” She asked.

“He’s rich and cute, stubborn and loving.” I said and she smiled.

“I must marry your brother. ” She smirked.

“Did you think you are leaving this place soon?” I ask.

“Just watch?” She said I kept watching for the miracle that is about to happen that will case her to leave this place.

And I hope that the heart of the ruthless billionaire will be changed to free me from here. The cold here is killing.

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