July 28, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 35

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Darius POV
I roared when the Fae leader caught Kira again when she was almost in my arms. I expected the Fae to head to their estate which I know must be very close to this wood but he didn’t. Instead he flew the opposite Directions. What was that Motherfucker doing? Wherever he was headed I would follow. I can’t let him have Kira!
“Let go!”
I said to Kian and we jumped into motion. I tracked the Fae movement,listening to the beat of their wings, fantasies of many ways I wanted to end them,running rampant through my head. Forty minutes in,I was certain of one thing the Fae leader wanted me to follow him there was no other explanation for it cause he flew low and slow enough for me and Kian to easily stay with him. Another three hours pass by and they flew in separate directions the leader heading north while the others headed towards the south side
“Where the hell are they going?”
(I snarled at Kian cause he knew the East side wood better than I do. His forehead creased and he responded shortly)
“I don’t know why they are heading in different directions and I don’t know any location he would be confident to keep her in”
We followed the Fae until we reached an horizon. There were lights,a city just as we reached the border,The Fae descended from the sky. I growled in frustration. Kira was close but I couldn’t dare to attack him since Kira was trapped in his arms. She didn’t appear to be fighting him anymore. What had he done to her? Most Fae have amazing gifts but I am not certain with his type of gift. Then abruptly,he shocked the hell out of me,when he angled down sharply and called out
“Hey catch protector!”
And then he dropped Kira right into my arms! This Fae is crazy! My arms banded around her,holding her tight to my chest. Her eyes were wide as they met mine. She looked surprised then she clutched my shoulder pressing herself even closer to me. I struggled to control my trembling body as relief rushed through me
“I only took her for a while to avoid some New Dark creatures on the East side from taking her away from you! Try not to lose her again protector!”
(The Fae words drifted through the air,as he spiraled upward. I couldn’t see his face but the amusement in his tone was unmistakeable and it left me speechless
“What the hell just happened?”
(Kian said)
“He just wanted to talk with me”
Kira breathed and my eyebrows shot up
“Why did he say?”
“He wanted to know who and what I am and he asked me about my history. I told him everything, he listened and whispered to me to sleep”
(She yawned)
“I fell asleep.. I’m surprised I was able to fall asleep like that. How long were we flying?
(She looked around)
” where are we?”
“Hold up – you said he wanted to know what you are?”
(I asked and she shocked her head)
“He was specific… So I told him I am a red haired witch and from the lineage of powerful witches of white witches council”
“So what did he say?”
“Nothing he just looked at me and smiled. He asked about my parents and where I came from. I told him and then I fell asleep”
(I wasn’t surprised he had been able to force her to sleep. I just don’t understand his line of questioning. Dark Fae are unpredictably)
“We need to go”
(Kian spoke up)
“Yes before some dark creatures we can’t handle come after us again”
(Kira interjected anxiety lacing her words)
“Can you mask our scents?”
(Kira glanced up at me with a surprised look)
Kira POV
I snapped my head in Darius’s direction. I haven’t tried masking my own scent before not to talk of masking three. Well I have no choice but to give it a try our lives depend on it. I gave Darius a hard nod and focused my concentration. These past weeks with Darius I’ve been doing things been without having to use my spell – all I do is picture it and concentrate and it works out fine.. Just like what happened with the Vampires. The three of us Scents were stronger and more powerful so I pushed power out from my body masked mine,when I was secured,I huffed and gradually it reached Darius and Kian. It was the best I could do and I hoped it would be enough to slow down any creature trying to track us. And then I was back in Darius arms,we continued our journey at an insane speed. The creatures in the forest were silent,hiding. They knew more fearsome human lurked in the woods tonight.

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