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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 14

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
Chapter 14
“Ty,” Adrian stood up from where he was kneeling and went to Tyler who was standing,arms in akimbo in front of Uncle Sola,
“I’m not wrong,I’ve seen him somewhere before.” The little boy protested,
“Who’s this boy Adrian?” Uncle Sola asked,frowning to Adrian,
“He’s the little human pest your favorite nephew is protecting from me.” Lucas said with a disdainful face towards Adrian and Tyler,
“You’re mean.” Tyler cried and ran to Adrian,he hugged the boy as he got hold of him,
“Ty,let’s go home,” Adrian carried the boy,
“Your mommy would be dying waiting to see you.” He turned to leave,then took a last look at his uncle,
“Uncle Sola, I would see you and explain everything when I get back.” He casted one hateful glare at Lucas and Simon before he finally left the chamber leaving Uncle Sola at the mercy of Lucas’s lies.
????????Flint Hills????????
“Rachel,I’m worried about Adrian.” Eva said as Rachel helped her lie on her bed,
“He isn’t here yet and he didn’t come to the hospital before we left.” Rachel heaved out,
“Eva don’t worry,Adrian would be here anytime soon and I’m going home to bring Tyler over now.” She said but secretly regretted it,
I shouldn’t be talking about Tyler now cause I don’t know whether Adrian has him or not.
“We should have gone to your place instead,I don’t think I want to be home alone now.” She said with pouted lips,Rachel faked a smile,
“Okay,this is it,I would stay with you till Adrian comes back,after then I would go home and bring Tyler,hm.” She left to the kitchen to get water for Eva,
“Okay,thanks a lot Rachel,” Eva thanked her when she came back with a bowl of hot saucy soup and a glass of water,
“I don’t know what I would have done without you.”She kept the tray on the bed side table and went to help her up,
“Cause you deserve to be treated fine Eve,those people that treated you wrong are monsters,Eve you deserve to be happy once again.” Rachel said as she scooped the soup to feed Eva,
“Now you’re treating me like I do treat Tyler.” She smiled,
Okay,”she handed the bowl to her,
“Make sure you finish that,I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything.” Eva took the bowl,nodded with a smiling face and a bandaged head to Rachel who smiled back and left.
???? ????New York City????????
???? ???? Kingston’s Mansion????????
“Diego,anything else?” Davis asked Diego as e packed the whole file containing information’s on Eva in a briefcase,
“Nothing else.” Diego took the briefcase and heads outside but was stopped abruptly by Laurel,
“Dave,where are you off to?” She said faking a caring face,Jane popped her head from behind carrying Zia,
“Like she cares,” Davis signal to Diego to leave,so as not to witness the ugly scene that’s about to be played now,
“Okay,meet me at the car lot.” Diego took the briefcase and left immediately,
“Jane please take care of Zia for me okay.” He took Zia from Jane and started pecking her chubby cheeks while the little girl clapped her pudgy hands in excitement, the exciting face she only has for her father,Laurel sighed.
“Dave,you haven’t answers my question,where are you going to?” Laurel asked with a more indignant voice,Davis handed Zia back to Jane,sighed and left not uttering any word to an already annoyed Laurel,
“Davis you can’t go anywhere without telling me.” Laurel yelled after him but Davis didn’t turn to her, he walked outside the mansion and joined Diego in the car.
“Man,is that what you handle every time?” Diego asked playfully as Davis took his seat,
“You’ve seen for yourself the hell I pass through everyday, but regardless of that,let’s go find Eva.” He started the car and zoomed off before Laurel came out with Davina.
“Did he tell you anything?” Davina asked,
“No,he didn’t even utter any word to me.” Laurel feigned,Davina brought out her phone and dialled Mal’s phone,he picked up immediately,
“I suspect my son has clue clue on her location, he just left now and he’s going through Madison Avenue,follow him now.” She said to him and hung up,smiling to herself for the victory yet to come,
“Now our problem is finally coming to an end.” She said to Laurel,they smiled evilly and went inside the mansion.
????Flint Hill????
