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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 15

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????????In Love ???? With A Vampire????????
????Chapter 15????
Davis was so infuriated when they left Eva’s,
“So what are we gonna do now she’s kicked your ass out of her life?”Diego said as Davis got into the car,slamming the steering with his fist,
” Never!No guy can take Eve from me or my son,no one!”Diego felt pity for him bit on a second note,
Was Tyler really Davis’s son?
“Man take of easy,chill.We’re gonna find a way to bring Eva back and protect her from your family,okay.”
This is no time to start asking him his real intention towards Eva and whether Tyler was really his son or Joseph’s.
“We can’t go back,we’ll have to stay back and watch over them,that son of a b**c,” Davis cursed,
“But meanwhile,let’s look for sometimes here to eat cause I’m famished and we can as well ask around about that guy,what’s his name again?” Diego asked,he was actually trying to easen the tension in the air, Davis nodded as they drove off
No one,no one is gonna take Eva and Tyler from him,he’d made the mistake once living her with his brother but now,he isn’t gonna make that mistake again,he’s gonna fight the whole world for their sake including his family and Adrian the odd looking stranger he found kissing Eva.
“Adrian,his name is Adrian.” He breathed,hating the name and the bearer,the bearer who want to take the most important persons in his life from him and he isn’t gonna allow that.

