July 30, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 15

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Episode 15

Written by Feathers

( She did not understand me )

Miguel’s POV

We had closed in the school and I was walking home along side Ruby , Ruby is the girl that came to sit in my desk introducing herself

The lady is brilliant and cool , I like her. She doesn’t talk much like Reese. She talks more of the subjects we doing and not unnecessary stuffs like Reese does

Making her a friend will be more preferable , Reese is sure gonna frustrate my life if I ever allow her to be friend with me

Well , I hope that when she sees Ruby with me , she stops stalking me , even though there is this kinda feeling I’m having towards her , I believe I may someday come over it

“I’m departing to my house now ” Ruby said when we got to a junction

“Alright , see you soon ” I said and waved her bye with smile on our faces

I feel lightened up on the inside as I walked home , I finally find a friend. She understands me when I hardly reply. She doesn’t insult me rudely just cus of who I am.

I don’t like girls that insult.

“Hey mean boy” I heard someone called just as I almost got to the entrance of my house

I turned and it was Reese

What did this girl want this time . I believe she now has a new friend

She walked towards me and maintained a sad face, she hurriedly lightened me up and smiled at me

“What” I was forced to say that out cus I was wondering why she was smiling at me

“You hate me , why did you hate me ?” She asked

What! Did I? No , I did not hate her , I’m not just comfortable with her clumsy behaviour

I keep looking at her thinking of the perfect answer to give

“I know you won’t respond , I hate you too” She said almost crying as she walked away

What the hell is it about this girl , she just didn’t understand me

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