“Mommy!” Tyler cried as he ran inside their house,
“Tyler be careful.” Adrian warned the boy as he ran inside,
“Oh Tyler,you’re back.” Rachel who was in the kitchen, ran out to embrace the boy,she checked him to see whether he was hurt,
“Did they hurt you? Who took you?” She bombarded him with questions as she continued checking him up,
“No aunt,I wasn’t hurt by anyone and no one took me.” He said taking a look at Adrian.
“TyRex, can you do me a favor?” Adrian asked as they walked down the woods,Tyler looked at him and nodded,
“What’s it Uncle Adrian?” He asked in his sweetest kid voice,
“I don’t want you to tell anyone what had happened back there especially tour mommy,don’t say anything to them.” He said to the boy,
“But mommy would ask me where I was, what should I tell her?” He asked confusedly,
“Hmmmmmm,” he scratched his head thinking of a perfect lie to tell,
“Okay,tell her you were at Derry’s,okay.” He said,
“Isn’t that lying?” Tyler asked him,he sighed,
“No,when you’re lying to save someone’s life,it isn’t recorded as a lie,its a saving tactics.” Adrian said,
“Whose life are we now saving?” Tyler asked,Adrian groaned,
Now he has opened a chapter of questions both needed and unneeded,
“Well you see,”He knelt down to the boy’s level and placed his two hands on his shoulder,
” If your mommy finds out that the bad uncle got you,she’ll be very worried sick and we won’t want that right,”the boy nodded,
“So we have to keep this secret between ourselves okay?” The boy nodded again,Adrian stood up,
“Is mommy still at the hospital?” He asked,
“Maybe or she might have been discharged though but let’s go to the hospital first,if she isn’t there,we’ll go home then.” He took the boy’s hand and they walked down the woods.
End of flashback
“Adrian where did you find him?” Rachel asked the tired looking Adrian,
“He was on the way to your place when I saw him.” Rachel turned to Tyler,
“Boy,you almost gave us a heart fright,well thank God you’re back home,your mommy is in her room.” She took his hands and kissed it,
“Adrian,thank you.” She mouthed to Adrian,
“Eva’s sleeping in her room,I’ll be on my way home now since you guys are here.” She ruffled Tyler’s hair and walked to the door,
“Make sure you get something to eat and take care of Eva,her medication is on the table,make sure she takes it and you get some rest yourself.” Rachel waved to Tyler and left through the door,
“Thanks a lot.” Adrian muttered as she left.
Before he could turn back,Tyler raced himself to Eva’s room,
“Mommy! Mommy!!” He yelled in excitement as he raced to her room,
“Oh Tyler.” Adrian massaged his forehead to ease the pounding headache that’s about to explode his head,he walked after him.
Eva woke up to the excited voice that called her,
“Tyler.” She said weakly and sat up,just then her door burst open and Tyler ran in with Adrian in tow,he ran to her and jumped on her bed,
“Tyler,how are you son,I’ve missed you a lot.” She kissed him and hugged him tight,
“Mommy!” He squealed in excitement while Adrian stood by and watch the mother and son duo reunite,
“I’m so sorry,I didn’t mean to make you worried.” She said to him as she wiped the tears that were escaping her son eyes,
“Mommy,you won’t leave me right? The doctor and Uncle Adrian said if I give you blood you won’t leave me.” She nodded,she wasn’t never going to leave him not now,not ever,
“Yes,he told me,he said you’re a very strong boy and you didn’t cry when they took your blood to give mommy.” Tyler was elated,the doctor and Uncle Adrian had called him a strong boy,
“Hmmm.” Adrian cleared his throat for them to acknowledge his presence,
“Um,sorry Adrian.” He walked up to them,
“I just miss Tyler a lot,thanks for being there for me.” She mouthed with her head down,he sat on her bed and raised her head up,
“You shouldn’t do that Eva,you and Tyler are my responsibility now.” Trying not to break down was a hard one,she wasn’t good and handling tears,she broke down and hugged him.Tyler moved from the bed to give them space,
“Eve it’s okay,stop crying,everything is going to be alright.” He consoled her while she wet his shirt with her warm tears,she broke from the hug,
“I’m so sorry Adrian,I’m so sorry.” She apologized to him,
“You don’t have to be,if you don’t want to talk about it,I’m okay with that, as long as you’re fine.” He said,she tried to get up,
“No.” Adrian wanted to stop her,
“Don’t worry,I’m fine.” He nodded and help her stand up while Tyler took his red Shelton west car on her dressing table and left to his room,
It’s been long he played with Rex.