Adrian sat on Eva’s couch,it was far late at night and Eva and Tyler are fast asleep,he couldn’t sleep and was determine to keep watch all through the night and make sure no one comes in and take Eva and Tyler away.He couldn’t help but wonder and imagine what Eva’s going through.
“Ty,go pack your things were leaving here tonight.” Eva ordered her son who stood dumbfounded,
“But mom….” He tried to protest,
Why the sudden change?Is it because of those Uncles that came to their house?they seemed nice so why would mommy be scared of them,
“Mommy,are we leaving because of those uncles?” He asked pouting on his child-like manner,she came and knelt in front of him,
“Ty,there are some things mommy shouldn’t be telling you,we’ve to leave cause we…….”
“Is uncle Adrian coming with us?” The boy asked,Eva couldn’t help but worry,her son has grown fond of Adrian since the last few days and Adrian has always been there for them and has promise to protect them,shouldn’t she…..
“Mommy is Adria coming with us?” He asked again,she shook her head slightly,
“Uncle Adrian is gonna stay behind.” She stood up when it became obvious to her she’ll break down and really didn’t wanna do it in front of her son.
“Okay.” The boy said and left,he will have to tell Adrian is that his mommy is planning on leaving,
“Uncle Adrian!” Tyler called as he came outside the house,
No reply
“Uncle Adrian!” He called again,this time a bit louder,Adrian fish d out of the wood and ran to him,
“Ty,what’s wrong?” He asked,kneeling in front of the little man,
“Mommy is planning to leave again.” The boy didn’t mince his word,
“I want you to stop her,she’s worried that those uncles that came here would hurt her and take me away.” Adrian was surprised at his words,
“How did you know all this?” He couldn’t help bit ask the boy,Tyler scratched his forehead,still keeping a more serious tone,
“Mommy told you,so I know you know.I don’t want to leave here,I know you love my mommy a lot,so you’ve got to protect her so she won’t be scared anymore.” He said,Adrian still surprised did nothing but nodded,
How did this boy found out everything and uncovered his deepest feelings?This boy must sure be a genius.
“Okay,I’m gonna go inside and talk to your mommy and I promise you I’m gonna protect your mommy and you from those bad guys.” He swore to the boy and himself,
No one is gonna hurt you Eva cause I’m gonna protect you with every single being in me.I might not be the perfect man for you since I’m a vampire but I will do everything possible to make sure you remain happy.Adrian stood up and walked toward the door,
“Adrian!” Tyler called him again and he turned,
“Goodluck.” Adrian couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the boys courage,he smiled back and nodded,
Now its time to be a man.
After much persuasion from Adrian,Eva decided to stay back and let Adrian show his prowess by protecting her and her son but that didn’t stop her from being on guard always,she made sure Tyler never left her sight and accompany him everywhere.
????End of flashback????
????Back in New York????
???? Kingston’s Mansion????
“What do you mean by you lost them?” Davina fired at Mal through the phone,he sighed,
Now she’s having enough of his arrogancy,
“Ma’am, you son is so slimy,they mad me follow them through an alley and when we got to a congest environment, they changed car and I lost them but don’t worry,I’m gonna get them soon.” He apologized, now she sighed,
“You’ve till the end of this week to finish this job or better still refund my money and I’ll give the job to a more suitable person.” She said and hung up,
“Arrgh!” She got angry and wiped the table causing very Hong there to fall on the floor including the bottle of wine she was sipping from,it caused a shattering sound that send signal almost to the whole house that something was amiss,Joseph,his father and Laurel ran to her room to know what was going on.
“Mother,what’s happening?” Joseph asked as he saw his mom angry face,
“Davina,what wrong?” Sir Juan went to his wife,
“You go ask your son,” Juan was surprised including Joseph and Laurel,
“What do you mean,talk to me.” He made her sit on the bed,
“Davis has ruined our plan,I’d asked Mal to follow him because he left in a hurry yesterday but now the bastard called that he lost them.” She said,
“Why did you ask Mal to tail him?” Juan asked and Davina looked at Laurel,
“Cause I believe he know Eva’s whereabout and has gone to see her.” She said and he gasped,
“What do we do now?” Laurel asked,Joseph smiled,he just had a better idea,
“We can trace Davis’s location then place a call to Mal and give him the exact location.” He said with a victorious smile,his parents did too,
“Okay,let’s place a call to him now.” He took out his phone and dialled Davis’s cell phone.In a room not far fro theirs,a bit older woman eavesdropped and place a cal to Davis informing him of the latest plan.
???? Flint Hill????
Davis and Diego couldn’t go back to New York,so they decided to lodge in one of the local motel close by so as to keep a watch on Eva then ask around about Adrian.It was so socking when it turns out that no one knows about him,
“You mean you don’t know any man by the name Adrian?” He asked for the umpteenth time,
“Young man I don’t know you and knows no one by that name in Flint Hill.” The milk vendor said impatiently,
“But you know who Eva is? And her son Tyler?” He brought out a small sized photo of her and showed the man,who smiled as he saw it,
“Yes,the sweet young woman and her adorable son,they leave at old Albert’s house at the end of the street before the wood.” His impatient tone had disappeared,Davis had wanted to ask him another question but seems like this man isn’t done talking,
“She came here some days back and has been the darling of Flint Hill,she works with Rachel at the cake shop and she makes the best pancakes ever.” He said smiling,obviously day dream about eating Eva’s pancakes at the Flint Fest a few days ago.Davis smiled at Diego,now they have another clue on who to ask about that Adrian mysterious guy and his relationship with Eva,
“Okay thanks a lot Sir, so where can we get this Rachel?” He asked the man,
“Uhm..she lives down the this street, just a few blocks from Eva but her shop is at the other side of the road,if you take the next street,its right being the flower shop.” Davis smiled,this man’s direction seems odd but at least he has a clue on someone closer to Eva he can ask about Adrian,
“Thanks a lot Sir.” He turned to Diego and signalled him that they should leave,the latter nodded and thanked the man too and they turned to leave,
“Make sure you get to taste Rachel’s cake before you leaves her,its the best in the world.” The man yelled behind them,Davis nodded as they continued the journey.
Going to Rachel’s seemed harder than they thought,they took a wrong turn and ended up in the road that led to the church,
“The village seems to be harder than the people living in it.” Diego commented,
“Let’s stop by and ask for direction,” Davis pulled by the butcher’s shop,
“Good day Sir,please how far are we from Rachel’s shop?” Diego asked popping in his head to the drivers seat,
“Its just right ahead of you.” The man replied as he dragged in a heavy sack with blood dripping from its corners, the sight was so terrific to Davis he drove away without saying thanks.
Eva couldn’t stop wondering about Davis appearance at her house yesterday,, the worried look on her face attracted Rachel’s attention,
“Eva,what wrong?” Rachel asked filled with concern,
“Nothing, I’m just tired.” She lied and continued with what she was doing,Rachel who knew that wasn’t the case,came to her and made her turn to her,
“That’s not the case,something’s bothering you and I need you to tell me what’s that.” Her face was a bit stern but very kind,
“It’s Davis.” The two words got Rachel shaken,
“He came to my housing yesterday,” she broke down,Rachel was shocked
How did Davis find them?
“I don’t know how he got wind that we were here,thank God for Adrian ,I don’t know what Eva’s could have done.” She released a few tears before Rachel held her up,
“But why did he come looking for you out of the blues?” Rachel asked,Eva sniffled,
“He said that they were after me,his parents were all out to harm me and take Tyler with them.” She cried,Rachel was shocked,
How can people be so cold and heartless to want to harm someone like Eva?
“I won’t let anyone take my son from me,I’ll never let them take him.” She continued to whimper in between the sniffling and crying, Rachel felt pity for her,she’s still young but has to go through all this pains and fears,
Life’s so unfair.
“Mommy,some men are asking for you.” Derry ran inside the pantry like thunderbolt and left immediately giving the message of the strangers looking for his mama.
“I’ll be right there.” She said but the boy had left already,so she turned back to Eva,
“Sweetheart, clean your tears,everything’s gonna be alright.”
” I’ll have to go out and see who’s looking for me,okay.”Eva nodded and wiped her tears with the back of her palm,then a sudden impulse for her to go with Rachel came,
“Mind if I come with you?” Rachel nodded,they held and left the pantry room.
They were met with the most surprising sight ever, Tyler was standing in front of Davis and Diego,arms in akimbo and a very fierce expression on his face,
“You’re this bad uncle that came to take me from my mommy right?” Eva overhead his child-like but angry voice asking Davis who had the cunning smile on his face.
“Tyler!” Eva yelled as she rushed d over and pulled Tyler from Davis’s front,Davis frowning face was met with a thunderous slap that led some wows and woahs,
“Don’t you ever lay your filthy hands on my son again.” She said like an angry lioness as she his the boy behind her.


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