August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 14

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 14

(Sort of feelings)

Miguel’s POV

What sort of terrible feeling am I having towards that girl , not like I really like her though. She’s just one jerk , rude and very clumsy

But seeing her with that guy kinda saddens a part of me. I do not know why ! I loose the appetite to lick the ice cream I went to buy

I’m kinda scared that she may not sit beside me again , she may now sit with the boy

I’m having a kinda feeling that she won’t talk to me or disturb me again , her hatred for me will grow now since she already has another new friend

I hope I can get over this terrible feeling.

“Hey ” I heard beside me and I turned

A tall slim beautiful girl sat on my desk with a smile on her face

“May I know your name ?” She asked

“My name! I’ve got no idea who you are ” I retorted


Sawyer’s POV

Joe and I were discussing in his new sit when I suddenly saw a girl sitting comfortably at the mean boy’s desk , she was smiling and speaking comfortably to the mean boy

I wanna stand up and push the girl away but that will be very stupid of me , more so , he may think I’m getting some kinda feelings for him

No! He’s such a mean boy, doesn’t even talk to me, wouldn’t tell me his name , snub me like I am nothing and will never make his brother associate with me

He definitely hates me so much, I just hate the fact that these girl is sitting beside her

Joe was saying all sorts, cracking jokes , just doing everything to make our time fun but my mind isn’t really there

I was trying to control my emotions by giving him attention but it’s sort of hard

I do not wanna believe that I’m having some sort of feelings towards this mean boy

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