July 28, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 4 and 5

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 4
Lily’s Pov
We got down from the car and met our angry sweet mom on the door with her hands at the back. We looked at each other before walking to her.
‘Hi mum, how was your day?’ Sofia asked.
‘Was fine until some stubborn kids spoilt it,’
‘We are so sorry mum we will surely deal with them,’ I added.
‘You two should deal with yourself,’ she said and pulled us inside by our ears.
We both winced in pain.
‘It hurts mum,’ Sofia groaned in pain.
‘Not more than you two getting into a fight on your first day in school,’
‘Mum, she started it,’ I said still rubbing my ears.
‘So tell me what she did that you couldn’t control your anger,’
‘She insulted me and slapped Lily so we dealt with her. If you see her mum you wouldn’t recognize her,’ Sofia said proudly and mum pinched her again.
‘Mum,’ she called in pain.
‘That is for being proud of beating the hell out of someone,’
‘Mum, so you knew she was a hell and yet you still punish us?’
‘Do you want to give me a heart attack?’
‘Of course not. You are the sweetest mum,’
‘Then promise me you won’t beat someone again,’ she said feigning annoyance.
‘That we can’t promise, but we will try,’ Sofia said.
‘Go to your rooms,’ she commanded and we went upstairs.
I was really afraid and didn’t go down for dinner. I didn’t want to face dad because he won’t take it easy on us.
I was seated on my bed when Glenn brought my dinner.
‘Is dad back?’
‘What did he say?’
‘He threatened to close down the school if they suspend the two of you,’
‘Good. What about Sofia?’
‘I took her food to her room she didn’t show up on the table,’
‘Okay thank you,’
She smiled and left.
I took my phone and went through the gallery. I checked on Scot’s photos and admired him. He is just so handsome.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 5
Sofia’s POV
I was scared of going down for dinner because of dad. He would scold us and I was not really in the mood. I ate the dinner Glenn had brought and crept into the kitchen to take the plates. I walked out slowly but unfortunately I bumped into my dad on the stairs.
‘You stopped being a beater and now you have turned into a thief, right?’ he asked and I couldn’t walk again as my legs grew weak.
‘Can’t you also talk?’ he asked again.
‘I’m sorry dad she started,’
‘This is my last warning if you dare hit someone again, I will give them approval to suspend you and don’t come here,’ he said with an expressionless face.
‘Yeah, I don’t recall raising violent kids. Now get out of here,’ he said and I ran to my room.
I threw myself on the bed to sleep but my phone beeped.
✉️Good night don’t cause any trouble
✉️Sure I wont
I sent back and smiled.
I drifted to dreamland happy though I don’t know the reason.

‘Agrrr…’ I groaned as the duvet was pulled from my body.
I flipped my lashes and opened my eyes to meet my mom standing beside my bed hands Akimbo.
‘Does your alarm still help?’ she asked and I looked at the watch on the table beside my bed.
‘7:15am’ I yelled running to the bathroom.
‘Make it quick, Lily and Glenn already left,’ she said and I heard the door locking. I guess she left.
I prepared faster and left. I don’t even have time to eat so I picked two slices of toast bread and left.
Thank God our driver drove really fast. Actually I will congratulate him afterwards. I asked inside the class and the teacher hadn’t arrived.
‘I thought you wouldn’t come,’ Scot said after I had settled down.
‘I can’t miss school. Today wasn’t my lucky day so I woke up late,’ I said and he smiled.
‘How did it go with your parents?’
‘Bad, mom almost destroyed my ears,’ I said pointing my ears that were still red.
‘Sorry.’ he said sadly.

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