July 27, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 8

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✨The Boss and His Employee✨

Episode 8

Larry’s POV

I was busy working in my office when I heard noise downstairs and I wonder what was going on. I rushed to the sitting room only for me to find Charlene twisting Gabriella’s hand.

I could see pain written all over Charlene’s face as tears gushed from her eyes and she looked like someone who’s feeling dizzy.

“Stop it!” I yelled running towards them.

Char let go of Gabriella’s hand and was about to fall but I quickly grabbed her by her waist. I carried her in bridestyle and climbed the stairs without uttering a word.

“Why are you carrying her like that Larry ?You’re supposed to be nursing my hand which this stupid maid of yours twisted .” Riella screamed at me . I just gave her a deadly glare and walked away from her.

I heard her cursing and breaking think but i don’t care , all I care for right now is Charlene . I called my private doctor and he arrived a few minutes later.

“Thank God you’re here Mr Kays.’ I said to him the moment he just stepped in.

“What happened to my patient Mr Howard?” He asked already attending to her and I just explained what I saw to him.

He did a few check ups on her and injected her and told me to let her rest. I furiously walked out of her room down the stairs , I have to deal with this psychopath called Riella cuz she’s going out of hand now.

“Riella what’s the meaning of this?” I asked trying to act as calm as I can.

“Meaning of what you moron ? Did she bewitch you that you’re now turning your back at me?” She asked in tears.

“You’re not my girlfriend for crying out loud.”

“What?” She asked in disbelief.

“you have been chasing a lot of girls away from me claiming that you’re my girlfriend but you’re not. We are just friends with benefits and nothing much so don’t act as if you don’t know. This is the first and the last time you’re setting your filthy legs in my house. I don’t want to see you anyway near this place again so get out right now.” I growled at her and she flinched in fear.

She picked her purse , ran with her life but one heel of her shoe broke and she twisted her ankle. She tried running again and mistakenly kicked the bucket which was full of dirty water , she slipped and her butt landed on the ground.

At this point I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore, that serves her right ????

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