“Adrian,let go to the living room.” He held her hand and walked her to the living room,made her sit down and he did the same,
“Adrian,I have a lot to tell you about myself,” Her head was down,
“I know you must be wondering who I really am and what I’m doing here in Flint Hill with my son right?” He nodded,he’d thought about that but didn’t wanted to pry into her privacy by asking her cause and secondly, he has his own secret from her too,
“I’m not really Eva Kennedy, I’m Eva Kingston,Joseph Kingston’s wife,” Adrian gasped,he might be a vampire and all that but everyone know the Kingston’s and most especially Joseph Kingstons the first born son of Jose Kingston,
“Yes I know you must be surprised at what Joseph Kingston’s wife would be doing here hmm,?” He was too shocked to say any word, so he just nodded and she continued, told him of her ordeal in Joseph’s hands and Davis betrayal to her.
When she finished,Adrian stood up from the couch and went to her and took her hands into his,
“I’m so sorry Eva.” He took her by surprise with a kiss,she couldn’t stop it,instead she played on with the kiss but he broke up abruptly,
“Eva,I’m so sorry,its jus…….” Eva pulled him closer and kissed him again,this time taking his lips full on hers,with their tongue going in a wonderful rhythm,their kiss was still on when her door flung opened and she was met with the face of the man that had betrayed her love for him

???????? Chapter 14????????
????????Still At Flint Hills????????
“Dave.” Eva was shocked to see him,he didn’t even knock,he just barged in and seeing her and Adrian in this position,
Gosh,not now. She broke free from Adrian immediately,Dave rushed toward them and pulled Adrian from Eva’s side,
“Eva,what going on here?” He asked Eva while Adrian contained the urge to deepen his fangs into the man now between him and Eva and drain him of all the blood his body possess.He looked at Eva,her colorful face has gone to white,pale as he has never seen,Davis went to her,
“Eva,I’m talking to you,who’s this man and what’s going on here.” Davis asked while Diego just stood back to watch the whole scene.Adrian,irrespective of Davis ranting and Eva’s silence,he tucked his hands to Eva’s and warmed her back to life,
“Eva dear,who’s he?” He asked her warmly,she looked at him,with one last drop of tears,
“Davis, he’s Dav……” She fainted in Adrian’s arm,
“Eva!” Adrian shouted in fear and that got Tyler running out from his room to know why Adrian is shouting but was met with two unfamiliar faces,
“Mommy!” Tyler ran to Adrian who was still calling unto her while the other man came to take over,
“Uncle Adrian what happened to mommy?” He asked as Adrian hurriedly took Eva to her room,
“Ty,get me a bowl of water from the kitchen.” Adrian said and Tyler ran to the kitchen while the two unfamiliar men followed him.
When he came back with the bowl of water,Adrian was beside his mommy,so he went to him and handed him the bowl of water,
“Uncle Adrian, what happened to mommy again,I thought she was well again.” He asked fighting tears,Dave couldn’t take his eyes off Tyler,his son,
“Uncle,who are you guys?” Tyler turned to the two unfamiliar men in his mommy’s room,
“I’m.. I’m.” Davis stammered, Adrian turned to him in one angry glare,
“Leave this room now.” He ordered,not wanting to cause more trouble,Davis and Diego stood up and went to the living room,
“Man,you came all the way here to protect her,are you just going to leave cause you saw her kissing another man?” Diego asked,Davis liked at him,
“No,I’m going to wait till she’s awake and I want to know why she did that,why she forgot about me so soon and started hanging out with that man.” He said and made himself comfortable in her couch,the scene he met when he came inside was still playing in his head,
“No!”he stood up,
” Diego wait for me here.”He rushed into her room,she was now awake,lying beside Adrian and she was crying too while Tyler was lying beside her,
They make a good couple…No! He wasn’t thinking that,Eva’s his and his alone to protect.He barged inside,
“Eva!”He yelled,sick of seeing her in intimate position with this stranger,she stood up defying Adrian,
” Davis what do you want?”She asked him,he was surprised at her question,
How can some stranger take his Eva,that’s so impossible,
“Eva,I came for you,I cam………” She cut him short,
“Davis,I don’t know how you found me but please go back,I’m tired of you and your family, I’m sick tired of everything…” Adrian stood up and stood beside her,
“Eva,there’s a plot to….”
“I don’t care,just leave!” She yelled,
“I need to protect you.” He said stubbornly, casting hateful glances at Adrian,
“Davis I don’t need your protection, the last time I tried that I got betrayed by the one..” He knelt in front of her,
“Eva,you were drugged that night and that was the only thing I could do…” She turned to Tyler who was witnessing all the drama,
“Tyler,go to your room now.” He stood up and hurried out_ She turned to Davis,
“The only thing you could do was to rape me right?” Her voice filled with disgust for him,
“You ruined my life and because of you u had to suffer in the hands of your family ah,Davis please I can’t go through that again,please allow me live my life again.” She broke down in front of him,
“Please leave me alone,I can protect my son and my self,”
“My parents are planning to kill you and take Tyler with them and I won’t let them,I’m going to protect you whether you like it or not.” He bent to bring her up but Adrian stopped him,
“Don’t lay a finger on her cause you would surely regret it.”Adrian pulled Eva up,
” We don’t need your protection Mr Kingston,so you’d better leave now.”Adrian took Eva to the bed and turned to Davis,
“Davis please leave!” He turned his back and left the room angrily,
“Diego let’s go.” He told Diego and they both walked outside the house.
“Eva don’t worry,you’re gonna be alright.” Adrian consoled Eva,still cursing that Davis had interrupted their moment,
“They’ll kill me now,I can’t let them take him,they can’t take Tyler.” She was crying a mantra while Adrian pulled her close,
“Tyler? Tyler!” She called,stood up from Adrian body and ran to the boy’s room to be sure he’s still there,
“Tyler.” She went to him,carried him from the bed and went back to her room,
Now,she’ll be a mother hen and no one absolutely no one can touch her chick,
“Eva don’t worry,I’m here and I’ll protect you with my whole existence.” Adrian said as she placed the sleeping boy on her bed and lay next to him,she got up again,
“Adrian we need to leave this place,”
“Why?” Adrian stoop up,
“If Davis can find us,it means that they are nearby.” She started packing her clothes and Tyler’s into a luggage,
“Eva stop,” Adrian dragged her from the wardrobe and held her at spot,
“Eva,running away is never an option, now you need to stand back and fight for your life and Tyler’s,” she was shivering and crying too,
“Eva,you need to fight back,you’ve been I’ll treated for long,now you have to fight back, okay.” She nodded,still crying,she nodded and made a promise to herself to fight back,fight those people that were hurting her,now she’ll fight back,
“And Eva,I’m always here to protect you, I’ll never leave you or betray you.” He hugged her and planted a kiss on her forehead,fighting the urge not to take her here and now.
“Davis what are we going to do now?” Diego asked Diego as they drove into the main street of Flint Hills,
“I can’t believe she hasn’t forgiven me for what happened almost five years ago and she’s blaming me for her shattered marriage,” Davis cursed,
“Man you have to take it easy,but did touy actually raped her?” Diego asked,Davis got and stopped the car immediately, almost causing an accident,
“I didn’t! I had to sleep with her cause she was drugged with aphrodisiac and Joseph was no where to be found.” He said frustrated,
“Okay,okay,don’t loose it on me.” Diego said defensively,
“I don’t know who that Adrian is but he’s suspicious,” Davis said,
“Cause you found them kissing.” Diego mocked,
“No! Can’t you see it,he looks so suspicious and now, we aren’t leaving here till we know what his true motives are towards Eva.” He concluded,
“And Tyler,remember we’re in this for him too.” Davis nodded,ignited the car’s engine and they drove out to the main high in search of a good motel they can lodge for the time being.

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